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Notes on FDA Public Hearing, Part 2

By Marc Lewis

The second part of the hearing focused on drug interactions, regulatory suggestions, and the quality of CBD products for sale.

Some takeaways:

  • We have a lot to learn about how CBD interacts with other drugs. Including how they help or hinder how prescriptions work.
  • Don’t buy Diamond CBD. These product have been in the news a few times. A prominent, successful website is not a reason to purchase products from a brand.
  • The level of THC in products is a concern. This matters because it can cause unintended intoxication, affect how prescription drugs work, and make people fail a drug test.
  • Labeling is one of the biggest issues facing the industry. It’s also one of the best opportunities for regulatory action. To hold a brand accountable to what is on the label and to standardize the way brands present cannabinoid content on labels could bring enormous clarity to the space.
  • Manufacturers would like to be compliant. One requested an auditing process that would allow them to abide certain standards and build processes around regulations.
  • $30,000-40,000/acre on CBD product versus $700/acre for fiber means nearly all hemp farmers are interested in making products for consumption.

Here’s a few highlights from speaker presentations:

In case there were any questions, never buy products that look like this.

A representative from the University of Mississippi put forward regulatory recommendations.

Clean Label Project summarizes findings on product quality and labeling.

A lawyer suing marijuana companies calls Colorado a "narco state" and warns agains pot.

Consumer Reports shares data on CBD use.

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