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Top New CBD Brands of 2019

By Melena Gurganus

The CBD market can be a vast and often overwhelming space where consumers are left to fend for themselves in this “buyer beware” industry. Not all CBD or hemp products are as good as they claim to be, especially with less than reputable brands popping up over night in an effort to make a quick buck off the CBD craze that’s currently sweeping the nation.

However, not all new brands are bad. Some of the best CBD oils have only come to market recently. New brands are innovating and pushing the market forward.

So, in order to highlight some less well-known brands that have great customer service, rigorous lab testing, and high quality products we think our readers will enjoy, here are our top five picks for the best (and newest) CBD companies in 2019.

The Best New CBD Brands


Why we like this brand: Naternal is a brand that’s dedicated to offering the best to their customers. They accomplish this goal by providing super potent products that really work, along with different formulas (like a full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD oil) to appeal to a wider variety of consumers, and present them with a brand they can really trust.

CBD extract: Full or broad spectrum

Hemp source: North Carolina

Product range: CBD oil, salve, and pet oil

Naternal review

Cornbread Hemp

Why we like this brand: Cornbread Hemp is very selective about the hemp plants used to create their CBD products, because they believe that high quality CBD starts with the best hemp plants and farming practices. They grow all of their industrial hemp in rich, clean soil that is perfect for cultivating health hemp crops.

CBD extract: Full spectrum

Hemp source: Kentucky

Product range: CBD oil, capsules, topical lotion, essential oil blends, and CBD for dogs

Cornbread Hemp review


Why we like this brand: Seabedee offers condition-based products that are designed to help with specific issues like anxiety, inflammation, and sleep troubles. They formulate these products using unique terpene profiles that are created to alleviate each of these issues in the most effective way.

CBD extract: Full spectrum

Hemp source: Oregon and Kentucky

Product range: CBD oil, capsules, gummies, and topical cream

Vital Plan Select

Why we like this brand: Vital Plan truly believes in the healing power of CBD, and their products reflect that value. For all of their products, Vital Plan uses USDA-certified organic hemp plants to provide a full-spectrum CBD extract that contains additional terpenes and plant compounds for added benefit.

CBD extract: Full-spectrum

Hemp source: North Carolina

Product range: CBD oil and muscle cream

Vital Plan review

Big Sky Botanicals

Why we like this brand: Big Sky Botanicals uses organically grown hemp to create all of their CBD products, which feature an array of other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes without any traces of THC. They are also dedicated to transparency and quality, which is a nice trust signal for consumers as they can view their in-depth lab test results before purchasing.

CBD extract: Broad spectrum

Hemp source: Colorado

Product range: CBD oil, softgels, and balm

Canvas 1839

Why we like this brand: The premium CBD products from Canvas 1839 are designed to help everyday people accomplish everything on their to-do list without feeling overwhelmed or burnt out. An experienced scientist designs their hemp extract formulas using all-natural and organic ingredients to curate their products.

CBD extract: Full spectrum

Hemp source: Colorado

Product range: CBD oil and cream

Canvas 1839 review

Why Try New CBD Brands?

There are seemingly an unlimited amount of CBD companies on the market today, but some products tend to work better than others. Not everyone will respond in the same manner when it comes to the absorption of CBD and its effects, which means it’s worth while to tryout various product types, CBD extracts, doses, and brands to find something that works well for you and suits your needs.

At Remedy Review, we are always on the lookout for new brands that catch our eye, and we want to call-out the companies that we support. Especially in a market where trust can be hard to come by, particularly for newer or less well-known companies, we want to highlight the good brands with trusted products.

The brands and products that we’ve featured here are good players in the CBD game that we feel deserve a shout out for their hard work and commitment to quality, consistency, and customer satisfaction when it comes to creating their products and online shopping experience.

All of these brands have a transparent outlook for their products, and use third party lab testing to ensure they are free of any unwanted plant materials or harsh solvents. Additionally, they strive to connect with their customers in a meaningful way and create a great CBD experience for them.

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