Nordic Oil Product Review for 2019

Why buy Nordic Oil?

  • Full spectrum hemp extract
  • International shipping 🌎
  • Low prices for strong products

Nordic Oil Brand Story

With headquarters in Munich, Germany and New York City, Nordic Oil is an international brand that has recently expanded its scope to the United States. As one of the leading brands in the European CBD market, Nordic Oil is sure to be a hit with American customers as well.

At Nordic Oil, quality is the most important consideration that goes into making each of their products. They specialize in making CBD oils, each of which is designed to help people live a healthier life in a natural way. They are also always on the look out for new ways to create the most effective CBD products that their customers enjoy, all the while maintaining close contact with the suppliers of their hemp extract.

Nordic Oil Product Line

Highlights 🌟

500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil




Light Strength

Highlights 🌟

Great for people who are just starting out with CBD.

1500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil




Medium Strength

Highlights 🌟

Perfect for people who take higher doses of CBD.

2500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil




High Strength

Highlights 🌟

A good option for anyone looking for serious relief.

150mg CBD Mani Drops + 75mg Melatonin




Light Strength

Highlights 🌟

Perfect for promoting a restful night’s sleep.

Editor’s Notes

Remedy Review is constantly working to make the review of hemp-derived products less subjective. That’s why we aim to put numbers around quality, value, and transparency. We also know it helps to hear what a real person thinks about a product before you spend your money. These Editor’s Notes are the opinion of our staffβ€”not a suggestion from the brand and definitely not medical advice.


The CBD oils from Nordic Oil are made with ethically-grown and organic industrial hemp plants. Although it’s not explicitly stated where their hemp plants are grown, it’s safe to assume they are sourced from Europe given the roots of this brand.

Taste πŸ‘…

Nordic oil tinctures have a very mild taste, which is a good thing for people that find the earthy flavor of hemp a bit off-putting.

Shopping Experience πŸ›οΈ

The simple layout of the Nordic Oil website makes it easy for users to navigate, and they can compare products with ease as well. The low price per milligram of their CBD oils is also a plus for anyone looking for affordable and high quality hemp extracts.

Range of Products

Nordic Oil specializes in making CBD oil, and they feature four different formulas to create a wide-reaching range of CBD potencies and potential therapeutic benefits that people hope to achieve with CBD, such as pain relief, anxiety reduction, or improved sleep.

Lab Testing πŸ”¬

Nordic Oil mentions that their hemp oils are lab tested to deliver the best results, but there were no available certificates of analysis available online. We recommend contacting the brand directly to see a third party lab test report for their products.

Pros πŸ‘πŸ½

  • Strong CBD potency options
  • International shipping
  • Full spectrum
  • Low prices per milligram

Cons πŸ‘ŽπŸ½

  • Small product selection
  • No lab test results available online

Wondering which CBD product is right for you?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound abundant in cannabis. If you have questions, you can email me at Or check out these medically-reviewed articles.

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