Kim Kardashian West Is A Fan of CBD

By Sarah Ryan
Dimitrios Kambouris

What Kim Kardashian West supports and adopts matters. As a model, actress, business owner and media personality, what she promotes has an influential impact on popular culture. In recent years, she has started using CBD oil to sleep better, and according to People, she says she will never use Xanax or Ambien ever again. In fact, she says CBD “saved my life” and has “gotten me through a lot.”

How so? Well between raising four young children, starting law school, and still running multiple businesses, West finds it difficult to relax. CBD (cannabidiol) is the answer she has found for helping her relax, not THC, where she emphasized that she is “not a weed smoker at all.”

It calms me down automatically.”

– Kim said in an interview with US Magazine when referring to cannabidiol.

West is such a fan of CBD that she hosted a baby shower with an untraditional theme for her fourth child, Psalm. She threw a CBD-inspired baby shower with a co-theme of meditation. She wanted to do something different for the baby shower, but was kind of starting to freak out about having another child. West took this as an opportunity to share the CBD experience with her friends and family two weeks before Psalm’s due date. Considering Psalm was being delivered by a surrogate, she said, “I thought what better way to celebrate than to have a little CBD.”

According to W Magazine, the CBD and meditation event included a CBD bar, where you could make your own custom CBD-infused bath salts and body oils. There was a tea station, flower arrangment sessions, cozy slippers, and group meditation sessions. After attending and hosting so many baby showers, West came up with a novel theme that was a hit among party guests.

With that said, she has learned not to rely too heavily on the substance. She has turned to self-care techniques like facials and massages to supplement the effects of CBD. She has learned that such self-care helps her make time out of her busy schedule to take care of herself and regain focus on what is important.

I went months and months without any self-care or doing things for myself.”

According to US Magazine, she said, “…I booked a facial and a massage and it just felt nice to take time for myself—Carving out time for self-care (no matter what it is) is always important.”

Supervision of CBD use matters, according to Dr. Kevin Hill, an addiction psychiatrist and the Director of the Division of Addiction Psychiatry at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Through an interview with People, he urges those interested in using CBD to do so under supervision if you are currently using prescription medications. Hill expressed caution, but stressed that there looks to be promising benefits of CBD use. He said, “It’s an extremely promising compound and there are a lot of studies that show its potential.”

The bottom line is that you must balance the use of substances like CBD with regular self-care practices. Before choosing CBD, you should be conscientious of any other medications you use. If you do take prescription medications, first consult with your doctor who can help supervise your use of CBD.

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