Have a Furry Friend? Try Peanut Butter CBD for Dogs

By Harris Wheless
Jamie Street

Many dog owners have had the experience of opening a jar of peanut butter and hearing paws scrape the floor, followed by their dog bursting into the kitchen. Because dogs love peanut butter, feeding them peanut butter flavored CBD treats can be an easy way for owners to incorporate CBD into their dog care routine.

CBD companies have responded to the demand for pet products by creating CBD-infused peanut butter or dog treats. These products can be an enjoyable, healthy treatment option for dogs who suffer from anxiety, pain, or other symptoms. And peanut butter is a good source of protein, healthy fats, and vitamins. Here’s a little background info on how CBD works and where you can find the right product for your pooch.

How does CBD work?

When CBD enters the canine body, it interacts with something called the endocannabinoid system to produce relief. CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is a cannabinoids compound that interacts with internal receptors to regulate body processes and promote higher functioning.

Although it’s important to note that CBD has yet to be evaluated by the FDA and is not approved to treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition (even in animals). Despite this, it has the potential to offer certain health benefits when using quality products and the correct dosage for your furry friend.

How CBD can benefit your dog

In the last year, countless CBD brands have flooded the market. Some are trustworthy, some are not. In order to provide your dog with safe, effective relief, you’ll need to research brands and read product labels carefully. The reputable brands often run third party tests and are always up front about what contents go into their products.

If you’re shopping for your dog, look for brands that make dog-specific products and who you deem trustworthy. Possible benefits of CBD include managing separation anxiety, symptoms that come with aging, and other issues that are common in dogs. If you find the right product, CBD can be easy to administer and quick to provide relief.

Some products consist of other cannabis compounds in addition to CBD. These products are usually marked as PCR, or phytocannabinoid rich. They may also be labeled as full-spectrum, which means they contain other cannabinoids, as well as trace amounts of THC.

Dogs have greater sensitivity to THC than humans do, so be cautious about how much THC is in the product you give your dog. One way to approach this is with proper dosing. In general, start with the smallest recommended dose, then slowly work your way up until you find one that provides maximum relief.

What to buy

When you’re scrutinizing labels, make sure the product you’re considering contains CBD. Some companies try to pass off oils or dog treats that only contain hemp seed oil as “CBD,” but these products won’t produce any of the noted health benefits associated with PCR or cannabidiol.

With regard to peanut butter CBD products specifically, many are healthy, organic, and will likely be very appealing to your dog because of their great taste. Peanuts and peanut butter are naturally gluten-free foods, and may make it a little less painless to get your dog to take his medicine.

Some prescription medications are a hassle, or come in a form that doesn’t taste great. CBD, especially when in peanut butter form, can operate as an alternative remedy that makes your dog happy and produces results. However, make sure you pay attention to a product’s sodium levels. Too much salt could have a negative effect on your dog.

Peanut butter-flavored CBD products for dogs usually come in the form of either CBD-infused peanut butter spread or CBD dog treats. CBD oil is also an option—it can be easily mixed into peanut butter or your dog’s food. And there are many brands that sell peanut butter flavored CBD oil.

In addition to doing your own research, you may want to consult a vet about possible effects CBD can have on your pet. This is especially important if your dog takes any existing medications that CBD might interact with. In general, CBD has a good safety profile and a quality product can go a long way in managing certain symptoms. And if it’s peanut butter flavored, you might find your dog jumping for joy every time you give them a dose of CBD.

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