New CBD E-comm Site Sells Only Tested Products

By Melena Gurganus

Remedy Review was founded with one purpose in mind: to advance your health. We’re here to help people feel better, naturally. 

Our mission started with hemp-derived CBD extracts, and we dedicated a full team to finding the best CBD products on the market. Since then, we’ve evaluated hundreds of CBD brands within the industry, and learned what it takes to make the highest-quality hemp extracts. 

But tests have shown that the CBD market is growing faster than quality control standards, and consumers are at risk. New brands are coming online each day and it’s almost impossible for consumers to separate fact from fiction. This is bad for your health and your wallet. 

Now, Remedy Review has launched Remedy Shop—an online marketplace where consumers can find CBD oils, capsules, gummies, and more—all backed by thorough lab testing. We hand-picked every product we sell on Remedy Shop. 

It’s true, the CBD market can be a difficult place to navigate. With an overwhelming number of options, brands, and marketing tactics, you can get sidetracked from what really matters—finding a quality product that works for you.

Visit Remedy Shop today for a curated shopping experience. 

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