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U.S.A. Triathlon Organization Endorses CBD For Athletes

By Savannah Hasty

CBD has become a very popular addition to many amateur and professional athletes’ diets. The natural hemp-derived supplement has been shown to provide several benefits to athletic performance, including the promotion of healthy cellular function and the reduction of inflammation, both of which are crucial to muscle recovery. While studies remain limited in the United States on the clinical effectiveness of CBD, many athletes and trainers provide anecdotal evidence for its use as part of a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

In 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from its list of banned substances. This opened doors for many athletes to reap the rewards of CBD as a pre- and post-workout supplement. The U.S.A. Triathlon, the American organization that governs all triathlon races nationwide, is the first major sports organization to not only embrace CBD, but to bring on a CBD company as one of their sponsors.

Pure Spectrum, a Colorado-based CBD company, will be sponsoring the U.S.A. Triathlon in the rest of 2019 and 2020 triathlon seasons. Pure Spectrum offers CBD tinctures, topicals, and isolates that come from a sustainably source, and provide comprehensive testing results for all of their products.

Pure Spectrum is excited to partner with the U.S.A. Triathlon and bring CBD to the forefront of sports lifestyle. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties may also provide benefits to triathlon participants to aid in post-workout recovery. The extended exercise period triathlon participants endure can also result in muscle injuries and fatigue, conditions for which CBD can provide pain relief.

Rocky Harris, chief executive of U.S.A. Triathlon, remarks that CBD may be a natural alternative to prescription and over-the-counter medications traditionally recommended to triathlon participants:

Athletes prefer not to take prescription drugs… They want organic and healthy. They want to find something more natural.”

The inclusion of Pure Spectrum within the U.S.A. Triathlon’s list of sponsors helps not only athletes, but the organization itself. Currently, 12 to 15 percent of U.S.A. Triathlon’s revenue stems from sponsorship deals. The exclusive agreement between the organization and Pure Spectrum will help keep membership and sign up fees affordable for participants.

The U.S.A. Triathlon is not the only sports organization to partner with a CBD company; however they are the only organization for an olympic sport to do so. Organizations that govern multinational and olympic sports must comply with much stricter WADA regulations. These protocols can include comprehensive drug testing, which may complicate sponsorships with CBD companies. If the CBD company does not conduct thorough testing to ensure their products contain no THC, they could put athletes’ careers at risk.

That is why U.S.A. Triathlon chose Pure Spectrum after six months of research and coordination with their team. According to Rocky Harris, “We needed to be able to say if you use this product you will not fail a drug test,” thus the need for extensive research into Pure Spectrum.

Pure Spectrum manufactures all of their own CBD products, and each item goes through five different stages of testing before being released to the market. This rigorous quality assurance program is what put Pure Spectrum at the top of the athletic market for CBD.

In the future, Pure Spectrum and other CBD companies will be working with athletic associations nationwide to bring the best products for athletes of all kinds. To learn more about Pure Spectrum CBD products, read our full report.

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