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Experts & Researchers

Hear from people who are helping to uncover the truth about natural remedies like cannabidiol (CBD).


Katy Kilbourne, Plant Pathologist

We spoke with Katy Kilbourne of the Tennessee Department of Agriculture about hemp in the volunteer state and where the industry is headed.


Finding the Perfect Hemp for the Sunshine State

Researchers in Florida are trying to find the perfect industrial hemp crop for the climate. Meet one of the researchers leading the charge.


Industrial Hemp in Virginia, Home of Madison

Dr. Timko at the University of Virginia is working on ways to make industrial hemp safer and easier for farmers to produce. Meet this hemp expert.


The Complex Relationship Between Cannabis and Mental Health

Many patients of mental illness are discovering the potential of cannabis to relieve psychological distress and restore their ability to function in day-to-day life.


“A puff a day keeps the Alzheimer’s away.”

Dr. Wenk has found that people with a history of marijuana use are experiencing lower rates of Alzheimer's disease. We wanted to hear more.


Talking CBD with Neuroscientist and Neuroethicist Dr. James Giordano

We spoke with Doctor James Giordano, Professor of Neurology and Biochemistry at Georgetown University Medical Center, about the growing demand for more in-depth research into the medical use of cannabis.


Medical Marijuana Gives Patients More Control Over Their Illness

Dr. David Casarett was well into his career as Chief of Palliative Care at Duke Health when he discovered that medical school had not trained him to discuss medical marijuana and CBD with patients.


Dr. Robert Carson, Pediatric Neurologist

Several years ago, Robert Carson, a pediatric neurologist at Vanderbilt, started hearing about treating epilepsy with CBD oil. He set out to find out if this new therapy worked.

Makers & Brands

Here are the growers, entrepreneurs, and brands who are widening the reach of hemp-derived products.


An All Natural Sweetener, Created with Cannabis Products in Mind

CannaSweet creator Thom King explains what sets his all-natural sweetener apart and why it is so important in the world of cannabis-based products.


Meet the founders of Sagely Naturals

Meet the founders of Sagely Naturals, and hear how a personal experience with CBD pain relief led to the formation of a hemp-based business.


Alexis Rosenbaum, Meet the Maker

Rosebud is focused on creating high-quality products for a range of people. But this brand started with a very personal mission.


Ricky Williams, Healer

Former NFL running back Ricky Williams has launched a line of CBD-rich products aimed to help people heal. He's also started talking about his journey with cannabis.


Hemp Could Revitalize Some Farms, But Growers Need a Plan

Hempleton partners with North Carolina farmers to grow quality hemp for a wide range of CBD products.


CannaSmack Sells The Grown-Up Hemp Version of Your Fave 90s Lip Balms

We talked to Hoggan about how Cannasmack came to be, struggles she faced as a “cannapraneur,” and what’s next for the brand.


Botanika Life Aims to Introduce CBD to the Masses

Husband and wife teamed up to create a CBD-infused skincare line, and now hope to share the potential of CBD with a broad range of people.


Cannabis Beauty Defined | K-Beauty Meets CBD

Cannabis Beauty Defined infuses a secret Korean formula with CBD to revitalize the skin. Meet the woman behind the brand.

Hemp growing at Oak City Cannabis.

Oak City Cannabis | Industrial Hemp, By Hand

Oak City Cannabis is building an industrial hemp operation from the ground up. Meet the guy building his business by hand.

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