Our Seal of Approval

By Marc Lewis
  • All CBD oil for sale online looks the same. It’s impossible to tell good, safe products from brands rushing to market to capitalize on the hemp hype.
  • Also, this growing industry has created a sub-industry of review sites. Too often online reviews rely on brand relationships and user opinion to rate products.

Defining a standard of quality, accountability, and trust.

For people buying CBD, Remedy Review is the only product review site that invests in 3rd party testing to support the wellness of consumers and hold brands accountable. In an unregulated industry, our review process is one consumers can trust and the best brands will support. 

Our Seal is an FYI before you buy.

Consumers should note we can’t test every product. But we can spot check brands at random and present the results here. Use this sortable table to find CBD oils, edibles, gummies, vapes, and capsules that passed third-party tests. 

* Note: Terpene profile column uses Green to show a strong terpene profile. Yellow is used to show some or little terpenes present.

** Note: Label accuracy is the labeled CBD concentration measured against the tested concentration. Green shows a product tested within 10% of label and yellow shows a product tested within 15% of label. 

Find third-party certificates of analysis here.

Product Type


Score Product & Price

Label Accuracy

Heavy Metal Analysis

Pesticide Analysis

Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds

Microbiological Contaminants

Mycotoxin Testing

Pathogenic Bacterial Contaminants

Terpenes Profile

NuLeaf Naturals 1450mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Price: $179.00

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Ananda Hemp Broad Spectrum Zero THC CBD Oil 600mg

Price: $89.95

View Product

Joy Organics CBD Oil Tincture 500 MG

Price: $59.95

View Product

Spruce 750 MG Lab Grade CBD Oil

Price: $89.99

View Product

Root Bioscience Natural Tincture 500 MG

Price: $49.99

View Product

Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum Oil 600 MG

Price: $89.95

View Product

cbdMD Natural Oil Tincture

Price: $99.99

View Product

Moon Mother CBD Hemp Oil (1000mg)

Price: $100.00

View Product

Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Oil 300 MG

Price: $49.95

View Product

Populum Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Capsules

Price: $109.00

View Product

Populum Zen Pets Calming Hemp Oil

Price: $35.00

View Product

CBDfx Gummies with Turmeric & Spirulina

Price: $59.99

View Product

Kat’s Naturals Heal CBD Hemp Oil

Price: $165.00

View Product

Elixinol CBD Tincture – Hemp Oil Drops 300mg CBD

Price: $29.99

View Product

Lazarus Naturals High Potency CBD Tincture (750mg)

Price: $32.00

View Product

Charlotte’s Web Full Strength CBD Capsules

Price: $34.99

View Product

Dixie Botanicals Kicks – Mango Citrus

Price: $49.99

View Product

Green Mountain CBD Capsules

Price: $30.00

View Product

MedTerra CBD Oil Tincture (500mg)

Price: $44.95

View Product

JustCBD Liquid Tincture 550mg

Price: $79.99

Highland Pharms 500mg CBD Hemp Oil Drops

Price: $74.95

View Product

Receptra Active Lifestyle – Elite (1000mg)

Price: $79.95

View Product

Ananda Hemp-Spectrum 200 CBD Oil

Price: $39.95

View Product

Populum Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil (500mg)

Price: $120.00

View Product

Green Roads CBD Oil – 550MG

Price: $84.99

View Product

Endoca Raw Hemp Oil Drops 300mg CBD

Price: $31.00

View Product

Dixie Botanicals Peppermint CBD Hemp Oil Drops 2oz (500mg)

Price: $99.99

View Product

MedixCBD CBD Oil (500mg)

Price: $75.99

View Product

Functional Remedies Hemp Tincture 500mg

Price: $64.99

View Product

Rosebud 700mg CBD Oil

Price: $95.00

View Product

Charlotte’s Web Original Formula CBD Oil

Price: $149.99

View Product

Palmetto Harmony (100ml) Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Price: $220.00

View Product

CBDistillery 250mg 30ml Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

Price: $20.00

View Product

PlusCBD Oil Drops 250mg

Price: $41.95

View Product

CBDfx CBD Tincture Oil 500mg

Price: $74.99

View Product

Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Classic CBD Oil 250mg

Price: $24.95

View Product

Joy Organics CBD Oil Tincture (500mg)

Price: $59.95

View Product

Pure Hemp Botanicals 750mg CBD Oil Full Spectrum Tincture

Price: $74.95

Advanced CBD Oil Reviews to Protect Your Health

Increased awareness around hemp-derived CBD products has created unprecedented demand. This demand is outpacing regulation, laboratory standards, and manufacturing practices. Brands have incentives to bring products to market and the guardrails are few and far between. To keep up with customers and keep shelves stocked, we’ve seen synthetics enter the market, lab results falsified, and knock-off products passed off as medicine. The passage of the recent Farm Bill, which made hemp federally legal, will further fuel the race to sell you hemp.

