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Best CBD Vape [Juice, Oil, and Cartridge Buyer’s Guide]

By Melena Gurganus

People are taking CBD (cannabidiol) to help relieve pain, improve sleep, and treat anxiety. We talk to these people every day. But scientific research is limited. A lot of what we have to go on is stories of relief from people like you. That’s why it’s so important to stay vigilant and do your research in this quickly growing industry. You want to find the safest, highest quality products you can. Then try multiple brands until you find the right flavor, feeling, and value.

In this article we’ll explain to you all you need to know about CBD vape oils, or juices or e-liquids (depending on your level of hipness or lack thereof). Let’s talk about how to find the right CBD vape for you.

To start, here’s our top CBD vape oil picks.

Editor's Pick


When shopping for CBD vape juice online, you want to have as many options as possible. CBDfx delivers on this front with a slew of different products dedicated to vape, as well as plenty of flavors to choose from.

Best Value


We’ve noticed the growing popularity of CBDistillery, probably thanks to the generous CBD concentration options and flavor profiles available at great price points.

Best Tasting

Hemp Bombs

With 14 different flavors to choose from, there’s something for every palate among Hemp Bombs e-liquids. They also feature pre-filled vape cartridges, vape pens, and e-liquid additives to accommodate each customers preference.

Strongest Vape Juice

Delta Botanicals

Here you can find five different CBD vape oil concentrations for every type of consumer, and each one is color coded to make the shopping process that much easier.

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1. First, let’s learn about CBD vape oils.

E-cigarettes, vaporizers, and vape pens have quickly become favorable alternatives to traditional cigarettes. Harmful chemicals like acetone, butane, and tar can enter your lungs when smoking regular cigarettes, which sounds like something out of a horror film. Products that use vape juice present a less daunting list of ingredients, but still provides users with a rush of nicotine. Similarly, vapes have also caught on in the marijuana community as a clean and efficient way to get the effects of THC. They are compact and discrete. Now, vape oils are catching on in the CBD space. Using the same delivery system as an e-cigarette or weed pen, a CBD vape juice has none of the addictive nicotine and none of the intoxicating effects of marijuana. It’s simply an efficient way to get the relaxation of CBD through a vape pen.

CBD Vape Juice Explained

Also, referred to as an e-liquid or vape oil, CBD vape juice comes in a variety of different styles. You’ll have a wide range of options that you should take into account before purchasing anything, including:

  • Flavor—This is left up to your personal taste. Just like traditional vape juices, there a plenty of different options to choose from for each flavor palate. You also have the ability to select which primary base you prefer for your CBD vape—vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol.
  • CBD concentration—Vape oils can vary greatly, with some products containing only 25mg of CBD while others have 500mg. It’s best to start at the lower end and work your way up if you’re inhaling CBD for the first time.
  • Consistency—You’ll want your CBD vape juice to look the same throughout the entire mixture. Separation can occur between CBD compounds and other ingredients, so you should make sure that the vape oil is well mixed together. This will give you a more consistent amount of CBD when the e-liquid is put into a vaporizer.
  • CBD isolate—Some CBD vape oils are advertised as “pure CBD” or “100% CBD,” which typically means that these products contain a CBD isolate formula. An isolate is a form of highly concentrated CBD that can only be created after other cannabis compounds are further extracted, and leave pure CBD behind.
  • Full-spectrum CBD—In opposition to isolated CBD, there are other types of hemp vape juices that incorporate an array of compounds from industrial hemp plants. These may include other cannabinoids, terpenes, and perhaps a very low percentage of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Full spectrum formulas may offer more benefit since the cannabis extracted ingredients can work together to produce greater effects. However, choosing between isolate or full spectrum CBD is completely up to you and what works best for your body.

2. Our CBD Vape Oil Review Methodology

People believe in the potential therapeutic benefits of CBD for sleep, pain, and anxiety. They are looking for relief. Products that people take to improve their health should be held to a high standard. We also understand comparing brands is difficult. That’s why we want to point out 6 Core Principles that you can use to easily review CBD brands. You can use these key differentiators to make simple, personal decisions about what CBD brand is right for you.

Principle What it means to you
Value ($/mg) By dividing the price of a bottle of vape juice by the milligrams of CBD in that bottle, you can make a more simple cost comparison. 
Strength (mg/ml) All these vapes are labeled differently. By dividing the milligrams of CBD in a pen or cartridge by the milliliters of liquid, you get a simple way to compare strength.
Source (USA/European/Other) We believe in American hemp. Brands that source hemp from Europe can make perfectly fine products, but we support hemp grown in the U.S.A.
Flavor Flavor is an important differentiator when you’re putting a product in your mouth. Some of these vapes are flavored and others are neutral.
Transparency We believe all brands must clearly post or make easily accessible recent third-party test results. They should also be open and clear about the extraction methods they use.
Corporate Citizenship We will provide notes on customer service, buying experience, and brand mission. As well as notes on non-profit or assistance initiatives that can help distinguish brands.

