CBD Chocolate: The Best CBD Edible

By Melena Gurganus
Tamas Pap, Unsplash

There is no limit to the amount of CBD products that you can buy online, and CBD chocolate is no exception. That’s right, there are plenty of chocolate bars that now include CBD (cannabidiol) as an ingredient on their nutrition labels. However, some CBD-infused chocolates are better than others, and here you can find the best chocolate bars that not only taste great, but really work.

3 Best CBD Chocolate Bars

Rosebud CBD Chocolate

This dark chocolate is organic, gluten free, and vegan, and it also contains 100mg of CBD in total (or 25mg per square of chocolate). I have personally tried this product and LOVED IT—both the taste and the chill effects.

Price: $22

Green Roads CBD Chocolate

For a slightly stronger piece of chocolate, Green Roads offers a dark chocolate bar that has 180mg total. With 62% cacao and other natural ingredients, you’re sure to like the taste of this chocolate.

Price: $25

Kat’s Naturals Chocolate

If you’re looking for a less costly piece of chocolate, Kat’s Naturals offers a dark chocolate and a white chocolate CBD bar, each containing 100mg.

Price: $10

What Is CBD Chocolate Good For?

CBD oil is well-known for its many health benefits, and people have flocked towards the cannabis compound in recent years. In the CBD industry, it seems as though anything can be infused with a hemp extract, but can these products do any real good?

The answer varies depending on where you buy your CBD products from, and what goes into making them.

CBD chocolate can have many uses, but it’s best suited to help you relax after a long day, or stay calm in the midst of chaos. CBD oil and other products like capsules and topicals may be better suited for a wider range of issues such as pain and inflammation, as CBD chocolate is not the best method to consistently take CBD. Instead, I like to think of these infused chocolates as a fun and tasty way to consume CBD  as a treat that packs an extra boost of relaxation.

Also, when shopping for CBD chocolate, you want to look for high quality products that are made with natural and organic ingredients.

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How Much CBD Chocolate Should You Eat?

Like all good things, it’s important to eat CBD chocolate in moderation, especially since it can be hard to determine the right dose of CBD. If you’re new to CBD, eat a small amount (1 square of chocolate) and wait a few hours to see how it affects you. If you’re a seasoned CBD consumer, you can take more CBD chocolate for an extra relaxed evening, and probably a very sound night of sleep.

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How Long Does It Take for CBD Chocolate to Work?

When compared to other application styles, you can expect it to take longer for a CBD edible to take effect. This is because the chocolate has to be digested in order for the effects of CBD to really set in. If you have a fast metabolism or eat a CBD chocolate on an empty stomach, you’ll likely notice the effects more quickly. But in general, a CBD edible will take effect over the course of several hours.

Is It Safe to Eat CBD Chocolate?

Yes, CBD is a legal and natural compound derived from hemp plants that many people consume in a variety of ways—including edibles like chocolate. However, the FDA has not approved CBD to treat, cure, or prevent any disease, and these products are simply a holistic approach to promote relaxation.

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