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CBD Oil for Dogs—What to Know and Where to Buy

By Melena Gurganus

As the popularity of hemp continues to grow, CBD oil for dogs is becoming a well-liked trend among many pet owners. This cannabis plant extract works as a natural remedy for a variety of ailments that dogs suffer from, which has led to the growing interest in CBD use on pets.

With various CBD-infused topicals, oral sprays, and even dog treats that simplify the process of administering CBD to your pet, more people are growing curious about how CBD oil may help their dog. But before you try this new wellness trend with your furry friend, it’s important to research the potential advantages and side effects (as we’ve done here) and find the best CBD products for your dog.


Charlotte's Web

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Strength: 16.5mg of CBD per mL

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What We Love 😍: Charlotte’s Web hemp oil contains healthy MCT oil and a strong dose of CBD hemp extract, which makes this a perfect option for larger dogs.

Lazarus Naturals

Products: Pet Tincture

Strength: 15mg of CBD per mL

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What we love 😍: Lazarus Naturals CBD oil is vegan and gluten-free with no artificial flavors, and their affordable prices make their products more easily accessible.


Products: Zen Pets Hemp Oil

Strength: 3mg of CBD per mL

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What We Love 😍: Populum offers a great CBD oil for smaller dogs, or for pets who are just beginning to try CBD.

King Kalm CBD

Products: Pet CBD Oil Tincture

Strength: 20mg of CBD per mL (for the 600mg bottle)

What We Love 😍: King Kanine is an amazing brand that specializes in developing pet-centered products to help your dog inside and out, with a variety of CBD oil concentrations to choose from.

Be Trū Wellness

Products: Dogchies Canine Hemp Oil

Strength: 10mg of CBD per mL

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What we love 😍: Be Trū Wellness dogchies hemp oil has a great peanut butter flavor that any dog will enjoy.

What to Know Before Buying CBD Oil for Dogs

When it comes to selecting the right CBD oil for your pup, it’s important to look at the other ingredients in each product, like the type of carrier oil used to aid in the delivery of CBD. The majority of products opt for coconut oil, which is safe to use on pets and has additional wellness advantages like improving cognitive functioning and digestive processes. Olive or hemp seed oil are other carrier oil options that are also safe for use on both dogs and cats.

In addition to looking at the type of oil you are giving your dog, it’s equally as important to look at the quality and potency of the CBD extract you are using. Start by looking for hemp products that have been third party lab tested to ensure they are free of any harmful chemicals and have an appropriate cannabinoid profile.

We also tend to lean towards full spectrum CBD oils for dogs that maximize the therapeutic potential of this cannabis compound. This is known as the entourage effect, which essential means that whole plant extracts included a wider range of terpenes and cannabinoids can aid in the efficacy of CBD when being used for therapeutic benefit.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound found in cannabis that is most often derived from hemp plants. The extracted hemp oils are rich in CBD with little to no THC, making them a good choice for many dog owners that want to give their pet a natural wellness supplement.

Dogs have an endocannabinoid system much like humans do, but they have more CB1 receptors in their central nervous system. This makes dogs more sensitive to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive element in cannabis. However, CBD primarily acts upon CB2 receptors and is not associated with the negative reactions commonly attributed to THC. In short, CBD oil is very different from marijuana and won’t make your dog high.

With much debate in the canine community about the effects of CBD, traditional veterinary medicine practices haven’t completely accepted CBD oil as a valid treatment option. But despite the lack of support from veterinarians, several pet owners have found that CBD works well for their dog. Many people have noticed improvements across a variety of different issues and acknowledge the potential health benefits of CBD for dogs, including:

Condition Benefits
Stress Calming effects that soothe nervous or hyper dogs.
Anxiety Reduced feelings of anxiety that can arise from a fear of separation, loud noises, or travel-induced stress.
Chronic Pain CBD helps with pain management in hips and joints that can sometimes hinder mobility in older dogs.
Loss of Appetite Promotes restoration of normal eating habits by regulating the digestive system.
Sleep Issues CBD can help reduce hormones that cause sleep problems for many dogs.
Auto Immune Diseases The antioxidants in CBD oil may improve immune system functioning to better defend against infection.
Seizures CBD has been shown to mitigate seizures due to its anticonvulsant and antiepileptic properties.
Cancer CBD is an anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory agent that might slow the progression of cancer or offer symptom relief for the condition.

If you’ve considered giving your dog CBD oil but don’t know where to start, take a look at some of our favorite brands who produce high quality CBD for dogs. We want to make sure you (and your pet) are getting a good product, and these CBD oils for dogs are some of the best on the market.

Giving Your Dog the Right Amount of CBD

If you are introducing CBD to your dog for the first time, there’s no way to know what their perfect dose is until you go through a bit of trial and error. In order to do this, it’s best to start at a very low dose and incrementally increase the CBD potency with each administration until you find your pet’s “sweet spot”.

When it comes to dose, you should also consider your dog’s size, age, and pre-existing health conditions. For instance, dogs that are on the smaller side won’t need as much CBD as large dogs in order to experience the same range of possible benefits or effects. In the same train of thought, a stronger dose of CBD oil may be needed for a dog who suffers from seizures as opposed to a dog who’s given CBD oil for mild pain relief. However, you should also take into account any medications that your dog is currently taking and how CBD may interact with these drugs. In this instance, it’s always best to talk with a veterinarian.

Dosing for Dogs

An exact dosage of CBD for dogs has not been established, so it is best to start small and work up from there. A general guideline is to start with 0.2mg of CBD per pound. For example, a 20 pound dog should start with 4mg of CBD.

