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Six Ways To Have A More Focused, Productive Work Week

Everyone struggles to maintain energy, focus, and a positive attitude at work. Try something new to readjust your work week with these six tips.

Health & Wellness

Best CBD Gummies – 2019 Buyer’s Guide and Top Picks

Are CBD gummies right for you? We’ll explain how these tasty treats work so you can be confident in choosing a product that’s right for you.

Health & Wellness

Best Vitamins for Hair Growth (and Other Essential Nutrients)

Hair cells, which are some of the fastest growing cells in our bodies, require a lot of nutrients. Here are some vitamins that would be good additions to your hair care routine.


How Natural Products Can Make Exercise Easier

Strenuous exercise can take a toll on the body. Natural products taken before or after your workout may help you withstand the strain and recover more effectively.

Health & Wellness

The Best Natural Remedies for Arthritis

Millions of Americans deal with joint pain on a daily basis. Learn more about natural remedies for arthritis and how each one might help reduce your symptoms.

Health & Wellness

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

With people taking CBD now more than ever, many are wondering how long this compound stays in your system. Learn more about absorption and how long it takes CBD to leave the body.

Health & Wellness

Best CBD Creams and Topicals

CBD topicals aren’t just your average lotions, and they might just be the soothing solution you’re looking for. So what do these hemp-derived products have to offer?

Health & Wellness

What We Know: How Stress Can Impact Your Weight

Learn all the ins-and-outs of stress, how it impacts your body, and how it can affect your metabolism and weight.


Natural Remedies for Anxiety: 10 Tips to Try

Are you one of 40 million Americans who suffer with anxiety? Discover how you can promote calmness naturally with these remedies for anxiety.

Latest in Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies

The Benefits, History, and Uses of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil is one of the most popular essential oils to date. Learn more about its wide-reaching benefits, how it's made, and the long history that this herb has in medicinal practices.

Natural Remedies

5 Natural Remedies for Tendonitis

Learn more about the pain relieving, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant benefits of natural remedies for tendonitis, and how these alternative options may help alleviate your symptoms.

Natural Remedies

Rosemary Essential Oil: Benefits, History, and Uses

Rosemary oil has many benefits, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties. Find out if this essential oil is right for you by learning about its wellness advantages.

Natural Remedies

What Are Essential Oils?

Are you curious to learn more about essential oils? Learn everything about how these oils are made, and which essential oils are the best for your health.

Natural Remedies

The Best Anti-Inflammatory Herbs

Inflammation if a common symptom of many ailments and illnesses. Discover which anti-inflammatory herbs work the best, explained by an experienced naturopathic doctor.

Natural Remedies

Rose Essential Oil: Benefits, History, and Uses

Have you ever tried rose essential oil? Learn more about the benefits of this oil, how to use it, and its history as a medicinal compound.

Natural Remedies

Calming Herbs to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Everyone struggles with anxiety and stress. Learn more about these eight calming herbs and how they might help you relax.

Natural Remedies

Peppermint Essential Oil: Benefits, History, and Uses

Peppermint essential oil can provide many potential benefits via topical application, aromatherapy, and more. Learn all about this natural plant extract and its many wellness advantages.

Natural Remedies

The Best Natural Remedies for UTIs

Urinary tract infections are very common among women in the United States. Learn more about the best natural remedies for UTIs.

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