The Best Collagen Powders

By Julia Mehalko

Looking to add collagen powders to your daily health regime? Collagen supplements have become a go-to for people seeking an easy and quick way to help plump and firm their skin. While applying this protein to the skin has not been shown to be effective, consuming it as a powder can help. Besides enhancing the appearance of one’s skin and hair, many users also appreciate that collagen may improve bone and joint health.

Best Flavorless Collagen Powder

Sports Research Collagen Peptides Powder

Sports Research Collagen Peptides Powder has become a popular product for consumers looking for a clean collagen. The powder is gluten-free, grass-fed, certified paleo-friendly, and non-GMO. It’s unflavored making it easy to mix into drinks without any unpleasant aftertaste. Besides adding it to juice or smoothies, customers also sprinkle it on oatmeal or yogurt for breakfast.

Best Weight Loss Support Collagen Powder

BioSchwartz Collagen Peptides Protein Powder

Gluten-free and sourced from grass-fed and pasture-raised bovines, BioSchwartz Collagen Peptides Protein Powder may improve the health of your nails, hair, bones, and joints while supporting greater gut health and overall appetite control, which can result in weight loss in some. This powder is also unflavored, which makes it versatile enough to add to a variety of drinks and food.

Best Anti-Aging Collagen Powder

AMANDEAN Premium Anti-Aging Marine Collagen Powder

Sourced from wild-caught fish from the North Atlantic, AMANDEAN Premium Anti-Aging Marine Collagen Powder is a popular choice for pescatarians or those looking to get their collagen from something other than a bovine source. Similar to most collagen powders, AMANDEAN powder promotes better nails, hair, and skin health, as well as joint, bone, and ligament health.

As most collagen powders tend to come from cows, the few that are  sourced from fish are typically from farm-raised fish which may have higher levels of exposure to toxins and are less nutrient-dense. Thus, AMANDEAN commitment to sourcing their collagen powder from wild-caught fish makes it rare find.

Best Absorption Potential Collagen Powder

Nutra Champs Collagen Peptides

Unflavored and grass-fed, NutraChamps Collagen Peptides Powder is also considered a Keto protein powder packed with Vitamin C. This powder, like most collagen powders may help with healthier skin, hair, and nails, as well as overall joint and gut health.

The main difference that distinguishes this powder from others, is the brand’s enzyme-enhanced formula that supports metabolizing the protein more effectively. With the added ingredient of digestive enzymes, your body has a more likely chance of digesting these collagen proteins and utilizing them.

It also dissolves easily in both hot and cold water (or any other form of drink or food). As most powders tend to only dissolve well in hot or lukewarm liquids, this powder’s adaptability makes it a smart choice for those wanting to add it to a variety of meals.

What You Need to Know

Types of Collagen Supplements

There are many different types of collagen supplements that are available whether in powder, liquid or capsule form.  The five most popular types of collagen are the most common:

  • Type 1: The most abundant in the human body, Type 1 supports skin.
  • Type 2: Often found in cartilage, Type 2 helps joint health.
  • Type 3: Much like Type 1, Type 3 also helps support skin.
  • Type 5: This type helps pregnant women promote the growth of their placenta.
  • Type 10: Also like Type 2, it’s found in cartilage and helps both the health and the overall development of your bones.

Though these five types are the most popular, Types 1 and 3 are the most commonly found in supplements on the market. All of the best collagen powders discussed above are Types 1 and 3. These hydrolyzed types are often paired together, as they work well combined, especially to support skin health.

Benefits of Collagen Supplements

The main benefits of ingesting collagen include hair, skin and nail health, as well as joint, bone, and ligament support. Less common benefits from taking collagen include improved mental health, such as reduced anxiety, better heart health, and weight loss.

Cons of Collagen Supplements

The most common con has to do with the taste of collagen powder. If the powder is flavored, some users have found a lingering unpleasant aftertaste. Unflavored powders have become the most popular form of collagen supplements because they take on the flavor of whatever food or drink they are added to. Besides collagen powders, consuming bone broth is another way to get the specific amino acids that support connective tissue health.

Some people also experience digestive issues as well as allergic reactions. If you are allergic to fish, shellfish, or even eggs, make sure you read the ingredients of the powder prior to intake to avoid any potential allergic reactions.

Why is Collagen So Popular?

Collagen helps reduce fine lines and overall skin elasticity, however, besides firming skin, collagen can also support bones and reduce joint pain, as well as improve the appearance and quality of hair. With all these benefits and few potential adverse reactions, collagen has become a safe and effective way to improve overall physical health.

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