Dog’s Weight Starting Dose
10 lbs 2 mg
20 lbs 4 mg
40 lbs 8 mg
60 lbs 12 mg
80 lbs 16 mg
100 lbs 20 mg

Pay attention to the details on your CBD oil bottle, and take note of the amount of CBD that is in one dropper of oil. If the bottle says there is 8mg of CBD per mL and you are trying to dose out 4mg, you will want to give half a dropper full.

Try out a small dosage, and then gauge your dog’s response. Remember that it could take around an hour for the effects to set in. If it doesn’t seem to have a major effect, try increasing the dosage in small increments until you find the amount that works best for your dog’s needs.

Generally, if you are using CBD oil to treat anxiety or stress in your dog, the dose will be on the smaller side compared to the dose needed for treating seizures or chronic pain. Keep that in mind when playing with the dosage. You will also need to create a dosing schedule that works for your needs. For anxiety and stress, you may need to give one to two doses a day, or simply administer as needed. For managing chronic pain or seizures, you may need to give a dose around every 8 hours.

It should also be noted that you should choose CBD oil products that were specifically created for pets. CBD oils created for human consumption will generally have higher dosages, and may have ingredients that are not safe for dogs. Stick with pet-marketed products in order to ensure you are giving your dog the healthiest option. You should also ensure that the product you choose is derived from hemp (rather than marijuana), as the hemp plant has higher levels of CBD and lower levels of THC.

How to Give Your Dog CBD

Before you buy CBD for your dog, you should consider what application method is best for your pet. The most common are CBD dog biscuits or chews and CBD oil. Many CBD products aimed at dogs are flavored with peanut butter, chicken, or some other taste that dogs will find appealing. CBD oil for dogs can be mixed into their food, while CBD dog treats can be eaten just like any other canine snack.

CBD products have varying amounts of CBD, but the number is usually listed on the label as the concentration, along with the recommended dose of CBD. To find the right dosage for your dog, it’s best to start with the lowest recommended dose and slowly work your way up to something that provides maximum relief.

With oil, this generally means starting with 0.2mg of CBD per pound of your dog’s weight.

If you’re treating your dog for something like anxiety or stress, the dose will be lower than if you’re using CBD for seizures or chronic pain. See how your dog responds to a starting dose, then adjust accordingly. Create a dosing schedule where you give one to two doses a day, or administer as needed.

If you don’t see results immediately from the starting dose, don’t give your dog more but wait until the next day to try a slightly higher dose.

Smaller dogs won’t need as much CBD as bigger dogs to experience the same range of health benefits. If your dog is taking medication for a pre-existing condition, consult a vet about how CBD might interact with this other substance.

While CBD has a good safety profile with few side effects, it’s still important to take the proper precautions in order to ensure your dog has a positive experience. With the right amount of research and a product from a quality brand, your dog could soon be barking its thanks.

Mix with Peanut Butter for a Better Taste

With regard to peanut butter CBD products specifically, many are healthy, organic, and will likely be very appealing to your dog because of their great taste. Peanuts and peanut butter are naturally gluten-free foods, and may make it a little less painless to get your dog to take his medicine.

Some prescription medications are a hassle, or come in a form that doesn’t taste great. CBD, especially when in peanut butter form, can operate as an alternative remedy that makes your dog happy and produces results. However, make sure you pay attention to a product’s sodium levels. Too much salt could have a negative effect on your dog.

Peanut butter-flavored CBD products for dogs usually come in the form of either CBD-infused peanut butter spread or CBD dog treats. CBD oil is also an option—it can be easily mixed into peanut butter or your dog’s food. And there are many brands that sell peanut butter flavored CBD oil.

Is CBD oil safe for dogs?

In the emerging CBD space, it helps to look to medical professionals, review sites and other experts to help you decide if CBD is the right fit for your dog.

The American Kennel Club says “while there’s no definitive scientific data on using CBD to treat dogs, there’s anecdotal evidence from dog owners suggesting it can treat pain, especially neuropathic pain, as well as helping to control seizures.”

There is also some compelling research now being done on CBD’s effects on canines. For instance, a study conducted by Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine showed that treatment with CBD oil resulted in decreased pain for dogs with osteoarthritis.

CBD Uses for Pets

And in a survey collected by the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, data from over 600 pet owners found that CBD use in animals also seems to yield positive results. These owners found success using CBD for anxiety relief, sleep assistance, nervous response support, treating skin conditions, reducing nausea, and preventing inflammation in dogs.

Final Thoughts on CBD for Dogs

CBD is not toxic to dogs, and CBD oil is safe for animals as long as you are administering the proper dosage for your pet. Side effects are a rare occurrence among pet owners who give their dogs CBD, but anything is possible. Deciding whether or not your dog might benefit from CBD oil is a choice that’s ultimately up to you and what’s best for your dog’s health.

If you do decide to give your dog any CBD product, the best thing you can do is give him the right amount. By doing so, you’ll be able to see any noticeable changes or improvements in your dog’s symptoms.

It’s important to note that more clinical studies are necessary to evaluate the therapeutic value of CBD oil for dogs. The anecdotal evidence provided by pet owners is not a substitute for medical advice or treatments, and you should feel comfortable consulting with your veterinarian before electing to introduce any new wellness supplement into your dog’s diet.

If you’re still curious and looking for more information on CBD for dogs (or other pets) take a look at our extensive Pet Owner’s Guide to CBD.

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