Our mission is to advance the well-being of people. Part of that is connecting you with brands and product we trust. We are the only CBD review site invested in third-party testing products for quality. Read more about our testing process, check out our brand reviews, and let us know if there’s anything else we should be covering.

Look for the Remedy Review Seal

When we began reviewing product we spent a lot of time looking at publicly available third-party Certificates of Analysis, or reports from independent labs. We saw a lot of variation. Testing was irregular across the industry, easily falsified, and no standards existed. That’s why we decided to test products ourselves.

How The Seal Helps You

In an unregulated industry, having an independent third-party randomly testing brands for quality, safety, and label accuracy adds a measure of accountability to the industry.

In the news we’ve seen stories about:

  • mislabeled products
  • dangerous pesticides and lead in tinctures
  • people fail drug tests because of bad products
  • fake products, some benign and some dangerous
  • additives used to stretch product supply

That’s why we test CBD products for:

  • Strength: A test for cannabinoid content ensures the amount of CBD you are getting matches the label. This is about value and safety. You want to get the amount of “active ingredient” you paid for. You also don’t want more THC than you bargained for, or a failed drug test.
  • Safety: We looked for dangers like pesticides, heavy metals, and anything left over from the manufacturing process. Products labeled as organic, pure, and natural should be held to high standards.
  • Quality: We measured the amount of terpenes in each product. Terpenes contribute to a feeling or outcome, like relaxation or anti-inflammation. Terpenes are all over nature. For instance, lavender is full of terpenes.

For people buying CBD, Remedy Review is proud to be the only product review site that invests in 3rd party testing to support the wellness of consumers and hold brands accountable.

Calling out bad actors

Certifying great products

So you can shop confidently

Brand Reviews

In addition to testing, our brand reviews are written with 6 Core Principles in mind. Those are: Value, Strength, Hemp Source, Flavor, Transparency, and Corporate Citizenship.

Here’s some of our favorite brands

Our goal is to help you make a personal decisions about what brand is most aligned with your lifestyle and values. Feel free to reach out to the Remedy Review team with any questions. Here’s a complete list of our brand reviews. 

Buyer’s Guides

In addition to a round-up of lab tested products and deep individual brand reviews, we make online shopping easier with our comprehensive buyer’s guides. These articles serve two purposes.

  1. Our buyer’s guides go in depth on various product categories, delivery methods, and product differentiators so you can learn more about the CBD space and decide what’s important to you.
  2. Each is then designed to help you quickly identify products that we like and trust in each of these areas.

Here’s our list of CBD buyer’s guides.

More detailed reviews

Highlighting brand values

So you can feel better

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