Don’t take their word for it.

Today, health brands look like lifestyle brands. It’s good that being healthy is hip, but the slick branding and busy Instagram accounts can mask product flaws. This was our worry in the unregulated hemp market where more and more people are turning to CBD to treat anxiety, pain, and sleep issues. 

Here’s just a sampling of why independent advocates are so important in this growing market.

  • Many CBD products mislabeled (source: JAMA)
  • Consumer Reports found synthetic marijuana (K2) in a product listed as a CBD vape (source: Tonic)
  • Mislabeled products may contain more THC than listed, which can lead to unwanted psychoactive effects or a failed drug test
  • Labs and testing are not standardized, and some labs have falsified results to keep up with demand

We are an unbiased consumer protection website that invests in third-party testing to spot check safety, quality, and label accuracy. We exist to advance your health.

Our Testing Methodology

Our third-party tests review hemp-derived CBD products on the following criteria. Descriptions of each test can also be found on third-party certificates of analysis. 

Label Accuracy

  • The sample was analyzed for plant-based cannabinoids by Liquid Chromatography. This profile of potency was measured against the concentration on the label. Most labels list a total number of milligrams of CBD. One can divide the total milligrams of CBD by the milliliters in the bottle to arrive at a promised concentration. We measured this label concentration against the concentration the lab found. A label within 10% of the test results was deemed accurate.

Terpene Profile

  • The sample was analyzed by Head-Space Gas Chromatography (HS-GC). Collected data was compared to data collected for certified reference standards at known concentrations. Terpenes are great to have, but not a measure of pass/fail.

Heavy Metal Presence

  • A heavy metal test was performed in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025. Lab tests looked for the presence of arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and lead.

Pesticide Presence

  • Pesticide analysis was conducted using Liquid Chromatography with Mass Spectrometric detection (LC/MS/MS). Lab method used for sample prep was based on the European method for pesticide analysis (EN 15662). Testing limits for ingestion established by the State of California: CCR, Title 16, Division 42, Chapter 5, Section 5313.

Residual Solvents

  • Our sample was analyzed for volatile organic compounds, or residual solvents, using Head-Space Gas Chromatography (HS-GC). Collected data was compared with data that was gathered for certified reference standards at known concentrations.

Microbiological Contaminants

  • Test method was performed in accordance with requirements of ISO/IEC 17025. This test is for Aerobic Bacteria, Coliform Bacteria, Bile Tolerant Gram Negative Bacteria, Yeast and Mold.

Pathogenic Bacterial Contaminants 

  • Test method was performed in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025. This test is for E. coli and Salmonella.

Mycotoxin Testing

  • Test method was performed in accordance with ISO/IER 17025. This test is for Aflatoxin and Ochratoxin.

Once a product is tested for quality and label accuracy, we evaluate 12 other factors to help consumers find the best CBD product for their lifestyle. These more subjective factors help consumers compare products. Once a brand passes testing, you want to support brands you like. 

Comparison factors we use to make shopping for CBD easier include:

Value ($/mg): To help people understand the right amount to pay for good CBD in a space where prices vary, we present cost in a way that allows for easy comparison. If one brand costs more per milligram of CBD than another, look at the terpene profile. That more expensive brand may be sourcing higher quality hemp.

Strength (mg/ml): Labels are confusing. We want to help people identify normal, medium, and strong products. Note: this is a measure of comparison, not a claim about the efficacy of a product. ⚡

Source (USA/Other): We encourage people to buy American hemp. But you might choose a brand that you like who has more flavor or delivery options and sources European hemp. 🇺🇸

Flavor: Flavor is most important to some people. Other people consider hemp medicine and are used to medicines tasting bad. We give notes on flavor profiles and understand there’s differing opinions on what tastes good and bad even in our office. 👅 🤢

Transparency: All brands must clearly post test results and be open and clear about extraction methods. In our experience, brands that are slow to produce test results are quick to say depth of testing is unnecessary. 

Corporate Citizenship: Notes on customer service, online ordering process, and shipping matter in e-commerce. We also highlight brands who make products more accessible to those in need or support our military with generous discounts.

Brand: Packaging, presence, and experience are important factors in consumer goods. You want to give your money to a brand who cares about the entire process.

