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Every brand must have recent, comprehensive third-party test results to be featured on our site. If a brand doesn't have recent test results, we'll test the products for them. Because we believe products with this kind of potential should be made well.


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Surprise lab tests throughout the year—because someone should.

For people buying CBD online. Remedy Review is the only product review site invested in 3rd party testing to hold brands accountable. Some brands hate us. But in an unregulated industry, our review process is one consumers can trust.

When we started learning about CBD there was no way to tell what was good and what was bad. The internet was no help at all. So we designed our own system to help us complete more objective reviews. As a bunch of natural health enthusiasts, we saw an industry that could help a lot of people. We decided to become experts, and one day we will be.

In addition to third-party lab test results, we review brands on 6 Core Principles.

  • Value ($/mg)
  • Strength (mg/ml)
  • Source (USA/European/Other)
  • Flavor
  • Transparency
  • Corporate Citizenship

Sometimes, we’ll also take into account other things to make a call on a brand. Things like:

  • Does a brand have military discounts available?
  • Are the people we meet at the brands good and honest?

With all that said, here’s a round up of our CBD product guides and reviews.

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