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Pain Relief

Can CBD Oil Help Treat Inflammation? 5 Things You Need To Know

There is a growing body of research showing that CBD may be effective in treating inflammation by regulating some of the cellular processes that trigger inflammation in the first place, including cytokine production and T-cell induction.


CBD And Anxiety: What You Need to Know (And Ask) Before Taking CBD

Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent mental health conditions in the United States. Data suggests CBD has powerful anxiolytic properties. But more research is needed to determine how much CBD to take and for how long.

Pain Relief

What you need to know before treating pain with CBD.

Part of the analgesic promise of CBD is that it can bind to many different receptors and suppress pain through several biochemical pathways. However, the more complex the pain condition, the more important it is to consult a doctor to determine the appropriate CBD application.


CBD and PTSD | A New Treatment Emerges

CBD could prove to be a highly effective treatment option for PTSD because of its ability to boost serotonin receptors in the brain and increase feelings of relaxation.

Health & Wellness

CBD May Reduce Period Pain and Menstrual Cramps

For some people, menstrual cramps can be debilitating. CBD oil could be an effective and low-risk option for people who struggle with pain during their periods.

Health & Wellness

CBD and the Symptoms of Menopause—What Studies Say

If you suffer from hot flashes, sleep disruptions, and inflammation, CBD may offer some relief from menopausal symptoms.

For Parents

Is CBD Oil Safe for Kids? 6 Things Medical Experts Want You to Know

Pure CBD might be effective for some pediatric conditions. But research is needed to determine if it is safe.

Best of 2018

Best of 2018

Top 20 Women on the Move in Cannabis in 2018

As interest in cannabis continues to grow, we’ve seen more women take charge in leading roles within this market over the past year. Find out who made our top 20 list, and how these women are making big moves within the cannabis industry.

Best of 2018

Holiday Gift Guide (2018 Edition)

Want the most bang for your buck this holiday season? Find out where you can get the most valuable deals on the best CBD products.

Best of 2018

10 CBD-Infused Beverages Coming to Life in 2018

Apart from CBD cocktails, other beverages like sodas, sparkling waters, and non-alcoholic drinks are starting to feature CBD. Learn about the different brands pioneering CBD-infused beverage options.

Best of 2018

10 Eateries Serving CBD Food and Drinks in 2018

CBD is becoming a popular ingredient in some dishes, so we’ve organized a list of the best restaurants, cafes, and eateries where you can find CBD-infused foods and drinks.

Best of 2018

8 Bars Serving CBD-Infused Cocktails You Won’t Want to Miss

As CBD makes its way onto food and drink menus, mixologists have started incorporating CBD into some of their cocktails. Discover where you can try one for yourself.

Best of 2018

2018’s Most Buzzworthy CBD Beauty and Skincare Brands

With CBD becoming a popular ingredient in the beauty industry, find out how to use CBD in your skincare routine and who sells the best CBD-infused lifestyle products.

Best of 2018

12 Spas that Made CBD a Trendy Beauty Treatment in 2018

CBD has been viewed as a wellness supplement by many, and now spas have seen the potential for this cannabis extract’s healing and relaxation benefits. Here's a list of spas who were early to the CBD wellness space.

Smart People Shaping Natural Health


An All Natural Sweetener, Created with Cannabis Products in Mind

CannaSweet creator Thom King explains what sets his all-natural sweetener apart and why it is so important in the world of cannabis-based products.


Katy Kilbourne, Plant Pathologist

We spoke with Katy Kilbourne of the Tennessee Department of Agriculture about hemp in the volunteer state and where the industry is headed.


Meet the founders of Sagely Naturals

Meet the founders of Sagely Naturals, and hear how a personal experience with CBD pain relief led to the formation of a hemp-based business.


Finding the Perfect Hemp for the Sunshine State

Researchers in Florida are trying to find the perfect industrial hemp crop for the climate. Meet one of the researchers leading the charge.


Industrial Hemp in Virginia, Home of Madison

Dr. Timko at the University of Virginia is working on ways to make industrial hemp safer and easier for farmers to produce. Meet this hemp expert.


Alexis Rosenbaum, Meet the Maker

Rosebud is focused on creating high-quality products for a range of people. But this brand started with a very personal mission.


Ricky Williams, Healer

Former NFL running back Ricky Williams has launched a line of CBD-rich products aimed to help people heal. He's also started talking about his journey with cannabis.


The Complex Relationship Between Cannabis and Mental Health

Many patients of mental illness are discovering the potential of cannabis to relieve psychological distress and restore their ability to function in day-to-day life.


“A puff a day keeps the Alzheimer’s away.”

Dr. Wenk has found that people with a history of marijuana use are experiencing lower rates of Alzheimer's disease. We wanted to hear more.

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Data & Surveys


Survey: 97% of Respondents Who Used CBD while Traveling Said It Made Their Experience Better

Not surprisingly, more and more people are turning to CBD to help them relax when traveling. We surveyed 500 people who use CBD while traveling and took note of patterns in their responses.


Data: The Perceptions and Misconceptions of PTSD

By conducting a survey amongst 1,000 people, we found common thoughts and misunderstandings related to PTSD and how this presents challenges for people suffering from this medical condition.


Survey: 89% of Seniors Who’ve Tried CBD Would Recommend It to a Friend

Seniors are increasingly turning to natural health remedies to deal with common ailments like chronic pain and sleep issues. We surveyed over 1,000 seniors who have tried CBD and compiled the data results here.


Survey: Nearly 50% of Employees Say Workplace Stress Negatively Impacts Their Health

Regardless of occupation, workplace stress affects many employees and may have negative consequences on their overall health.


5 Cities in Michigan that Seek Marijuana Alternatives

Michigan recently legalized recreational marijuana use, but some residents seem to be more interested in the availability of CBD. Discover what cities in Michigan have the most interest in the cannabis extract.


Survey: 1 in 3 Cancel Plans Due to Travel Stress

It's not uncommon for travel-induced anxieties to deter people from traveling. Find out how to avoid excess stress when preparing for your next trip.


Survey: What Would Americans Give Up for a Stress-Free Holiday?

We surveyed 1,000 individuals to see what people would sacrifice to enjoy a holiday season stress-free. See what the number one response was.


10 States Most Interested in CBD. (#1 Will Surprise You.)

Which state is most interested in CBD? The state that is online looking for the cannabis derivative might surprise you.


Survey: 64% Say CBD Effective to Treat Anxiety

We conducted a survey to see who was using CBD to manage anxiety, were they replacing prescriptions with CBD, and was the natural remedy working.

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