Full-spectrum: We believe in full-spectrum products and understand they may not be right for everyone. Where we can, we will point out brands that promote “whole plant” therapy.

Product Diversity: We do like specialists, or brands that have mastered one or two products and control the entire supply chain. We also understand some shoppers want to find everything in one place when they buy CBD online. 

Our CBD oil, capsule, and vape testing process is strict.

We developed our testing protocol with the input of product developers, laboratory experts, and consumer advocates. We spoke to brands and labs about standards they want to see in place industry-wide. Then we sent products to a lab. We plan to repeat this process throughout the year with the goal of testing every CBD product on the market. Of course, testing every product is impossible. We are measuring one brands commitment to quality at a moment in time. That’s a long way from certifying the safety of every product a brand has or will sell. But we’re going to keep our goals lofty. With this many people buying CBD to treat pain, anxiety, and inflammation, our mission is a worthy one.

A Different Approach to Consumer Protection

We have family members who found relief in cannabis derivatives, relief that allowed them to take less medicines, worry less, or live more. We have spoken to parents, veterans, athletes, and folks across the country who believe CBD improved their lives. We also know our farmers could use another cash crop to add to their land, maybe making each year a little easier. It’s with this hope and grand potential that we go forward. We think hemp represents a chance to bring people together under a common goal of more jobs and better health.

With such lofty ambition should come high standards. Our advanced reviews provide people information to make a personal decision about their health. We hope to help people lead a conversation with their doctor and make informed choices about hemp.

Contact Us

If you have questions about the Remedy Review Seal or the editorial process of this website, please contact Marc Lewis at marc@remedyreview.com.

If you are interested in testing your brand’s products for the Remedy Review Seal of Approval, please contact Ed Hutchinson at ed.hutchinson@remedyreview.com.

Fair Use Statement

Remedy Review invites people to share the results of this testing for noncommercial purposes, simply link back to this page for sourcing.

2019 Best CBD Oils

Check out our CBD oil buyer’s guide. On this page we explain what to look for when buying CBD oils, offer our top picks, and help you compare brands by price and strength.

You should note, we research, test, and cover these products because people are taking them to manage serious issues like pain, anxiety, and lack of sleep. We think people who are seeking natural alternatives deserve good, honest information to help them make empowered decisions about their health. However, our product opinions should not be taken as medical advice. Anyone who aims to treat a condition with a hemp derivative should have a conversation with their doctor before making any changes to their wellness plan.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Furthermore, our tests were conducted with a third-party lab.

By clicking on the product links in this article, Remedy Review may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. Read full disclosure statement.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, commonly called CBD oil, is a cannabinoid found in cannabis. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is another cannabinoid that elicits different effects. Cannabinoids interact with our body’s endocannabinoid system, which regulates physiological factors like sleep, mood, and digestion, among other things. Some believe supplementing the endocannabinoid system with plant-based cannabinoids helps the body better restore itself.

What are the side effects of CBD?

According to the World Health Organization:

CBD is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile. Reported adverse effects may be a result of drug-drug interactions between CBD and patients’ existing medications.

Several countries have modified their national controls to accommodate CBD as a medicinal product.

To date, there is no evidence of recreational use of CBD or any public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.

How does CBD make me feel?

Some people compare the feelings of CBD with a “runner’s high,” or that relaxed, uplifting feeling of having had a great workout. It may be a sense of lightness or relief. Other people take these products as supplements in lower doses, in which case your won’t have strong “feelings.”

Why does CBD taste so bad?

CBD is made from hemp, which has a very natural and earthy flavor. Some products taste more “natural” than others. The end flavor depends on how the CBD was extracted and whether or not anything was added to the tincture.

Does CBD show up on a drug test?

It’s unlikely that CBD will trigger a positive drug test. Many of these tests are looking for the presence of THC. That said, people who are drug tested should be careful with any cannabis product. A mislabeled product, perhaps one that contains more THC than listed, could trigger a negative result.

How much CBD should I take?

This is different for everyone. It depends on the goal. Do you believe in boosting your endocannabinoid system or do you want to fell immediate effects? It should be noted that most clinical studies are done with a dose of CBD much higher than many consumer products allow, muddying the waters when you try to evaluate its therapeutic effects on your own.

Why use an ISO-certified lab?

In most countries, ISO/IEC 17025 is the standard a lab must achieve to be considered technically sound. This relates to the equipment and methodology used in testing.

Is there an industry-wide testing standard?

No. This is one of the issues in the hemp space. Some brands run each batch through a wide range of tests while others test a few things sporadically—and everything in between. We tried to partner with labs who believe in a stringent, more detailed approach to product testing.

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