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Our Dietitian's Quest to Find the Perfect Sleep Aid

A review of Liberty CBD gummies

By Molly Devine, RD, LD/N
  • Brand: Liberty CBD
  • Products: Gummies
  • Reviewer: Molly Devine, RD
  • Description: Great tasting, effective therapeutic CBD gummies to help with anxiety, sleep and inflammation

As a registered dietitian specializing in integrative and functional nutrition, I believe in the importance of examining the “root cause” of disease and illness rather than finding “bandaids” for the symptoms alone. Often times, the root cause of systemic inflammation and associated chronic disease is poor nutrition and we find that we are able to reverse many disease states through dietary intervention using the medicinal qualities of food and naturally occurring compounds. The use of cannabinoids is one of the most exciting new and innovative applications of food as natural medicine to treat and combat chronic disease; and I believe we have only begun to scratch the surface.

The downside of a new “wonder food supplement” such as CBD and hemp is that public popularity and interest can sometimes cause the market to be saturated with sub-par product. I do believe this has become the case, to a small degree, in the CBD supplement market. Unfortunately, due to less regulation of quality, many people that could stand to benefit tremendously from the use of CBD have been dissuaded from its use after trying a sub-par product and seeing no result. You have to do your homework, for sure.

My husband works in downtown Raleigh and had the fortune of stumbling upon The Hemp Farmacy on his lunch break one day. (Any google search will give you this location as the #1 place for CBD products in the Triangle, but my husband prefers to find things more “organically”!). He spent the better part of an hour discussing various products, benefits, concentrations, and all things CBD with a very knowledgeable (and patient!) woman there. He came home with Liberty Gummies and Med Terra CBD Oil.

The gummies had me immediately intrigued. I have tried various oral CBD oil products in the past and, to be honest, haven’t been overwhelmed. I have found the most relief of my symptoms (mainly inflammation due to auto-immune conditions and insomnia due to a racing mind) from vaporized oil, which isn’t my favorite application.  Admittedly, I am a fan of edibles in general, so any time I can “eat” over “smoke”, I’m all for it. And these gummies did not disappoint. Despite a month that delivered the perfect storm of stressful blows, I felt emotionally and physically strong. I was dealing with some pretty high-level stress which would historically have left me sleepless, moody, and immobile professionally. Instead, I slept HARD, felt empowered by my struggles, and despite all signals pointing in the opposite direction, powered FORWARD. And my chronic inflammation? Pretty much gone.

For $36 for a package of 50, I’d say that is money well spent!

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