CBD Bath Bombs—Do they really work?

By Melena Gurganus

Amidst the surge in popularity for self-care products, bath bombs have become a trendy and fun option for people looking to unwind in a warm bath. More recently, CBD bath bombs are gaining favor for their unique combination that perfectly pairs the relaxation of a regular bath bomb with the additional benefits of CBD oil. But the real question that consumers are asking—are these products worth the try? We’ll explain exactly what a CBD bath bomb is and how it works.

What is a CBD Bath Bomb?

Much like any other bath bomb, these products are made primarily from essential oils for relaxing scents, moisturizing ingredients for silky smooth skin, and sodium bicarbonate to produce the trademark fizz that comes from adding any bath bomb into a tub of water. These effervescence are also chock-full of CBD, or cannabidiol, a popular hemp extract that offers many restorative benefits when applied topically. When incorporated into a warm bath, CBD can be easily absorbed by the skin once the hot water has allowed your pores to open up.

CBD Bath Bomb Benefits

When you’re submerged in a warm bath, the hot water alone offers several wellness advantages that make it easier for your body to relax after a long day. Here are some of the additional ways that CBD bath bombs can help your body recover:

  • Relaxes muscles—Soaking in warm water increases the body temperature and loosens the muscles, and when paired with CBD this makes for the perfect tension release.
  • Reduces pain—As a known anti-inflammatory, CBD can lend a helping hand by interacting with cannabinoid receptors to alleviate pain.
  • Nourishes skin—CBD oil is great for restoring skin health and balancing moisture with the rich plant nutrients that are in this hemp extract.
  • Improves mental clarity—Melting the stresses away after a hectic day can greatly improve your mood and give your mind the rest that it needs to perform at its best.

What A CBD Bath Really Feels Like…

After a long day at the office and an excruciating workout afterward, it’s safe to say that I deserved a much-needed pick me up. I figured there would be no better time to try out my Relieve CBD bath bomb from Kush Queen. As a self-proclaimed bath enthusiast, I’ve seen my fair share of run-of-the-mill bath bombs and was skeptical about the added benefits of a CBD bath bomb. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the refreshing peppermint aroma, and the comfort that my aching muscles felt afterwards. Kush Queen didn’t disappoint, and their CBD isolate (along with other natural ingredients like black pepper and olive oil) was great for promoting pain relief.

Are CBD Bath Bombs Safe?

Yes, they are safe for both your body and your tub. Unlike many traditional bath bombs, there was no residue left behind after using a CBD bath bomb, and the topical application is much less daunting than ingesting CBD.

However, these bath bombs are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, but they can make for a unique and extra-relaxing bath experience.

Top Picks for CBD Bath Bombs

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