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Kaleidoscope CBD Review

By Rebecca Norris
Kaleidoscope Labs

Look, I love a good CBD product. As a result, I spend a lot of my time testing and tasting products in search of the one. While I’ve found many CBD gummies, tinctures, and body products that leave me smitten, I hadn’t yet found a pill up to my standards. But then I discovered Kaleidoscope.

I first learned of the brand back in late June when their PR reps invited me to the brand launch. While I couldn’t attend the launch due to prior obligations, I had an inkling that this brand—one that touted itself as a pattern for daily balance—might be just what I was looking for: a no-nonsense, quality CBD product that brings on all of the calm without any of the unpleasant mini headaches or lingering aftertastes. And so I asked for samples.

First Impressions

When I first received the mailer of product, I was disappointed to find three bottles filled with pills that seemed to be melting or bursting open. As someone who regularly takes vitamins and supplements, I had never seen a pill that is only partially filled, let alone any that had bleeding colors or oil residue in the jar. Since I had yet to see any photos of the product—ones that would indicate that what I was seeing and experiencing was totally normal for the brand—I was nervous to consume them and went with my gut feeling to reach out to their PR.

After receiving a second mailer with the same result, I started to wonder if maybe it was me and not the product. Sure enough, it was. According to the brand’s rep, the capsules are meant to have empty space and since they’re made with natural dyes and capsules, it’s totally normal for the colorful lines to not be perfectly straight and for slight leakage to occur.

So, first things first, if you choose to try Kaleidoscope after reading this review (which, BTW, you absolutely should), keep this in mind so that you don’t think your CBD has been tampered with like I had.

Getting to Know the Brand

Before talking first-person reviews, let’s discuss the brand as a whole. Kaleidoscope launched on July 1, 2019. The brand stands out from others thanks to its stackable design that allows you to mix and match the different supplements based on your body and mind’s particular needs. They offer five different formulas, including Wake, Sleep, Soothe, Glow, and Boost, each designed to fit the body’s distinct pattern. Instead of solely supplying customers with different amounts of CBD, Kaleidoscope offers shoppers unique formulations of full-spectrum hemp in combination with other natural ingredients. These mixtures are designed to increase bioavailability (AKA the rate at which the oils and extracts are absorbed into the body), which in turn promises users the intended results of each supplement.

All the Feels

Having never heard of a stackable CBD supplement brand, I was excited to see what these pills had in store. All five supplements claim to have balancing, calming benefits, but unlike other CBD orals, four of them offer something a bit more. While I haven’t tried all five, the three I have tested each earn a gold star in my book.

Kaleidoscope Boost is made with 30 milligrams of full spectrum CBD extract, nothing else. It’s a no-frills approach to straightforward CBD consumption and while it has no added benefits, I found that it gave me a cool, clear focus that had no remnants of a headache. While CBD is said to reduce headaches and aches and pains in general, I’ve always found that straight CBD sublinguals and gummies come with mild temple pressure, so it’s nice to have found an option that doesn’t leave behind the unpleasant side effects.

Kaleidoscope Wake is one of my favorite offerings from the brand. It’s like a giant cup of coffee minus the jitters. It’s made with bacopa, ginseng, ginko, and 30 milligrams of CBD to help alleviate morning grogginess. When taking this supplement, I wait until about two hours after my morning cup of coffee to help re-rev my engine and power through deadlines. Works every time, so now I have it permanently on my desk as part of my daily routine.

Kaleidoscope Soothe is made with curcumin, hyaluronic acid, and 30 milligrams of CBD to promote healthy joints and bones. As someone with a seriously achy neck and collarbone, I thought, oh what the hell. In full transparency, I really didn’t think this oral CBD would do anything for the inner workings of my bones. However, after giving the pill an hour to kick in, I was delighted to find that my aches and pains were replaced by a feeling of, well, nothing. My problem areas didn’t hurt, creak, or feel strained. And, for the first time in a long time, my body felt like that of a 27-year-old again. So, hats off to that.

The Takeaway

Given the stellar results, stackable design, and option to purchase subscriptions, I’m a head-over heels fan of this brand. I’d honestly go so far to say that it’s my favorite CBD pill on the market. And, if that’s not reason enough to give these colorful cuties a try, I don’t know what is.

Trying Kaleidoscope for Yourself

While you can absolutely pick and choose which products you want to try, the site offers the opportunity to share information about yourself so that it can intuitively prescribe the best supplements for your lifestyle needs. In addition, you have the option to set up monthly refills or purchase products on a one-off basis. If you opt for a monthly subscription, you’re looking at $75 a month, whereas one-off purchases will cost you $90.


Rebecca Norris is an NYC-based writer who specializes in beauty, health, and wellness content. When she’s not writing for Remedy Review, her words can be found on Allure, Bustle, Nylon, Well + Good, and more. The Virginia native is a lover of lists, her Jack Russell Prince Cheddy Loon, and testing the latest and greatest CBD products the market has to offer. The opinions in this piece are hers. For a list of products third-party tested by the Remedy Review, see our Seal of Approval.

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