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JustCBD Gummies and Oils, Reviewed

Spend Your Money Elsewhere

By Melena Gurganus

We regularly test products at a third-party lab to verify labels. This isn’t 60 Minutes, and we aren’t hard hitting news. But we want people to get their money’s worth when they buy CBD online. People are taking CBD to feel better and we want to give them the best shot at seeing results.

This is especially important with unproven products like natural remedies. There’s enough noise out there calling hemp “Weed Lite,” as if it’s an overpriced snake oil, and the last thing we need are bad brands dragging the industry down.

That’s why we tell our family and friends not to buy JustCBD. Not their oils, gummies—whatever. We tell people not to buy them because we think their products generally lack one of the main reasons people buy CBD: CBD.

Labs Tests > Opinion

Twice in 2019 we tested products from across the industry. We tested samples sent to our office and products we bought online. Both times we tested Just CBD. Both times the products failed a basic test of label accuracy and cannabinoid concentration.

The first time we tested JustCBD’s oil. Lab results showed their 550mg tincture (retail price $74.99) contained 1.8 mg/mL of CBD. This was one-tenth the listed concentration, or the equivalent of a 50mg tincture that the brand sold for $15.00. An overcharge of about $60.

Because testing can be erratic and batches can vary, we retested JustCBD. The second time we tested their gummies. You can’t search “CBD Gummies” on the web without finding at least a few pages dedicated to JustCBD.

In our second recent round of tests, Just CBD gummies again contained less CBD than advertised. Based on the packaging, a 2g serving should contain 10mg of CBD. Our tests showed .7 mg/g. Much less CBD you would expect in a gummy.

Again, this was a lab test on a single sample. The brand will say we should test every gummy in the jar. If we could afford to do that we would. If we could afford to bring in a real world equivalent of the smart and witty ensemble cast of Law and Order to get to the bottom of this we would. But our gut tells us a couple failed tests are enough to shop elsewhere.

Opinion Matters, Too

This is only an opinion, but, when a representative from JustCBD says something like: “Hold on while I talk to my chemist,” I picture a guy spinning around in a swivel chair and yelling down to the basement: “Yo, we got another complaint,” wherein a ping pong match is paused and a buddy hollers back: “Mark em SPAM,” then, louder: “Order pizza.”

But that’s just an opinion—an impressionistic one. It may be entirely inaccurate. Frankly, JustCBD’s operation may be as sophisticated as Cyberdyne Systems. All robots and glass offices. I don’t know. Maybe it’s so sophisticated there’s coffee-free coffee and paper-free printers to go with the CBD-free CBD gummies, as if JustCBD exists in some hyper-modern way where nothing contains the one thing you think it should. Like at JustCBD the toilets are bone dry and instead of sunlight the windows are full of bricks.

Anyway. Instead of laying out our review in a careful little table listing things like value, strength, hemp source, and corporate citizenship—the pillars that make up our other brand reviews—I’ve laid out all the things a JustCBD lawyer might soon email me and next to that I put my response. Responses to lawyers are generally pretty bland, so to spice up my imaginary responses I wrote them in rhyme, kind of like if B-Rabbit spoke Seuss. Because what have we got but time—time to rhyme…

Class Action Lawsuits

The CBD industry is growing quickly, it’s an unregulated and confusing space—which is pretty much blood in the water for lawyers. Charlotte’s Web has been a target, and their labeling of “hemp extract” instead of milligrams of CBD will either prove a complication or defense. Just CBD has also been the subject of a lawsuit about mislabeling—one that is still playing out in the courts. Take this for what it’s worth—a brand we like is getting sued and a brand we don’t is getting sued, too. There are a hundred or so other brands not getting sued for bad labels. Check those out.

Oh, Flavor

With little plant material to get in the way, Just CBD gummies taste great.


If you want a real dose of CBD, we recommend looking elsewhere for CBD tinctures and edibles. In fact, look anywhere else. Buy a bottle of hemp extract from the inside of a guy’s coat they way I once got a good fake Rolex. At least that entrepreneurial lad in Battery Park was upfront about what he was selling.



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