Green Roads: How the Story Goes

By Brent Young

The movie version of this story always starts at a wedding reception. The star is watching his daughter cut the cake. There’s some slo-mo of people dancing to pop music and everything is happy until a quick cut to the backseat of a police car. There our star sits at rock bottom.

That’s how you tell recovery stories. Blue lights bring about turning points. It’s how an effective, if unoriginal, screenwriter might one day frame the story of Arby Barroso, co-founder of Green Roads, should he and his team complete their mission of bringing about an end to opioid abuse by introducing an alternative to the masses.

The cop car scene took place in 2010. Arby was using prescriptions to manage pain after an operation. He had kept taking them even after another surgery proved successful. When he was pulled over he had different prescriptions in a single bottle, which is illegal. With a young daughter at home he was determined to find another way to cope with his pain. That’s when Arby approached a long time friend and professional pharmacist with his issues and concerns, seeking an alternative to the daily opioids he was taking to control his pain. Laura Fuentes was familiar with hemp and agreed to work with Arby in finding a new solution to help him and others struggling with similar pain management issues.

“It really hit me the day I brought her the raw hemp and she committed to helping me end my battle with opioids,” Arby said. “She has such compassion for helping others and she instantly agreed to help me find a solution.”

Together, Laura and Arby founded Green Roads. A pharmacist, Laura had watched the volume of pain medicines she distributed increase through the years and wondered about better options. Her background adds to Green Roads a unique medical perspective and appreciation for precise formulation.

“This being an unregulated process, really anyone can whip something up and slap a label on it,” Arby said. “It’s a shame because some brands don’t care enough to scan their product for materials such as pesticides or harmful metals which can essentially hurt the consumer.”

Green Roads is widely recognized as a leader in the hemp industry, producing the highest quality, pharmacist-formulated hemp extract on the market. Many of our society’s most vulnerable populations are buying or taking these products in the hopes of achieving a therapeutic benefit, including the elderly with pain, children with seizures, and soldiers battling post-traumatic stress.

Green Roads partnered with Mission Zero, a non-profit committed organization, committed to ending veteran suicide, helping military men and women learn about and gain access to new and emerging treatments. Many veteran deaths are connected to post-service addiction, stemming from service injuries or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Green Roads has always lead with education as our #1 priority in an effort to help people fully understand the industry and products available,” Laura said. “It’s important that consumers understand the raw materials inside various brands of hemp products, including the ingredients Green Roads uses to raise our product line to a higher standard, with full transparency.”

Green Roads is built around the idea that there is an alternative to prescriptions or over-the-counter medicines that are packed with harsh chemicals. Green Roads preaches the gospel that people deserve better—a better way to manage chronic pain and care for our soldiers. They believe in broader options for farmers, patients, and consumers. Fewer side effects. More living. That’s the story Arby tells to the people he meets when he takes his story around the country. How hemp showed him a different way forward. A better tomorrow for his community, his family, and his daughter.

Now listed among Forbes Top 10 Hemp companies, Green Roads has its sights set on what a sentimental screenwriter might call a storybook ending.  

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