Meet the Makers: Medicine Mama

By Melena Gurganus
Medicine Mama's

“We’ve got to do this—if we’re ever gonna make this happen now is the time.”

That’s what Jimmie Terry said to his wife Stephanie when he realized that her homemade CBD-infused edibles could be the start of something new.

Stephanie first began making her own CBD edibles when she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at the age of 30. She discovered the potential healing benefits of CBD oil and hemp, and wanted to incorporate that into her own natural remedy. Stephanie told us, “I didn’t want to take all of the pills that [the doctors] wanted to give me, so I got myself down to one prescription and would take edibles to manage the pain.”

From there, she started to make other things like hemp-infused CBD creams and balms, which she would let her friends try whenever they complained of aches and pains.

Shortly after, her friends wanted to buy more products from her, and that drove Stephanie and Jimmie to consider the possibility of starting their own business.

The idea came full circle when Jimmie saw a local hemp store open its doors in his hometown of Wendell, North Carolina. He thought that if other businesses could make a living selling hemp-derived products, why couldn’t they?

Once Jimmie and Stephanie realized that many of these stores weren’t selling CBD edibles, they decided to act on the opportunity. With Stephanie’s experience making her own candies and gummies, they knew that there was no better time to start selling their homemade CBD products to the public—and Medicine Mama’s Farmacy was born.

Their business started with a setup similar to a food truck, where they could sell Medicine Mama’s treats at different pop-up locations around North Carolina. As more and more people tried their products, word began to spread. Soon they had a steady social following and repeat customer base that paved the way for a Medicine Mama’s Farmacy storefront that’s expected to open soon.

In our conversation with Jimmie and Stephanie (the Medicine Mama herself) we asked how they were able to create a successful brand in such an overcrowded market.

For starters, Stephanie set out to make edibles that actually tasted good. She had previously bought edibles from large CBD companies, but she noted “they just weren’t very good, so I decided to make them on my own.”

Her customers now love the enjoyable taste of her homemade gummies, lollipops, and other sweet treats that contain CBD.

In addition to the great flavors of their edibles, Medicine Mama’s products are also tested by third party labs to ensure they meet their high standards.

Aside from making quality products that their customers love, Medicine Mama’s Farmacy also has the ability to make a connection with people that keeps them coming back for more. This is especially helpful for those who may be new to hemp derivatives and are looking for guidance. In a buyer beware market like the one currently surrounding the hemp industry, personal interaction with experienced users and producers of the best CBD products can be super helpful for those that are looking for answers to all of their questions.

As a mother, Stephanie also notices that a lot of her customers are moms themselves, and many are increasingly interested in CBD applications for children. Medicine Mama’s Farmacy sells CBD in microdoses, like 1mg or 2mg gummies, which may aid with ADHD symptoms or sleep issues.

However, Stephanie has also noticed that people may be afraid of the stigmas associated with using hemp, especially when it comes to giving it to their child. This can make them hesitant to ask questions or try something new, but having open conversations with people and helping address their concerns has played a huge roll in the success of her business. Medicine Mama’s online community allows parents to discuss applications, experiences, and share relevant studies.

From our conversation with Jimmie and Stephanie, it was clear that they truly care about helping others and the goods that they create. They’ve seen people from all walks of life who’ve benefited from using their products, and they hope to expand their conversations about hemp with other people. To this end, their future brick and mortar Medicine Mama’s Farmacy won’t simply be another hemp store, but rather “an experience for customers.” A place where people can share stories, conditions, and experiences with hemp extracts in an effort to de-stigmatize the use of these products and shed light on the possible advantages that they offer.

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