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4 Corners Cannabis CBD Review

By Melena Gurganus

Quick Summary

  • Organic ingredients 🌱
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • Unique carrier oils

What to Know About the Brand

Source 🇺🇸

4 Corners Cannabis obtains their CBD from hemp plants that are grown and extracted in the state of Colorado.

Taste 👅

Since 4CC has different carrier oils for their CBD tinctures, each of these oils has a different taste. Their avocado oil tincture is earthy and mildly bitter, while their blue label tincture (made with distilled coconut oil) has a more mellow taste. Their other tincture (orange label) is made with vegetable glycerin and has a sweet and tangy flavor profile.

Shopping Experience 🛍️

When visiting the 4 Corners Cannabis website, we like the open, transparent vibe that this brand gives off. On their home page, they answer many important questions related to their extraction process, experience, and ingredients used in their products. When going to the “Buy” section, customers can easily see all of their products, as well as featured items that appear to be popular choices for others who shop at 4CC.

Range of Products

This brand has a unique range of products and we like the variety among their tinctures, especially the versatility of their glycerin CBD oil which can be used as a vape oil or sublingual tincture depending on your preference. Other products like the CBD honey and CBD salves offer additional delivery methods for added diversity.

Lab Testing 🔬

All 4 Corners Cannabis CBD products have been third party lab tested, and customers can find the results by clicking on the “Lab Reports” tab in the “Company” drop down menu, as well as in the footer navigation at the bottom of each page. These certificates of analysis show the most recent lab test results for each concentration among all the different types of products that they sell.

Pros 👍🏽

  • Cool product selection
  • Clean extraction process
  • Organic ingredients

Cons 👎🏽

  • Currently not accepting VISA payments

4 Corners Cannabis Review—Important Notes

This brand has a simple mindset that started them off in the right direction for making beneficial products that may actually help people find relief. We love some of their unique product options, as well as their organic, American grown hemp that is formulated to produce high quality, full-spectrum extracts. Their up-to-date lab tests and transparent practices are also a good trust-signal for consumers, which can go a long way in the current market landscape where misinformation and sketchy brands can be a turn-off to customers.

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Top Products from 4 Corners Cannabis

Entry level cost
Highlights 🌟

CBD Oil Tincture

Entry level cost



100mg, 250mg, 500mg, or 1000mg

Highlights 🌟

Available in a variety of options, including coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, or avocado oil based tinctures.

CBD Cooling Salve

Entry level cost

$59.99 - $99.99


250mg or 500mg

Highlights 🌟

This salve formula is perfect for tackling targeted pain, with added menthol for a cooling & soothing sensation.

CBD Honey

Entry level cost



300mg or 500mg

Highlights 🌟

Perfect for adding into a smoothie or cup of tea, this honey is a tasty way to get a dose of CBD.

CBD Pet Tincture

Entry level cost



100mg, 250mg, 500mg, or 1000mg

Highlights 🌟

This tincture works great for pets when it comes to alleviating a wide variety of ailments.

More About the Brand

Hitting the ground with a running start, 4 Corners Cannabis began producing CBD products after years of experience with organic cannabis plants prepared the founders to enter the CBD industry. It started in 2013 with the simple goal of creating products that would suit the founders’ own needs, and later grew into a full-blown CBD brand with the help of friends and family who loved the benefits they saw from these products.

The people behind this brand are passionate growers, who only use the best genetics for their hemp plants. They take into account the mold resistance, pest resistance, and cannabinoid and terpene content in a given plant before using it to make their products.

4 Corners Cannabis places a high value on quality and transparency, as they openly share their extraction process and growing practices with their customers. Additionally, they strive to create safe CBD products that are 100% free of toxic chemicals, since they extract their CBD oil using USDA certified organic sugar cane ethanol. We also appreciate their knowledge and commitment to informing consumers about CBD and the production process, which helps demystify this confusing space.

Need more info on CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound abundant in cannabis. If you have questions, you can email me at Or check out these medically-reviewed articles.

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