An Interview with the Founder/CEO of Herbal Root Collective

By Shauna Willetts

I first ran into Hendricks at a local farmer’s market in small-town, Buda, Texas. She was the only CBD vendor at the market and as I approached her tent, two returning customers were chatting with her about how much they loved some of her products, and both made a purchase.

Watching Hendricks interact with her customers, and later getting the opportunity to talk with her about her company, it was clear that she created Herbal Root Collective with the consumer in mind. Hendricks creates products that she personally uses for herself and her family and that customers can trust is a high-quality CBD option.

When did Herbal Root Collective get started and what made you interested in creating a CBD company?

HRC was legally created in July of 2019. I had a previous business partner where we started a company about a year and a half ago. We had just decided to split ways for business reasons.

Had you used a large variety of CBD brands before making the decision to start your own business?

I most definitely did my own trial and error with other products out there to see how I wanted my team to create ours! There are so many carrier oils and other products out there…less is more.

How has the experience of being infiltrated in the CBD and wellness community been? Are there any trends you’ve seen that you like or dislike?

I think the biggest thing is that there are so many of us out there and not all of us are of quality. My customers have tried so many and my future customers will come to me in a hesitant state because of being burned in the past. On a positive note, we are not against each other in the CBD and wellness community. We are all a team trying to get this regulated as possible and pushing for a more organic/vegan alternative to the pharmaceutical industry.

I remember you mentioning the use of pure MCT oil as a base, correct? Can you touch on the process of making your CBD serums and tinctures? What makes them stand out in your opinion?

Yes! So MCT oil is the base in our sublingual Tinctures. I was going back and forth with hemp seed oil, it’s what a lot of people use! But it’s not as bioavailable. The fats that are in MCT oil are high. It has about a 96 percent fat solubles, whereas hemp seed oil has about 11 percent. Our body naturally takes in a small percentage, then flushes the rest out. So if we’re able to mix it with a fatty and pure carrier oil then we’re able to retain a lot of our CBD. Our extraction process is done with CO2 because it makes a high-quality product. It’s also the cleanest, safest, and most cutting-edge method of extracting natural products.

We chatted briefly about your topical serum, can you explain the process of how that works and what it works best for? (Skin conditions, muscle/pain relief, etc?)

Our Topical Serum is quite potent, 500mg in a 1oz pump jar. It’s antioxidant, anti-aging, used for pain/inflammation and skin conditions. Other ingredients in our serum are lavender oil for acne and wrinkles as well as minor burns and bug bites, rosemary oil for headaches and anti-inflammatory and lastly, fenugreek oil has so many uses! It’s analgesic, antibacterial, anti-infectious, antispasmodic, cicatrizing and so much more.

What’s your favorite product that you make?

Ooo this is a hard question. I personally use, well, everything! I take my gummies for sleep, sublingual for stress, topical for my arthritis and my daughter’s eczema. My youngest daughter has ADHD and has been through so much in her school years. My gummies hit a home run in that department! I don’t know what I’d be doing if I didn’t have those little bears.

You touched on working events and markets. What would you like to be next for Herbal Root Collective, product or event wise?

Creating new products that my customers want! As long as they are safe. Flower and flavored Tinctures are underway. Possibly opening a storefront next year and being part of the farmer’s markets, events, and festivals in the country. 

You can find more on Herbal Root Collective products on their website,, or if you’re an Austin or Buda, Texas local you might find Hendricks and her Herbal Root Collective tent at one of the many farmer’s markets.

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