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The cannabis space is evolving. Consumer demand is outpacing the science on the true benefits and risks of CBD. That’s why Remedy Review exists. We’re here to keep you in the loop. Our goal is to deliver regular news and resources so you can make informed decisions on issues that affect your health. 

Health Resources

A lot of people are using CBD for its health benefits. But it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction, especially on the internet. The truth is: cannabinoid research is in its infancy and more clinical trials are needed before we understand the scope of CBD’s benefits and side effects. These resources aim to close the gap between anecdotal evidence and scientific research, and highlight any potential therapeutic benefits that hemp extracts may offer for various ailments.

* Medically-reviewed articles

Lifestyle Resources

As one of the fastest growing trends in America, hemp-derived CBD is everywhere. From CBD-infused foods and sparkling waters, to skincare and sport related supplements, there’s something for everyone. But is there real benefit to the seemingly endless stream of trendy products, or is the noise around hemp simply marketing hype? Here you can learn about the ways people are incorporating CBD into everyday activities, and the real advantages of a healthier lifestyle.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Hemp is a confusing space, especially for newcomers. We hope to bring some clarify to the CBD space. Why trust us? Because we’ve spent countless hours researching the space. We’ve also held regular discussions with growers, consumers, brands, and medical professionals to learn everything we can about hemp and CBD. Using this information, our goal is to curate helpful articles that answer the most commonly asked questions about CBD.

Data & Surveys

There’s plenty of online journals, clinical resources, and people willing to share their stories if you want to learn about CBD. But where does cannabis as a natural health remedy fit in our society? How many people are actually buying these products to treat real conditions? We want to find out. In addition to our in-depth referenced articles, Remedy Review conducts regular surveys of real Americans to find out how people are using CBD, if it works, and what the future has to hold.

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