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Populum CBD Review

By Sabrina Karr

Quick Review

  • Fresh, orange flavor 🍊
  • Thoughtfully sourced ingredients
  • American sourced hemp 🇺🇸

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What to Know About Populum

Source 🇺🇸

Populum’s CBD oil extract comes from hemp plants grown on Colorado farms, and their products are entirely American-made.

Taste 👅

Populum is the CBD oil we thought tasted best with its fresh orange and slightly sweet flavor profile.

Shopping Experience 🛍️

The website is easy to navigate, and the product selection is clean and simple. They offer a free shipping option and an expedited shipping option (arrives domestically in 2-3 business days). Populum also offers a subscription option where users can save 5 percent, a referral program, and a 30 day free trial, allowing you to try a product and return it if you aren’t completely satisfied.

Range of Products

Populum offers a smaller product selection, but this allows the company to dedicate all of their focus on making these products as useful and high-quality as possible.

Lab Testing 🔬

Populum tests all of their products for purity and potency, and customers can easily view these lab test results on Populum’s website by clicking on a product and scrolling down to find the “View Lab Results” button.

Our Experience

Of the three oil strengths that Populum offers, here’s how they measured up against one another:

  • 250mg is good for a body calm ☁️
  • 500mg bottle is more effective, maybe a good option to try for enhanced sleep 💤
  • 1000mg bottle elicits a feeling of deep relaxation since it is their strongest hemp oil. ⚡

Their pet oil also worked well for my dog, Harry, who is an off-the-wall doodle. He was noticeably more relaxed and less anxious after Populum’s pet oil started to kick-in.

Pros 👍🏽

  • Colorado-sourced hemp, grown organically
  • A risk-free 30-day free trial option, for new or cautious customers
  • Free shipping option

Cons 👎🏽

  • Their purchase options are automatically set to enroll in the monthly subscription service, which can be an easy detail to miss.

Additional Information

I actually gave this oil to a friend who thought CBD oil was helping her sleep, but struggled with the taste of other products. Populum also won some points for packaging and branding, as these products look great and feel really well-made and clean. The paper of the box, the feel of the label, even the weight of the oil are made with quality.

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Top Products from Populum

Highlights 🌟

Hemp CBD Oil




250mg, 500mg, 1,000mg, and 2,000mg options

Highlights 🌟

Easily one of the best tasting hemp oils, Populum is great for people that have difficulty taking CBD oil with a strong hemp flavor.

Hemp CBD Capsules




15mg and 25mg per capsule

Highlights 🌟

Perfect for an easy, strong dose of CBD without the hassle, especially if you're looking to take it as a daily supplement.

Hemp Rub





Highlights 🌟

Populum’s cold therapy hemp rub incorporates natural ingredients like aloe vera, arnica, and chamomile to enhance its soothing potential.

Hemp CBD Pet Chews




3mg per treat

Highlights 🌟

Populum’s zen pet hemp chews are great for both dogs and cats since they feature a salmon and apple flavor that any pet is sure to love.

More About the Populum Brand

Populum was co-founded by Gunhee Park and Ola Olusoga—two friends who personally experienced the benefits of hemp oil and never looked back. Guhnee first experienced the power of natural supplements through the simplest, easiest life change: eating superfoods. When he saw that natural supplements could offer a healthier alternative to some pharmaceuticals, he was inspired to develop a high quality hemp oil for the masses, and the rest is history.

Co-founder Ola Olusoga has a similar story. After years of using synthetic supplements in pursuit of health, fitness, and cognitive enhancement, Ola finally tried hemp oil on the recommendation of—you guessed it—Gunhee.

Populum (which means ‘The People’ in latin) exists to help people challenge the status quo: one that stigmatizes hemp, but embraces prescription drugs. Instead, Populum seeks to empower the people for a better way of living. Gunhee, Ola, and the Populum team believe that a better way of living will come through the benefits of hemp, a plant they feel has been neglected for far too long.

Awarded the Remedy Review Seal of Approval

Finally you can shop for CBD with confidence. Our product testing is among the most comprehensive in the industry and includes label accuracy, pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, mycotoxins, and terpenes. Look for the Remedy Review Seal when buying CBD and be sure you’re buying a quality product.

Populum 500mg Hemp Oil was awarded our Seal.

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