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Lord Jones CBD: Royal Oil Review

By Rebecca Norris
Lord Jones

It you’re like me, you love any excuse to test out the latest and greatest beauty and wellness products. Whether it’s teas and tonics or lotions and serums, you best believe I’m rolling up my sleeves for a quick trial. Most recently, that meant taking the time to test out Lord Jones’ latest launch: Royal Oil. The name alone caught my attention, but it was the formula itself that wouldn’t let it go.

First things first though, let’s chat about why it’s such a big launch in the first place. You likely saw the small, seemingly simple dropper bottle swarming your Instagram feed and CBD articles alike. That’s because, while there are tons of CBD brands on the market, Lord Jones is the OG in all things hemp-derived cannabidiol. And this latest launch is their biggest and most anticipated, as it’s their heaviest dose of broad spectrum CBD, coming in at a whopping 1,000 milligrams.

The oil itself is a multi-tasking magician. When taken under the tongue, it promises to promote feelings of serene well-being; layered on the skin, it touts the ability to balance and correct everything from texture to breakouts and redness flares. In other words, can you blame me for wanting to test the 1-ounce $100 product? Sure, it might seem pricey, but if the results are truly as great as they say, isn’t it worth it?

Putting It To The Test

As soon as I had my hands on Sephora’s highest broad-spectrum CBD product (yup, it outranks them all), I dropped everything and headed to my vanity.

The simple packaging, while a staple for Lord Jones, makes particular sense for this product, as it’s made with just two ingredients: soothing, restorative broad spectrum hemp-derived CBD and antioxidant-rich grape seed oil.

According to the site’s details, it says that the product can work wonders for all skin types, so right off the bat I wasn’t too worried about layering the dense product on my skin. While it doesn’t actually feel heavy, I always look at oils that way, as my sensitive combination skin can easily be overpowered into looking like an oily hot mess. Nevertheless, I filled an entire dropper and squeezed a drop on each cheek and my forehead, letting it run down in true YouTuber fashion before rubbing it in.

I’ll admit, I didn’t notice some magical shift in my complexion as soon as I applied it, however it’s what didn’t happen that matters most. After all, it didn’t pill when paired with a top layer of moisturizer, it didn’t leave my skin looking shiny in all the wrong ways, and it didn’t lead to teeny white heads come morning, like so many other oils do. For that reason alone, it got a gold star in my beauty book.

At the end of the day, however, it wasn’t the beauty benefits that I was most excited for—after all, I have about a million and two skincare products just waiting to be tried. Instead, it was the internal (read: mental) benefits that I couldn’t wait to try for myself.

The non-psychoactive CBD is vegan, sugar-, gluten-, and alcohol-free, not to mention free of flavoring, coloring, or additives. Reading that on the box made me wonder if this was about to taste like something I’d immediately want to spit out but, nevertheless, I persisted.

After dispensing a full dropper of the CBD under my tongue and letting it absorb for one minute before swallowing, I waited as it took its precious time. During that first 60-second period, holding the product under my tongue wasn’t disgusting, but it also wasn’t delicious. The results, however, were.

15 minutes had gone by and I started to feel like my whole body was beginning to unwind in the slowest, most soothing way. First, I felt my tongue depart from the top of my mouth, then my shoulders lowered (bringing attention to the fact that I had been shrugging them up to my ears in the first place), and lastly my mind began to melt (no, not like that) into a stress-free state that let me take on my day without tension or apprehension.

That sense of well-being lasted throughout the better half of my morning and afternoon. However I never re-dosed because, even though it had started to wear off, my anxiety didn’t come back full-force. Instead, my mind remained calm, albeit less physically noticeable than when the tincture was immediately consumed.

I can’t say I was too surprised by the stellar results, as many sublinguals and topicals I’ve tried from high-end CBD brands rarely disappoint. I do find that the best part was the way the CBD helped me wasn’t even listed on the box. You see, I’ve been experiencing chronic pain in my shoulders, upper back, and collarbone for the past few months, with excruciating flares popping up out of nowhere. However after swallowing Lord Jones Royal Oil, that spidering sensation of pain stayed at bay, giving me a few hours of not only mental wellbeing, but physical comfort, as well.

Overall thoughts: 10/10 would recommend.

Rebecca Norris is an NYC-based writer who specializes in beauty, health, and wellness content. When she’s not writing for Remedy Review, her words can be found on Allure, Bustle, Nylon, Well + Good, and more. The Virginia native is a lover of lists, her Jack Russell Prince Cheddy Loon, and testing the latest and greatest CBD products the market has to offer. The opinions in this piece are hers.

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