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CBD Water and Water Soluble CBD—What’s the difference?

By Melena Gurganus

With the ever growing popularity of CBD oil, consumer demand has paved the way for various other types of CBD-infused products and application styles. With everything from CBD gummies and lotions, to vape juices and pet treats, it appears there’s no end in sight for the CBD craze. And with new products hitting the market each day, you can expect to see even more unique product offerings, including CBD water and water soluble CBD powders.

What is CBD water?

CBD water has become a recent hot topic in the consumer market, especially as people question its efficacy. The primary difference between CBD water and a regular bottle of water is the addition of cannabidiol (CBD), a compound found in cannabis plants. CBD is well known for its many potential wellness advantages, like its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, or anxiolytic properties.

Additional possible health benefits of CBD include:

  • Anxiety and stress relief
  • Pain reduction
  • Improved sleep
  • Prevention of seizures
  • Neuroprotection

However, CBD is a notably unstable compound that can be easily degraded when exposed to light or oxygen. Because of this, many high quality CBD oils are sold in dark glass bottles, and it’s suggested they be stored away from direct sunlight.

Given the volatility of CBD molecules, some people believe CBD water is not a suitable form of CBD absorption. The doubts surrounding CBD in water form is often due to the light exposure that easily penetrates through clear water bottles and may render the CBD ineffective. Although some brands have sought out solutions to this issue, like the nano emulsification of CBD to increase bioavailability and decrease the chance of degradation. CBD Living Water is a great example of a product that contains Nano CBD.

What is Nano CBD?

When CBD is nano emulsified, it creates tiny CBD molecules (otherwise known as Nano CBD) that make it easier for the bloodstream to absorb the compound. These Nano CBD particles are more compatible with water, despite the hydrophobic nature of macro CBD molecules that usually have to be infused with oil based products.

Although, the use of nanotechnology is still a relatively new concept when it comes to CBD, and it’s still unclear whether this process truly enhances the bioavailability of CBD, or if it prevents the compound’s degradation when exposed to light or oxygen.

How Water Soluble CBD is Different

The questionable effectiveness of CBD water, along with the high price point, causes many consumers to look for other methods of application. But for people who prefer to drink their daily supplements rather than drop CBD oil below their tongue, or eat an infused edible that tastes like earthy hemp, there are other options.

Water soluble CBD is a much more cost effective choice than premade CBD water. These CBD powders also typically contain Nano CBD particles, but they have not been exposed to the same manufacturing conditions as CBD water that’s sold on store shelves. Using water soluble CBD is likely to yield better results than just drinking CBD water alone, at least that’s what we hear from consumers.

To make your own CBD water without paying an arm and a leg, check out some of our favorite water soluble CBD products that you can easily take with you wherever you go.


Price per mg: $0.20

Strength: 10mg of CBD per packet

What we love 😍: Elixinol sells three different formulations of CBD powder, each one made with full spectrum CBD extract.


Price per mg: $0.30

Strength: 10mg of CBD per packet

What we love 😍: Proleve’s effervescent CBD drink mix also incorporates other healthy ingredients, like vitamin C and B.

Proper Hemp Co.

Price per mg: $0.14

Strength: 250mg of CBD (approx. 5mg per serving)

What we love 😍: Proper Hemp Co’s water soluble CBD contains zero THC, but features a broad spectrum of other valuable cannabinoids.


Price per mg: $0.12

Strength: 25mg of CBD per serving

What we love 😍: Oleo CBD mixes are available in single packets, as well as jars that contain 10 servings (each worth 25mg of CBD).

To shop other CBD-infused drinks, check out our top picks here.

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