CBD Now Sold at Sephora

By Melena Gurganus
Instagram: @thelordjones

CBD-infused products like lip balms, moisturizers, and face masks are already making waves within the beauty community, and now an industry leader has taken notice. Sephora, a global retailer that sells an array of makeup, skincare, haircare, and other beauty merchandise, has added a CBD lotion to their list of available products.

Lord Jones, a high-end CBD brand that creates tinctures, lotions, and edibles, is elated to have one of their products sold at Sephora, which is the first of its kind to make it onto the beauty mecca’s inventory list. On October 16th, Lord Jones’ instagram account posted an image of their high-CBD lotion that is now available at Sephora, and shared their success: “We are overflowing with pride and deeply honored to be the first and only CBD brand on Sephora. Thank you @sephora for your bold vision to make these healing products available to your audience.” This CBD lotion in particular has been made popular by the likes of many celebrities, including Olivia Wilde and Stacy London, who use Lord Jones to aid in recovery and relaxation.

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How Sephora is presenting CBD products

As a leader in the beauty industry, Sephora is the first among its competitors to sell a product containing CBD, rather than playing it safe and sticking to hemp seed oil options. Lord Jones’ high-CBD formula body lotion contains 100mg of CBD in a 50 ml bottle, and each pump dispenses 1ml of lotion that contains 2mg of CBD. However, this information is not disclosed on Sephora’s product description, as it only mentions the lotion contains CBD but doesn’t outline a specific CBD potency. The lotion is sold for $60 and has a completely THC-free formula, which might be the factor that helps this product stand out. With zero THC, it’s a safer and more marketable option than other CBD lotions with trace amounts of THC.

Currently, Lord Jones lotion is only available from Sephora’s website, and is proving to be a popular hit with their consumer base. Sephora describes it as a restorative, extra-strength lotion that’s well-suited for skincare concerns like dryness, dullness, uneven texture, fine lines, and wrinkles. Customers can also choose between Lord Jones’ signature fragrance, or opt for fragrance-free CBD lotion. Although it may be hard to get your hands on, as both options are already sold out in the beauty mecca’s online store. So far, there are over 20 reviews for the lotion, which is an impressive amount considering the product only became available in recent weeks. The CBD lotion has 5 stars and several of the customer reviews say that it helps with pain and dry skin issues. In addition, 100 percent of customers said they would recommend this product to a friend.

CBD lotion is the only Lord Jones product currently sold at Sephora, but KUSH high volume mascara is also sold online and in-store. This mascara is formulated by Milk Makeup, and uses “hemp-derived cannabis oil” to create healthy, voluminous lashes. This product is clearly different than a CBD lotion, as it doesn’t have the potential to aid in pain or skin conditions. However, it is interesting to see how cannabis extracts are being incorporated into everyday beauty products like mascara. In this instance, cannabis oil is used as a substitute for beeswax to create a vegan mascara, while still serving its intended purpose to enhance the lashes.

What this means for the future of CBD in beauty

Sephora’s addition of Lord Jones CBD lotion is setting the stage for other CBD products to make their way into a broader market. Currently, CBD products are not sold amongst commercial giants because of their association with THC, the psychoactive element in cannabis. Industrial hemp-derived CBD contains less than 0.3% THC, yet there are still many stigmas attributed to cannabis as a whole, making it difficult for these products to become mainstream despite being legal in most states.

It seems as though big name-brand stores are hesitant to introduce CBD products to their consumers, as some companies may fear that it won’t be a good look for their reputation if they sell derivatives of cannabis. Sephora challenges that notion with their confidence in selling CBD products, even as sparse as their selection may seem. As a leader in the beauty world, Sephora is taking groundbreaking steps to include a controversial compound like CBD in their products. Maybe they heard all the buzz from celebs, or maybe they just thought it sounded cool and convenient—regardless, Sephora’s addition of CBD is making waves in the cannabis and beauty industry alike.

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