Moon Juice Magnesi-Om Review

By Rebecca Norris
Moon Juice

When it comes to supplements, we often think about the most common vitamins—B, D, calcium, zinc, you name it.

Of course, other vitamins exist that can benefit the body just as much as these. One such vitamin is magnesium.

What is Moon Juice?

Magnesium is a natural mineral found in the body. According to the National Institutes of Health, magnesium is a key mineral, assisting the function of more than 300 enzyme systems in the body.

As a result, it affects everything from protein synthesis and muscle and nerve function to blood glucose control and blood pressure regulation.

Why magnesium?

While magnesium is a nutrient found in many foods, as well, it’s often not quite enough to deliver the proper nutritional recommendations necessary for delivering a balancing, therapeutic effect.

Because of this, magnesium supplements exist. And, given magnesium has the ability to lower blood pressure, these supplements have begun to skyrocket thanks to their stress-relieving effects.

Why powder magnesium?

As many capsules and pills as there are on the market, my personal favorite type of magnesium comes in powder form. Which leads me to today’s topic: Moon Juice’s Magnesi-Om.

The berry-flavored powder is packed with magnesium to “restore balance on a cellular level,” as well as L-theanine, an amino acid known to promote calmness and reduce stress.

Designed to be consumed at night, it’s a soothing sleep aid that’s wonderful for winding down before bed. And thankfully, despite being a powder, it fully dissolves into water so you never have to brace yourself to sip on an unpleasant, chalky beverage.

Does it work?

I can say from firsthand experience that Magnesi-Om does the trick. For starters, it tastes fantastic. It’s slightly sweet but not so much that it awakens your senses to wanting to stay awake all night. Flavor aside, within 20 minutes of consuming Magnesi-Om I can report that a wave of calm really does wash over you. While it could very well be a placebo effect, given the many, many positive reviews (we’re talking thousands between Amazon and Sephora), it’s safe to say that Magnesi-Om is more than just trendy hype. It’s the real deal.

Our take

Magnesi-Om is notable for more than its effects, though. The formula itself is something to applaud. That’s because Moon Juice is fully transparent about where the ingredients are sourced from, creating a sustainable supplement experience that is still highly uncommon among the industry. Additionally, all of Moon Juice’s products—Magnesi-Om included—are 100 percent toxin- and cruelty-free.

To top it off, the brand tests for bio-identity, purity, potency, microbiological content, residual solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, and more to ensure that the self-care-promoting products they put into the world are as safe and effective as possible. Like we said, they deserve our attention—and our applause.

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