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12 Spas that Made CBD a Trendy Beauty Treatment in 2018

By Melena Gurganus
Jared Rice

With CBD on the rise, spas and wellness centers have taken notice of the cannabis extract’s potential health benefits and anti-inflammatory properties. Clients now have the opportunity to incorporate CBD into service offerings at select spas, many of which are located in California and Colorado. This comes as no surprise, since these two states are well-known for leading the cannabis industry.

These spas set the trend for enhancing their wellness services with CBD and were early to promote the calming advantages that cannabis may offer for their customers. Combining the soothing benefits of a massage with CBD treatments might enhance relaxation, and reduce aches and pains. Interested in trying it out? We rounded up the best spas offering CBD treatments across North America.

Estrella Spa at the Avalon Hotel

The first of any Palm Springs hotel to offer CBD-infused massages, the Estrella Spa at the Avalon has a spa experience like no other. Designed specifically for the hotel’s spa by Highland Pantry, the two have worked together to develop four different CBD massage treatments. Clients can choose which benefits are most important to them, like calming, detoxifying, stimulating, or immune boosting qualities, and select a treatment option formulated to address these specific concerns.

Where: Palm Springs, CA

The Avalon Hotel


With eight locations in total, Bellacures is one spa that won’t be too hard to find if you’re in California. This spa offers cannabis infused manicures and pedicures, also called the “canna-cure.” Bellacures uses Kush Queen CBD products, including their bath bombs, lotions, and sugar scrubs to help their clients unwind by soothing their aches and pains, and even providing CBD chocolate for added relaxation during the appointment.

Where: Beverly Hills, CA

El Segundo, CA

Los Angeles, CA (2)

Pacific Palisades, CA

Santa Monica, CA

Studio City, CA



Known as a destination for modern self care, the Chillhouse is a cafe and spa all-in-one located in the lower east side of New York. This unique spa offers latte’s, manicures, and massages, while also incorporating CBD into more than one of their services. Clients can customize their experience by adding CBD balm to any massage treatment, or enhance their relaxation even further by ordering one of their three CBD-infused beverages.

Where: New York, NY


Spa at St. Julien

Located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the Spa at St. Julien is no stranger to the popularity of cannabis-derived healing practices. The award-winning spa offers three different Colorado Bliss CBD treatments, including a classic massage, deep tissue massage, and the “Ultimate Colorado Bliss Experience.” The traditional massages incorporate CBD for added tension relief, but the “ultimate experience” pulls out all the stops. This spa treatment uses a scrub, wrap, and massage to take clients through the “ultimate state of bliss,” and tops everything off with a cup of CBD-infused tea.

Where: Boulder, CO

St. Julien

The Now

As a popular wellness destination in Los Angeles, The Now focuses on the benefits of therapeutic massage and helping their clients escape from stress. There are four different locations in California, three of which offer CBD lotion therapy as an enhancement option. When visiting their wellness centers in West Hollywood, Silver Lake, or Santa Monica, customers can incorporate CBD into any massage treatment for additional inflammation reduction and stress relief.

Where: Los Angeles, CA (2)

Santa Monica, CA

The Now

Primal Therapeutics

This Colorado-based massage practice is unique in its own way, as the massage therapists make house calls to their customers. Clients in the Denver Metro area can schedule an at-home massage that’s convenient and tailored to their needs. Primal Therapeutics massage therapists use THC & CBD rich oils and salves (which is legal within the state), and these broad spectrum cannabinoids elicit relaxing and restorative effects.

Where: Denver, CO

Friends and Lovers Photography

Ste. Anne’s

While this particular spa lies outside U.S. territory, the Canada-based Ste. Anne’s is worth mentioning for its “canna-massage.” This full-body treatment aims to rejuvenate and relax clients with CBD-infused essential oils. The spa notes that this massage is best for those looking for a body soothing treatment, and also mentions the skin moisturization and improved blood circulation as possible benefits of CBD.

Where: Grafton, ON

Ste. Anne's

Modrn Sanctuary

As a luxury wellness center located just north of Madison Square Park, Modrn Sanctuary offers an array of services, including everything from IV drips and yoga classes, to infrared saunas and massage therapy. Clients can opt for cannabis-infused massages, which obtain their CBD potency from Veritas Farms’ full-spectrum hemp lotions. This massage is meant to provide a deeper relaxation and tension release, as CBD works to alleviate anxiety, stress, and other aches and pains.

Where: New York, NY

Modrn Sanctuary

Spa Anjali at the Westin Riverfront

Tripling as a spa, salon, and athletic club, the Spa Anjali at the Westin is a central hub for wellness enthusiasts in Colorado. Clients can enjoy a CBD massage specifically designed to target problematic muscle areas, and rejuvenate skin with the moisturization effects of the hemp extract. The spa also gives customers the option to enhance their massage with CBD for added relaxation.

Where: Avon, CO

Spa Anjali

Lorena Luca

Located in the capital of North Carolina, Lorena Luca is a luxury day spa and skin clinic that offers CBD for massage clients. A “therapeutic massage with CBD pain relief” is available that is designed specifically to promote fast, long-lasting relief from joint and muscle pain. In addition, CBD pain relief is listed as an add-on option for other massages as well.

Where: Raleigh, NC

Lorena Luca

Remède Spa at The St. Regis

When visitors stay at The St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco, they can expect an upscale experience—especially after taking a trip to the hotel’s Remède Spa. This spa has an extensive list of massage and facial treatments to choose from, but there is not a CBD-specific massage listed on their spa menu. Instead, clients have the ability to enhance their massage by adding CBD oil for extra pain relief, without adding time onto the session.

Where: San Francisco, CA

Remède Spa

AWAY Spa at the W Austin

On the fourth floor of the W Austin hotel sits the AWAY spa, which is open to hotel guests and visitors alike. The spa offers a signature “On the Road Again” massage (inspired by Willie Nelson) for relief from aching muscles. The full-body massage treatment utilizes CBD oil for its anti-inflammatory effects, and aims to get clients back “on the road again” once they feel rejuvenated from alleviating tension.

Where: Austin, TX


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