Theacrine: An Upgrade to Caffeine. An expert opinion.

By Jaclyn Jacobsen, MS

Theacrine is an alkaloid molecule typically found in kucha, a plant indigenous to East Asia, specifically, China. There is minimal research on this compound, however, preliminary research shows that theacrine acts similarly to caffeine in the body and may have stimulatory effects. Simply, it can increase energy, focus, exercise performance and cognitive function.

Theacrine may be useful in relaxation as well especially when consumed in kucha tea. This compound is dose dependent, so lower doses may have calming effects while higher doses have energy boosting effects.

Best Theacrine Supplement

Double Wood Theacrine

Double Woods provides an easy and efficient delivery system with their theacrine product. In one capsule you will consume 100 mg of pure theacrine which research shows may support increases in energy and stamina.

Summary of Double Woods Theacrine:

  • Made in USA
  • Enhance Energy
  • Boost focus and motivation

What You Need to Know

When purchasing theacrine, make sure to review the supplement label for a non-GMO and organic certification. The plants theacrine are derived from can be heavily sprayed with pesticide which can affect your health negatively.

Review taking this product with your doctor before starting due to lack of research on how it may affect different medical conditions and those who may be pregnant or taking medications.

Why Would You Use Theacrine?

Current research shows that theacrine does not have thresholds in the body which means you may not build up a tolerance, having to increase your dose over time as may happen with caffeine. Heavy reliance on stimulants such as caffeine can have negative effects on your health, so theacrine may be a better alternative.

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