CBD Crystals—What You Need to Know

By Josh Hall
Jjason D, Unsplash

One of the more versatile forms of CBD on the market is what is known as crystals. Best characterized by their purity, these rock-like isolates have grown in popularity in recent years for consumers in search of systemic relief without the potency of full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures.

Hemp and other extracts from cannabis will generally have at least some small amounts of other plant molecules. But because of the way manufacturers cultivate crystals, which includes extensive refinement of industrial hemp, the product is known as “single molecule CBD,” or CBD isolate. It’s that strenuous process that results in a crystal that is at least 98% pure and devoid of any psychoactive attributes since it completely lacks even traces of THC.

What are CBD crystals?

There’s no doubt that the choices of CBD products can be overwhelming. However, there are a few critical components of CBD crystals that offer unique attributes no alternative can provide. As mentioned, crystals undergo a thorough purification process that removes all other cannabinoids related to CBD. This includes THC, the psychoactive ingredient that acts on the brain and alters moods, along with terpenes, the aroma molecules responsible for the unique scents given off by cannabis, and hemp plants.

The production of crystals includes something called winterization, which oddly enough has nothing to do with weather, and everything to do with extracting unwanted fats and lipids. From there, a rotary evaporator strips any lingering hints of the plant before a final heating process activates the cannabinoids, making it safe and fit for consumption.

The result is a high-quality, THC-free organic crystal that is pure and provides fast-acting benefits.

How to use CBD crystals? 

Versatility and convenience are major selling points when it comes to CBD crystals, as you can use them in tandem with a number of other delivery mechanisms depending on your preferences.

One of the simplest ways to introduce CBD crystals into your body is through edibles like baked goods or CBD gummies. Because the crystals are so pure, they can easily integrate into your favorite recipes. When you’re preparing your ingredients, just melt your crystal down and add to high-fat fare like butter or coconut milk.

Another easy way to consume CBD crystals is through a simple mixture of crystals and e-liquid.

In this case, you should mix a maximum of 200 milligrams of crystals with no more than 10 milligrams of the e-liquid of your choice. One benefit of using this method is that the liquids come in an assortment of delicious flavors to supply an extra treat for the user. Be sure to heat the mixture slowly and consistently so that the crystal can fully melt into the liquid. Once your mixture is properly blended, you can use a vape pen like you would with any other liquid.

Due to its multitude of benefits, CBD has gained steam within a variety of industries; and one of the areas CBD usage is trending in is within beauty and skincare lines. You can add liquefied crystals to coconut oil, shea butter, or another skin care product and apply it topically in a CBD lotion, cream, or balm. CBD is known for its inflammation-fighting properties and for carrying antioxidants that keep your skin clear and smooth.

Another possible use involves melting down the crystals and adding them to oil to create your own tincture. By using a dropper that dispenses the oil in small doses, tinctures are a commonly used form of CBD that can be added to food, drinks, or administered under the tongue.

Users should also consider dabbing CBD crystals for an efficient and effective way to dose. Dabbing is ideal for those looking for direct absorption of the CBD into their bloodstream. As a result, this method provides the quickest route to realizing benefits. 

How to measure a dose of CBD crystals?

It goes without saying, but when it comes to CBD dosing, it’s best to start slow and see how your body reacts to the crystals. Some recommendations suggest an initial dose of 5 to 10 milligrams, though variables like your overall health, metabolism, and weight can have an impact on your dosage and what you feel. Another significant benefit of CBD crystals over some other products is that you can easily weigh them with a digital scale. Make sure the scale is exact and that you use the same scale with each dose for consistency. The label on your CBD crystals should also supply a recommended dosage guide.

What are the benefits of using CBD crystals?  

As with any CBD products, there are four benefits most frequently associated with usage: pain relief, anxiety relief, cancer treatment assistance, and seizure prevention. The versatility and purity of the product are what makes crystals an attractive choice for some CBD enthusiasts. Users who hope to purposely avoid the small amounts of THC found in other CBD products can safely and confidently consume crystals in a variety of ways. Because crystals are so pure, users report needing to dose less than with other products to achieve their desired result.

What are the negatives of CBD crystals?

While the advantages or benefits of using CBD crystals are abundant, there really aren’t many negatives. However, the level of refinement obtained by the purification process does typically remove terpenes. These molecules that power the sweet scent of cannabis and hemp plants have therapeutic properties of their own that can positively influence the body. Lastly, because cannabinoids have a higher therapeutic value when they work together, we recommend full-spectrum products, versus concentrated CBD products like crystals—unless you have a specific reason for avoiding trace amounts of THC.

What else should I know about CBD crystals? 

Though manufacturers have historically created CBD crystals without terpenes, some innovative companies are now creating terpene-infused isolates. There are about 200 different types of terpenes in cannabis that deliver a range of benefits far beyond just their pleasant aroma. These advantages can produce antimicrobial, antiseptic and anticarcinogen effects that will make CBD crystals an even more enticing product for consumers if incorporated into the mix.

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