Alias CBD Sponsors Geico Honda Motocross Racing

By Harris Wheless
Davor Denkovski

Alias CBD agreed to a multi-year deal with the GEICO Honda/Factory Connection motocross race team last Wednesday, and will be given associate-sponsor placement on all team gear, motorcycles, and other vehicles from 2020 on.

This official sponsorship is the latest deal in a 13-year business relationship between GEICO Honda and Mike Grondahl, founder of Alias MX (motocross), Planet Fitness, and his most recent business venture, Alias CBD. “We’ve enjoyed Motocross for years as a family and we’re always looking for ways to give back,” Grondahl said in a statement.

From our initial involvement with the Planet Fitness brand in 2008 when I became part-owner of the team, through the development of Alias MX gear and now with Alias CBD, we've made it a point to put Motocross riders first.”

Alias MX was started in 2011 as a motocross gear company, and quickly became the gear provider for the GEICO Honda team. This gave the company the chance to develop and test new race gear with some of the sport’s top athletes. Alias CBD’s products are targeted at athletes, principally motocross racers, who can use them for pain relief and recovery.

“We kept the Alias brand with the CBD products to solidify that commitment, and we picked the CBD industry because we know it’s making a huge difference in so many lives,” Grondahl said. “We were proud to create and manufacture the best riding gear because we wanted to be absolutely sure people were properly equipped…”

According to the brand’s website:

Alias CBD represents the next generation of plant-based medical solutions. By combining proven organic remedies with cutting-edge CBD science, Alias CBD offers pinpoint pain-relief solutions for individual users. From normal aches and soreness to complex recovery from more severe injuries, our locally-produced Alias CBD products are an all-natural solution.”

Mike Grondahl said the company’s main mission is to provide customers with a source of pain alleviation and other related health benefits.

“Unlike others in the crowded CBD market, we manufacture our products ourselves at our home base in New Hampshire,” he said. “In that way, we can make absolutely sure the end user gets the very best treatment.”

Eric Grondahl, Mike’s son, is the creative director at Alias CBD and a professional motocross racer. He started working with the Alias design team in 2014 and three years later became the creative director and started handling all the designs. He and Mike, who also raced motocross professionally, wanted athlete safety and recovery to be a focal point of their business.

“Extreme sports athletes are the early adopters of new technology and once people begin to reap the benefits of Alias CBD products they’ll be sold on the science as well,” Eric Grondahl said. “We’re offering safe, hemp-derived products that have been exhaustively tested. We’re putting everything we have behind this venture and we’re so confident we can alleviate pain that we’re starting off by offering a double-your-money-back guarantee on everything we sell.”

Alias CBD’s first product will be a pain balm made up of organic ingredients and completely free of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the cannabis compound in marijuana that produces psychoactive effects. The brand plans to release more products in 2020.

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