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Live a More Blissful Life with Ananda Hemp

By Melena Gurganus

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 6 months, you’ve probably noticed the excitement surrounding CBD. You may have heard anecdotal stories from people who have tried CBD and described its potential benefits for a number of different conditions, including inflammation, pain, sleep issues, mood, and more. The newfound possibilities of this hemp extract have caused CBD products to grow rapidly in popularity, particularly for people looking to improve and promote their health naturally.

As more people flock to these new and trendy CBD products, it’s becoming more confusing for everyday consumers like us to find a product that really works, especially given the sea of questionable new players that increase each day.

Yet amid the increasingly oversaturated market that leaves us facing the ever-pesky paradox of choice, Ananda Hemp stands out. This is a CBD company is as reputable as they come. One with high quality products and testing procedures that provide peace of mind in every sense of the word. Their hemp-derived CBD oils, topicals, and softgels feature one of the fullest cannabinoid spectrums of any brand we’ve come across, and, judging by the reviews, customers love the effects they experience when using Ananda Hemp products.

What does Ananda mean?

The term “ananda” is derived from the ancient Sanskrit language and means bliss or extreme happiness. Anandamide, an endocannabinoid produced by the human body, is aptly named for its ability to promote a sense of joy or delight when synthesized by cannabinoid receptors in both the central and peripheral nervous systems. In a similar fashion, cannabinoids from hemp plants may offer indirect interaction with these same cannabinoid receptors for a range of potential therapeutic benefits.

As a brand in the CBD market, Ananda Hemp lives up to its name by helping people live more blissful lives by utilizing Mother Nature to promote health and wellness.

How Ananda Hemp is Different

While a day doesn’t go by without a new CBD brand coming to market in a bid to capitalize on this latest wellness craze, Ananda Hemp was an early pioneer who led the way for several important firsts in the hemp industry.

Ananda Hemp was the first company to import superior genetic hemp seeds.

After the 2014 Farm Bill was passed, Ananda Hemp was the first company to legally import hemp seeds into the United States from Australia. Ananda Hemp’s parent company, EcoFibre, has been in the hemp industry for almost 20 years and owns the largest private cannabis seed bank in the world. We love the fact that Ananda uses these proprietary hemp seeds to grow genetically superior plants on U.S. soil, which produces cannabinoid-rich extracts that are much more potent than other brands. We always look for vertically integrated CBD companies because they have complete control over their supply chain and Ananda Hemp definitely ticks that box.

Ananda Hemp was issued one of the first pilot licenses to grow hemp in the United States.

Ananda Hemp works closely with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture to produce the cleanest, all natural hemp plant extracts. The company only uses sustainable crops that have been grown outdoors, free from pesticides, in healthy Kentucky soil.

Dedicated to funding research and clinical trials that further educate people on the therapeutic potential of hemp.

In order to advance the knowledge of hemp and its many benefits, Ananda Hemp and its partners have helped fund more research initiatives than any other organization in the world. They are dedicated to continually investing in the science and technology that promotes better hemp education, and have donated tens of millions to universities around the world who share this same drive, like the Lambert Centre for Study of Medicinal  Cannabis and Hemp at Thomas Jefferson University.

The first brand to work alongside congressmen and lobby for legislation changes that benefit the hemp industry.

Ananda Hemp doesn’t wait for change, they make it happen. While Mitch McConnell took all the plaudits for the decriminalization of hemp in the 2018 Farm Bill, it wouldn’t have been possible without Brian Furnish. Brian worked with Congressmen like James Comer and Senator Mitch McConnell to open up new opportunities for the hemp industry and has been instrumental in advocating for the hemp space, including the removal of hemp from the DEA’s controlled substances list and the passage of the 2014 Farm Bill, which allowed hemp to be grown in the United States for the first time in decades.

High Quality Products and Testing Procedures

This combination of superior products and commitment to transparency and advocacy is one of the reasons we weren’t surprised when Ananda Hemp was awarded the Remedy Review Seal of Approval.

We sent Ananda Hemp’s 300mg and 600mg full spectrum CBD oils, as well as their 600mg zero THC CBD oil formula, off to ProVerde Labs to get a clear picture of the cannabinoid profile of each, and to test for the presence of any harmful chemicals like pesticides or residual solvents.

We were impressed to see the range of additional phytocannabinoids in the results for each testing sample, even for the zero THC option. For many THC-free CBD products, they often contain CBD isolate that may not be as effective for some people. However, the Ananda Hemp zero THC CBD oil still featured the right amount of CBD as well as a few other cannabinoids, so the body’s endocannabinoid system can still benefit from the entourage effect when using this product. We love this because it means you can get all the benefits of a broad cannabinoid profile without any THC.

Why It Matters

At Ananda Hemp, they are committed to creating a sustainable future with safe and clean products that truly help people. However, as has been reported in the likes of NBC, not every CBD company has the same set of values in mind when they start manufacturing and selling their hemp products. This can lead to great confusion and skepticism regarding the possible benefits of hemp derivatives, since some less reputable brands may use CBD that is, at best, of a lesser quality, and at worst, ineffective.

For this reason, we created the Remedy Review Seal of Approval to offer a measured voice that consumers can look to for guidance in an unregulated industry, with a review process designed to define a standard of quality, accountability, and trust. We awarded several Ananda Hemp products the Seal of Approval, and reviewed their entire product line for a more in-depth look at the brand and how it brings something new to the CBD market. You can read the review here.

Remedy Review has set out on a mission to separate the good from the bad players in the CBD market, and empower consumers to make the best choices about their health. We love the knowledge, sustainability, and quality of Ananda Hemp, especially for people looking to have an added wellness boost in their everyday life.

We need more brands like Ananda Hemp. Brands that are willing to advocate for their industry and use their years of knowledge and expertise to advance hemp adoption among the masses. If they can accomplish this, then we can all continue to enjoy hemp derivatives like CBD without fear or trepidation. Now that sounds like bliss.

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