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  • Natural ingredients
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Earth Science Tech Brand Story

Earth Science Tech, also referred to as ETST, is a science based biotechnology company that performs research alongside the University of Central Oklahoma, DV Biologics laboratory, and other organizations in an effort to discover the effects of CBD as a dietary supplement. This brand offers full-spectrum CBD products, which have been extracted using super-critical CO2 fluid extraction, which they believe helps maintain the highest quality of cannabinoid composition for maximum therapeutic benefit.

We like how Earth Science Tech makes it a point to focus on the science behind CBD, and they offer a lot of valuable information on their website about phytocannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system. However, their product descriptions aren’t as helpful as many customers would like, and their unique CBD concentrations may be difficult to understand for some consumers, especially those that are newer to the market.

Earth Science Top Product Picks

Entry Level Cost
Highlights 🌟

CBD Hemp Oil

Entry Level Cost



328.5mg, 657mg, 1314mg, or 2628mg

Highlights 🌟

Three different flavor options to choose from, and features a wide range of cannabinoids for added benefit.

CBD Capsules

Entry Level Cost



~26mg per capsule

Highlights 🌟

These capsules are great for consistent dosing, especially if you aren’t a fan of CBD oil.

CBD for Pets

Entry Level Cost




Highlights 🌟

If you want to give your pet CBD, this oil is a safe option since it uses MCT (coconut) oil as a carrier oil.

CBD Chocolates

Entry Level Cost



~26mg per package

Highlights 🌟

Coming soon to the ETST online store, these chocolates are a tasty way to get a dose of CBD.

Editor’s Notes

Remedy Review is constantly working to make the review of hemp-derived products less subjective. That’s why we aim to put numbers around quality, value, and transparency. We also know it helps to hear what a real person thinks about a product before you spend your money. These Editor’s Notes are the opinion of our staff—not a suggestion from the brand and definitely not medical advice.

Source 🇺🇸

Earth Science Tech originally planned on using American grown hemp for their CBD products, but instead they opted for a reliable, high quality source from European family-owned farms to supply them with industrial hemp.

Taste 👅

ETST CBD oils come in RAW (natural), peppermint (cool and refreshing), and orange blossom (tangy citrus) flavor options, and this a small variety is perfect for appeasing different preferences.

Shopping Experience 🛍️

It’s quick and easy to use the Earth Science Tech website. You can easily view all of their products at once, or narrow things down to view products by type (ie. oils, capsules, pet, etc.). Added information on their website, like their educational content that breaks down various different cannabinoids and terpenes, is also helpful for customers, especially when it comes to understanding what “full-spectrum” means and what benefit these additional plant extracts may add.

Range of Products

While there isn’t a ton of product variety within the ETST brand, they offer a simple and comprehensive selection that has different delivery styles like sublingual tinctures or ingestible capsules, as well as some CBD oil for pets.

Lab Testing 🔬

Earth Science Tech claims that all of their CBD extracts have been third party lab tested, but we could only find one Certificate Of Analysis (COA) on their website. While there are images of cannabinoid content in many of the product descriptions, this information is not coming from a testing facility but rather the brand itself.

Pros 👍🏽

  • Seeks to reduce the stigma surrounding cannabis and CBD by providing scientific research and information
  • All natural ingredients, zero synthetic additives
  • Free shipping to all 50 states

Cons 👎🏽

  • Foreign-sourced hemp
  • Only one third party lab test result available

Wondering which CBD product is right for you?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound abundant in cannabis. If you have questions, you can email me at Or check out these medically-reviewed articles.

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