Carson Palmer Predicts NFL Will Eventually Partner with CBD Company

By Sarah Ryan

CBD is nothing new to the NFL or to other sports, according to former NFL Quarterback Carson Palmer on The Dan Patrick Show. In fact, Palmer answers Patrick’s question on whether the NFL would partner with a CBD company by saying, “I absolutely think so. I think it’s already in locker rooms in all sports. It’s something guys have been using for awhile…”

So why did Palmer start using it? For fifteen years after playing professional football, he had sleepless nights full of soreness and aches. He said, “I was looking for something other than an opioid, Vicodin, or prescription painkillers. I was looking for an alternative and started looking at CBD and started using it.”

CBD has truly made a difference for Palmer. He has an arthritic hip that needs replacement, where he is putting it off through using CBD. He said, “[CBD] really helped me continue to do all the things I love outside and still playing sports with my kids, and not be in the same soreness situation that I’ve been in for so many years.” Palmer knows he has to eventually get it replaced, but he said, “I’m just trying to delay it as long as possible.”

When asked about legal and non-legal use of marijuana in the NFL, where it is actually legalized in many states, Palmer responds, “it’s easy to get confused with the THC and the CBD, and this is not a THC product.” He emphasized that the brand he uses (Level Select) is not a drug, that the brand he uses is strictly CBD with no THC.

Palmer encourages others facing physical pain to use it as well. He said that CBD is “something that is great for my parents and for people in their sixties, seventies, and eighties to guys in their thirties and forties who still want to play pick-up basketball and golf and do all the things that I do. It’s something that helps you continue to live in the sports world and live without soreness…and pain.”

Palmer emphasized that you must be careful with which CBD you choose though. “Now that it’s mainstream, and now that you can buy it online, and there’s so many options and so many different companies out there,” he said. He chose a CBD company he trusted, where he “knew what they said they were putting in the product is only what they are putting in the product.” He said there’s a lot of “rift raft out there” so trusting the brand you purchase that you also know will work is important.

Even though CBD is formally prohibited in the NFL, the federal shift on legalizing CBD is cause for the NFL to consider the CBD part of cannibis. The NFL continues to bar football players from medicating with CBD, even though the World Anti-Doping Agency has already allowed for its use by late 2017, where several other U.S. professional sports leagues have already allow CBD use.

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