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FDA Issues New Guidance on CBD

Seems Unlikely to Endorse CBD Anytime Soon

By Marc Lewis

The FDA sent another round of warning letters to 15 brands for making disease claims about CBD products. Many of these claims, including those related to autism, schizophrenia, and pain, may give people false hope. That’s why our site has always tried to write about the health potential of CBD in a balanced way.

In addition to the letters, the FDA also offered a warning to consumers about the potential dangers of CBD. While we agree that more information is needed to fully understand implications related to the long-term use of CBD and how it interacts with other medicines, we very much believe in the potential of cannabis to help people. We think the risks associated with hemp derivatives are fewer and, at times, less severe than the side effects associated with prescription medicines used for similar reasons. Having seen the toll prescription opioids have taken on our country, we welcome any new alternative treatment for pain.

Any note from the FDA should be taken seriously. Patients and consumers need to do their research before making a wellness plan. It’s also time for the FDA to help not hinder. This is an industry that is developing quickly and it needs oversight. People buying CBD at retail shops and online deserve universal standards for production, quality, and strength.

The CBD industry is not going away. People don’t give back things that help them feel better. But in the continued absence of regulations the onus remains on the consumer to parse out what is fact and fiction in a market too often described as a “Wild West.”

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