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Winged CBD Review

By Rebecca Norris
Winged CBD

Oftentimes when I see beauty and wellness products that are made specifically for women, I immediately roll my eyes at the gendered pink packaging and wonder if there’s anything more to it. So when I first heard about Winged, a new CBD line designed with women in mind, I tried to contain my subconscious scoff in favor of seeing what actually set it apart.

The 411

Newly launched Winged claims to be the first CBD product line formulated exclusively for women. It was created by Jessica Mulligan, a woman whose own personal experience with battling anxiety led her to find relief through CBD. After realizing that she surely couldn’t be the only woman struggling with anxiety, along with the knowledge that anxiety and depression affect women more than men, she began to bring her brand to life.

“I wanted to create something that could help women feel their best—because when a woman feels good she is unstoppable,” Mulligan says. “Women are twice as likely to experience anxiety, depression, and insomnia as men are—and CBD is a game changer for women’s wellness because of this. Winged takes this even further as our formulas are tailored to a woman’s body, by adding in additional nutrients that help balance hormones, blood sugar, and boost the brains happy receptors: serotonin and dopamine.”

The Products

Winged products—there are seven—are made with full-spectrum hemp extract that’s legally grown in Kentucky. In addition to never being genetically modified, all of the gummies, oils, and soft gels are also gluten free. While each product has its own benefits, the overall aim is to help busy women everywhere conquer their days and reel it in once all the obligations are over with. So, whether you’re waking up, experiencing a mid-day slump, or need help falling asleep, Winged wants to be there to help.

The Real-Life Results

Of the seven products, I tried the Winged Relaxation Gummies ($35), Winged Sleepy CBD Gummies ($35), Winged Happiness Soft Gels ($40), and Winged Extra Strength Balance Oil ($100). Of those, I can’t confidently say that I’ll keep them on hand for future use, but that’s not to say the same will be true for you. Keep reading for product-specific reviews.

Winged Sleepy CBD Gummies

These gummies are made for women who have trouble sleeping. They’re formulated with 10 milligrams of CBD, relaxing L-Theanine, evening primrose oil for hormonal support, and 5-HTP and GABA to calm an overactive mind and enhance sleep quality. While I’m fully onboard with the active ingredients, the actual consumption of them was unpleasant to say the least.

I’m a very big texture person when it comes to chewing and when I think of a gummy, I imagine a delightfully light and chewy treat (yes, even if it’s a vitamin). So when I bit into this sugar-covered gummy to find a tough, chewy texture, I was a goner. It took a dozen teeny tiny rabbit bites to get it down. I’m well aware that this is dramatic, and I’m the first to admit that I have a palette of a five (okay, maybe seven) year-old. But if texture doesn’t faze you, by all means, give these a go, because at the end of the day (er, night), they did, in fact, help me sleep better.

Winged Relaxation CBD Gummies

These gummies are designed to help women unwind from a stressful day. They’re made with 10 milligrams of organically grown hemp-derived CBD, evening primrose oil, and calming chamomile, lemon balm extracts, and L-Theanine. Again, love the ingredients, but not a big fan of the texture. However, since the flavor was more pleasant, they were easier to swallow. Beyond consumption, it felt like any other low-dose CBD product. I found that it was a nice middle ground—I was neither tiredly relaxed nor totally unfazed. As a result, I think these could be great for those looking to manage their stress while at work.

Winged Happiness Soft Gels

Who doesn’t love a mood boost? Unlike the gummies, these gels contain 15 milligrams of CBD per serving, which surprised me considering they’re not designated for evening use and the others are. In addition to CBD, these also include mood-boosting 5 HTP and L-Dopa, as well as hormonal balancing evening primrose oil, chaste tree berry, and black cohosh extracts. Again, after consuming these, I found myself in a nice middle ground that could easily be taken at any point of the day. As with most CBD gels that I’ve taken, I did experience a slight headache immediately after consumption, but considering it went away within the hour, I wouldn’t say it was a deterrent, just something to be aware of.

Winged Extra Strength Balance Oil

Unlike the other lower dosed products in the line, this oil features 25 milligrams of CBD per serving. Again, it features CBD and evening primrose oil. While it says that it’s unflavored, what it really means is that there are no additional flavors used to mask the natural hempy-ness of the product (which, BTW, isn’t unpleasant, just innately earthy). If earthy flavors deter you, you’ll be glad to know that I did find that this oil absorbs super quickly under the tongue, so you won’t taste it for too long.

I will say, however, that you might not want to take it to start off your day. I took it midday and found myself falling asleep as I was writing, at which point I ended up taking a two-hour nap. In other words, it’s very relaxing, but not exactly productivity boosting.

The Takeaway

Overall, I’d personally give this brand a 6/10. I love the idea behind it and the fact that they do hone in on ingredients specific to women, however I’m not in love with the texture and flavors of the products. Gummies aside, I’d bump it up to an 8/10.


Rebecca Norris is an NYC-based writer who specializes in beauty, health, and wellness content. When she’s not writing for Remedy Review, her words can be found on Allure, Bustle, Nylon, Well + Good, and more. The Virginia native is a lover of lists, her Jack Russell Prince Cheddy Loon, and testing the latest and greatest CBD products the market has to offer. The opinions in this piece are hers. For a list of products third-party tested by the Remedy Review, see our Seal of Approval.

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