Essential Oils

What to Know About Lemon Oil. An expert take.

By Jessica Romeo

For many centuries, essential oils have been used for medicinal and healing purposes. As early as 4500 BC, Ancient Egyptians used aromatic oils for use in ointments as well as cosmetics. The earliest recorded use of essential oils was as early as 400 BC in Greek history.

Lemon oil is known to be a stress reliever and may be used as anxiety relief as well as may help boost your mood.  It can also be used as an alternative to toxic chemicals when cleaning your home. If you are looking to increase your immunity and even balance your gut, lemon oil may help to this effect as well. with these too.  Overall when added to a self-care and home care routine, lemon oil is a versatile health aid.

Best Quality and Most Potent

Artizen Lemon Essential Oil

This lemon oil by Artizen is high in concentration while being free of additives, fillers or dilution making it incredibly potent.  This lemon oil is routinely tested to ensure the highest potency. Due to its high potency, Artizen lemon oil is a great choice for aromatherapy. When either diffused or applied to the skin, this lemon oil may produce a relaxing effect that may help decrease stress, anxiety and may have other mood-boosting results.

Summary of Artizen Lemon Essential Oil:
  • High quality and routinely tested for purity
  • High potency, no additives or dilution
  • UV color coated keeps this oil from degrading
  • Lifetime Guarantee and Warranty

Best Therapeutic Grade

Majestic Pure Therapeutic Grade Lemon Oil

Majestic Pure Lemon Oil is cold-pressed from lemon peels and free of fillers, alcohol and other additives. This lemon oil has a fresh, strong citrus scent that will likely energize you and lift your mood. Just a few drops may ease pain as well as can be used as an antimicrobial for increased wound healing.

Summary of Majestic Pure Therapeutic Grade Lemon Oil:

  • Fresh, strong scent
  • 100% cruelty-free, no animals are harmed in the making of their oils
  • Pure with no additives, fillers or any other constituents
  • Blends well with other carrier oils such as clove, bergamot cedar wood and more

Best for Purity and Fragrance

NOW Lemon Essential Oil

A great alternative to chemicals, NOW Lemon Essential Oil, is a 100% pure and non-toxic choice for cleaning your home as well as diffusing for cleansing and for aromatherapy purposes. Lemon oil may help lower stress and anxiety and boost mood. Naturally this makes for a great cleaning solution as well as an air purifier.

Summary of NOW Lemon Essential Oil:
  • Naturally sourced and never tested on animals
  • Cold-pressed from fresh lemon peels
  • 100% Pure and undiluted
  • Natural and safe, a non-toxic solution for cleaning your home

What You Need to Know

The peels of fresh lemons are “cold-pressed.”  This makes lemon oil a great natural ingredient that is fantastic for many reasons.  By simply adding a few drops to a diffuser, lemon oil may increase mood as well as purify and detoxify the home as well as decrease stress and anxiety and increase mood and cognitive function.  Also as an immune system booster due to a high amount of vitamin C as well as increasing white blood cells.  Overall lemon oil may have many benefits worth trying out.  Diffuse a few drops in a diffuser or use topically when mixed with a carrier oil.

What to Look for

  • The term “cold-pressed” from fresh lemon peels helps to ensure its a natural oil
  • 100% pure and natural label, but be sure to check all of the ingredients.
  • The oil is processed in an FDA approved facility.

Why Use Lemon Oil?

If you suffer from stress, anxiety or diminished cognitive function, lemon oil may aid in decreasing those symptoms. Full of Vitamin C and other antioxidants, lemon oil may also boost immunity as well as aid in increasing white blood cells and easing sore throat symptoms. Some also like to add lemon oil to their skin care routine as it is known to help detoxify and rejuvenate the skin while giving a pleasant scent.

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