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A lot of people are using natural remedies to improve their health. But it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction, especially on the internet.

The truth is, especially with emerging therapies like hemp, research is in its infancy and more clinical trials are needed before we understand the scope of CBD’s benefits and side effects.

These resources aim to close the gap between anecdotal evidence and scientific research, and highlight any potential therapeutic benefits that herbs, extracts, and supplements may offer for various ailments.

Industry News

The natural health space is evolving. Consumer demand is outpacing the science on the true benefits and risks of many natural remedies. That’s why Remedy Review exists. We’re here to keep you in the loop. Our goal is to deliver regular news and resources so you can make informed decisions on issues that affect your health. 

Industry News & Updates

FDA Sends Warning Letters to 15 CBD Companies

The CBD industry is unregulated, and some brands are making unsubstantiated claims about their products. Find out which CBD companies received a warning letter from the FDA for making health claims about their CBD.

Industry News & Updates

7 Myths About CBD and Hemp, Explained

The hemp industry is growing rapidly, but consumer knowledge is still lacking. Learn the truth behind many myths you may have been told about CBD and hemp.

Industry News & Updates

A Complete Overview of Hemp-Friendly U.S. Legislation Passed In 2019

The 2018 Farm Bill opened new doors for hemp, and in 2019, more restrictions on the sale and production of CBD have been loosened to help foster the growth of the industry.

Industry News & Updates

What is a Certificate of Analysis in CBD Product Labeling?

Lab testing matters when shopping for CBD products. Discover the most important things to look for before you buy.

Industry News & Updates

Study Finds that CBD Reduces Aggressiveness in Mice

Can CBD help with aggressive behaviors? A recent study may give us some insight, as CBD given at the right doses reduced the aggressive response in mice.

Industry News & Updates

Duchess of Cornwall Supports CBD

Even U.K. royalty is hopping on the CBD bandwagon. Learn more about the Duchess' interaction with a local CBD producer at a London farmers' market.


American Eagle Launches CBD Skincare Line

The trendiness of CBD has struck again, and this time it's making its way into several American Eagle retail stores across the U.S.

Industry News & Updates

Lab Tests Reveal Majority of Products Contain Less CBD than Advertised

We tested CBD products at a certified lab and found the majority of products contained less CBD than labeled. Results are a reminder that the industry needs clearer standards.

Industry News & Updates

Let’s Talk about the New FDA Guidance on CBD

Tyler Russell is an attorney specializing in hemp law. Here he offers his take on recent news from the FDA, including what consumers and brands need to know.

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