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Studies Show Your Friends Love CBD

By Savannah Hasty

CBD seems to be on the news more and more, spotlighted in uplifting stories on how it’s shaped the lives of those in pain. It’s in the supermarket aisles and in health food stores with claims of health and wellness benefits suited for nearly every consumer. And, it may be in your friend’s cabinets at home.

A recent poll by analytics company Gallup has found that nearly one in seven Americans (14%) use CBD products, many of whom incorporate it in their daily lives.

This should come as no surprise, as over 30 states now offer CBD as a legal product either for medical or recreational use. Improved research along with greater media attention reflects a growing interest by consumers to try this natural alternative to pain and anxiety medications. CBD has many proven benefits, but it has taken many a long time to come around to the  controversial product. So, why has the American public shifted its views on CBD in recent years?

Who Is Using CBD

Of the one in seven Americans who use CBD, Gallup found that the most common age group was of those between 18 and 29. This demographic made about 20% of CBD users. The second most common CBD-using age group was between 30 and 49 (16%), and following them, the age group between 50 and 64 (11%). Senior populations (ages 65 and up) made for the lowest percentage of CBD users, but were not exempt from the growing consumer trend.

CBD use also varied by region, with those on the West Coast making up 21% of the supplement’s users. The South, Midwest, and East Coast ranged between 11% and 13% of the poll participants. This comes as no surprise, as states on the West Coast including California, Oregon, and Washington have long been proponents of the marijuana and hemp industries. However, the enthusiasm shared for CBD on the West Coast is slowly spreading to other areas of the country.

Will more people try CBD in the future?

The Gallup poll has shed some light into the ways in which CBD use is growing as a part of our culture. However, other studies show that close to 35% of Americans are still unfamiliar with CBD and its health benefits. While news coverage and increased research will eventually change this, the way our society views CBD will make an even bigger impact on people’s access and willingness to try CBD.

There’s a good chance one or a few of your friends are using CBD in their daily lives. If not, you could be the one to educate them on the benefits of this natural remedy. To learn more about CBD for yourself, visit our resource center or read some of our brand reviews for CBD companies in your area.

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