Statement from ProVerde Labs on Testing Completed with Remedy Review

By Remedy Review

Remedy Review is the only CBD review website offering third-party testing as a way to protect consumers and monitor an expanding online marketplace. This round of tests were conducted at a third-party facility by ProVerde Laboratories.

Below is a statement from Chris Hudalla, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at Proverde about the testing methods used.

At ProVerde Labs, integrity is our utmost priority. Most think of lab-integrity as not altering certificates of analysis (COAs), such as not reporting contaminants, inflating potencies, etc. We take this one step further by also ensuring the equipment, methods, and personnel used to analyze products are the most suitable to ensure accurate data and consumer safety. Additionally, while most labs typically perform 1-2 proficiency tests per year, all of our offerings are tested for proficiency via inter-laboratory-comparison proficiency-tests at least once if not twice per year. We’ve performed about 16 proficiency tests in 2018. Before implementing new equipment and procedures we perform vigorous in-house equipment/method validations in an effort to continue to set the standard for top-quality testing in the cannabis and hemp industries. While this means lower margins by having ~20%+ of our samples be related solely to Quality Controls and loss of revenue from clients choosing to test with labs that utilize inappropriate technology and/or methodologies resulting in a much higher likelihood of “passing” a contaminant screening, we proudly stand by our integrity in an effort to educate producers while simultaneously ensuring consumer safety—at whatever the cost.


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