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Lazarus Naturals CBD Review

By Melena Gurganus

Quick Review

  • High potency CBD
  • Affordable prices
  • Great flavors 👅
  • Get 10% off your first order with code RR10

Review of Lazarus Naturals CBD Products

When I first tried Lazarus Naturals, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The prices of their products were pretty affordable compared to other products on the market, which immediately made me think: “Are they cheaply made, or are they just a good deal?” After personally trying several products from Lazarus Naturals, there’s no doubt in my mind that this company really cares about its customers, and only makes high quality CBD products that are intended to have the best effects.

My Favorite Products from Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals Full Spectrum Tincture

This CBD oil immediately became one of my favorites thanks to its delicious taste. I personally loved the french vanilla mocha flavor, but Lazarus has plenty of other flavor options to choose from.

I was also a big fan of the strength that each of these CBD oils had, plus, these high potency tinctures come in various sized bottles so you can pick one that matches your CBD usage.

Flavors: Tropical breeze, chocolate mint, blood orange, wintermint, french vanilla mocha, and flavorless.

Potency: 20mg, 25mg, or 50mg of CBD per 1mL

Cost: Starting at $12 and going as high as $120

Lazarus Naturals CBD Capsules

I’m not always the biggest fan of capsules, but I really like the options that Lazarus Naturals offers. Their two formulations of THC-free CBD capsules are specially designed to promote either energy or relaxation benefits with the help of additionally beneficial ingredients. They also offer full spectrum capsules in a variety of CBD concentrations if you want a supplement with whole plant therapy advantages.

Potency: 10mg, 25mg, or 50mg of CBD per capsule

Cost: Starting at $10 (10 count bottle) and going as high as $200 (200 count bottle)

Lazarus Naturals CBD Balm

After a long day or an intense workout, I love using a good CBD topical to help ease my soreness. The balms from Lazarus Naturals worked perfectly and I found myself using them repeatedly. The minty balm was great for soothing my aching muscles, and the lavender one was extra relaxing when I needed to unwind before bed.

Scents: Portland rose, lavender, cedar citrus, mint, or unscented

Potency: Tins containing either 400mg, 1,000mg, 1,200mg, or 3,000mg (50mg of CBD per teaspoon)

Cost: $12 – $42 depending on what size container you purchase

Other CBD Products

Lazarus Naturals has even more products in their lineup, including raw CBD isolate, pet tinctures, CBD massage oil, and CBD coconut oil (which can be used for cooking).

Another upshot with this brand is the option of both full spectrum or isolate CBD oils, capsules, or pet products depending on your preference. There’s also a RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) that’s available from Lazarus Naturals in an easy dosing syringe for a controlled serving.

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Lazarus Naturals Brand Review

Source 🇺🇸

As of 2019, about 70 percent of Lazarus Naturals hemp is grown on their own farm in Central Oregon. All of their full-spectrum products are created using CBD extracts from this industrial hemp plant material.

The remaining supplemental hemp is domestically sourced from trusted growers on Oregon farms. These high-quality plant extracts come from farms that adhere to the certification process of the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) Hemp Research Pilot Program.

To obtain the CBD from the hemp plant, Lazarus uses an ethanol extraction method, followed by a purification and distillation processes that results in a high quality CBD oil.

Lab Testing 🔬

All of Lazarus Naturals products are tested by third party labs to ensure they are free of any pesticides or chemical solvents. These tests also check for the appropriate cannabinoid profile. You can find these lab test results on the company’s website by clicking on any product and selecting the tab labeled “Test Results.” This makes it easy for customers to check the information of their individual product and find batch-specific lab test information.

Pros 👍🏽

  • Those qualifying for the brand’s veteran or assistance programs are eligible to receive 60 percent discounts on all orders
  • Readily available lab test results
  • 30-day “no questions asked” return policy

Cons 👎🏽

  • Flavor options are not available across all tinctures, your options will vary depending on whether you want an isolate or full-spectrum CBD oil

Lazarus Naturals—Overall Opinion

Lazarus Naturals aims to make their products accessible to everyone, and the company stands out for this reason. This explains their affordable price points, as well as their hefty 60% discounts that are offered to veterans, long-term disabled individuals, and low-income households.

In addition to their impressive assistance discounts, the majority of Lazarus Naturals products are vegan, and all of their products are preservative and gluten-free. The only non-vegan ingredient is the beeswax used to make their topical balms.

While reviewing Lazarus Naturals CBD oil, I particularly enjoyed all of the unique flavors and different concentrations for their products. I also noticed that the brand offers variety packs, that may include a tincture, topical, or capsules, which gives customers the ability to try a little bit of everything and decide which CBD products they prefer. There’s also plenty of helpful information under the “CBD info” section on Lazarus’ website that answers common questions about their products and CBD as a whole.

Awarded the Remedy Review Seal of Approval

Finally you can shop for CBD with confidence. Our product testing is among the most comprehensive in the industry and includes label accuracy, pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, mycotoxins, and terpenes. Look for the Remedy Review Seal when buying CBD and be sure you’re buying a quality product.

Lazarus Naturals 750mg High Potency CBD Tincture was awarded our Seal.

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