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Sunday Scaries Yolo Shot, Reviewed

By Rebecca Norris

It’s no secret that I’m a big Sunday Scaries fan. It’s the brand behind the first CBD gummies I had ever eaten and, as with most revelatory things, you don’t forget your first. As such, whenever the Insta-famous wellness brand drops a new launch, you best believe I’m first in line to try it out. Which brings me to the here and now; to the introduction of my favorite Sunday Scaries product to date: the Yolo Shot ($69/12-pack).

First, let’s talk logistics. The Sunday Scaries Yolo Shot is a CBD energy shot made with 200 milligrams of caffeine (which is just over double the typical amount found in two 8oz cups of coffee). Think: 5-hour Energy meets soothing cannabidiol (which, BTW, is what CBD stands for). Each shot is made with full-spectrum CBD, vitamins B6 and B12, organic green coffee beans, taurine, ginseng, and 5-HTP for natural sweetness. Sure, it doesn’t sound like the likeliest of pairings, but bear with me.

I’m going to be honest, when Mike Sill, one of the co-founders of Sunday Scaries, first tipped me off to this then soon-to-launch product, I was skeptical. First because I wasn’t sure people would believe in a product that was both calming and energizing at once; and second because the flavors — which include Tropical Pineapple, Sour Fruit Punch, and Coconut Lime — seemed reminiscent of college-level blackout-inducing cocktails, not necessarily something I’d want to chug first thing in the morning to start my day. But friends, oh how wrong I was.

While all three shots are delightful in their own way, I’m going to take this time to focus on the Sour Fruit Punch flavor—the one I most doubted and inevitably ended up loving the most. Despite being an avid fruit punch drinker growing up, and lover of sour fruit punch straws to this day, the idea of swigging a whole shot of sour liquid as opposed to nibbling a bite here and there left me feeling a tad uneasy. Nevertheless, in the name of journalism, I powered through.

The first sip was neither shocking nor overly bitter, instead hinting at the ultra sour fruit punch candy flavors and drinks already on the market, as opposed to overtly establishing the taste bud-tingling effect. In that way it was a subtle sour that was quite the pleasant surprise. So much so that I was able to sip on it (because I’m a baby at taking shots—even of the non-alcoholic variety—these days) without so much as scrunching up my nose at the taste.

While the flavor itself was delicious, what was even more notable was the fact that there was no after taste. All of the Sunday Scaries products to date—the OG gummies, Vegan Gummies, and CBD Oil — have an aftertaste (at least in my mouth they do; I can’t speak for everyone’s flavor senses). It’s not terribly unpleasant, but it’s present enough to make me aware of a lingering flavor that’s not as sweet as the gummies themselves. For me, unless it’s a dessert or delicious savory food, I’d rather skip out on aftertastes altogether, which is why the Yolo Shot’s lack of lingering flavor was such a high point of my product testing.

Flavor aside, the actual effects left me smitten. In fact, as I sit writing this I’m still feeling them, even after taking the shot nearly two hours ago. Like the product packaging promises, there are no jitters, just clear, focused energy that makes conquering the day’s responsibilities less of a mindsore.

All this is to say that, if you’re looking for new ways to source your energy, Sunday Scaries Yolo Shot has my vote.


Rebecca Norris is an NYC-based writer who specializes in beauty, health, and wellness content. When she’s not writing for Remedy Review, her words can be found on Allure, Bustle, Nylon, Well + Good, and more. The Virginia native is a lover of lists, her Jack Russell Prince Cheddy Loon, and testing the latest and greatest CBD products the market has to offer. The opinions in this piece are hers. For a list of products third-party tested by the Remedy Review, see our Seal of Approval.

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