These are the 6 things we believe customers should use to compare CBD brands selling vape oil. But this information only provides a foundation. We’ve added an additional layer of scrutiny to the buying process.

Once you narrow your list of brands, consider some other things.

Is the product full-spectrum or an isolate? We believe full-spectrum CBD products have greater therapeutic value. Some people talk about the “entourage effect,” or multiple cannabinoids working together. Experts we talk to support the idea of whole-plant therapy.

Does this brand operate in a state where marijuana is legal? States that have legalized marijuana have more standardized regulations. The industry in these places has infrastructure and processes in place. States that only allow limited cultivation of industrial hemp simply have less resources to scrutinize product development. 

Do I want a brand that does one thing great or has everything I need? Consider product diversity. Some people like to shop brands who have a very narrow expertise. Other people like access to wide range of options all in one place. The main thing to look out for is white labeling. Is the company who sells everything accountable for the manufacturing of those products or are they a storefront?

Does this brand have assistance programs and military discounts available? Medicine and supplements are expensive. We like seeing brands who make access to their products easier.

3. Our Top CBD Vape Oils


What CBD vape products they offer: Disposable vape pens, vape juice, CBD vape additives, and CBD terpene oils

CBD concentration: 250mg, 500mg, and 1,000mg available for each vape juice, 250 and 500mgs are offered in their CBD terpene oils, and 60mg, 120mg, 300mg, and 600mg options for vape additives

What we love: CBDfx offers a ton of vape products, and their CBD additives are a great option that allow customers to continue using their favorite vape juice, but with an added kick of CBD.  

Hemp Bombs

What CBD vape products they offer: CBD vape pens, vape tanks, e-liquids, and e-liquid additives

CBD concentration: 75mg, 250mg, 300mg, 1,000mg and 2,000mg potencies available for e-liquids

What we love: Hemp Bombs have a wide variety of unique and delicious tasting vape juice, and customers can have the option to mix and match different flavors when ordering a 4-pack or 10-pack of their 75mg CBD e-liquid.


What CBD vape products they offer: 3 CBD vape oil cartridges (focus, relax, and sleep)

CBD concentration: 250 or 500mg options for each vape cartridge

What we love: Each specific formula has its own terpene profile designed to enhance focus, relaxation, or sleep (hence the name for each of the different cartridges).

Delta Botanicals

What CBD vape products they offer: E-liquids

CBD concentration: 150mg, 300mg, 600mg, 1,000mg, and 1,250mg

What we love: This brand offers a rewards program where members can earn 5% back on every purchase through reward points, which can be redeemed on any order.

Special offer for Remedy Review readers: Use code “RemedyReview15” at checkout for 15% off your order


What CBD vape products they offer: E-liquids, CBD vape cartridges, and a rechargeable vape pen that’s compatible with their cartridges

CBD concentration: Cartridges and vape pens are 200mg, and e-liquids are 1,000mg

What we love: CBDistillery offers 5 different flavors, and Strawberry Lemonade has a great taste that’s spot on, or GG#4 is also a great choice if you want a more natural flavoring.

Gold CBD

What CBD vape products they offer: 3 CBD vape oil cartridges (focus, relax, and sleep)

CBD concentration: 250 or 500mg options for each vape cartridge

What we love: Each specific formula has its own terpene profile designed to enhance focus, relaxation, or sleep (hence the name for each of the different cartridges).

Infinite CBD

What CBD vape products they offer: Vape juice

CBD concentration: 500mg and 1,000mg potency options

What we love: Infinite CBD sells 16 different flavors of vape juice in total, the most of any CBD brand we’ve come across (Mango Kush and Harlequin are two of our favorites).

Hemp Hookahzz

What CBD vape products they offer: E-liquids and vape cartridges

CBD concentration: 150mg, 300mg, 600mg, or 3,000mg options for e-liquids, and 40mg, 100mg, 250mg, or 500mg offered in their prefilled cartridges

What we love: On top of their classy bottle design, Hemp Hookahzz describes the taste for each of their 5 different e-liquid flavors, like a “rich and creamy” Custard or a “summery punch” of Melon Madness.

4. Vaping vs. Other Methods of CBD Use

It’s important to distinguish between a few different misconceptions about CBD in order to understand the other types of application methods.

For starters, CBD oil is not the same as vape juice, but this term is sometimes incorrectly attributed to e-liquids since they are a vape “oil”. CBD oil can be ingested, or applied topically to soothe the skin or muscles below the surface. CBD vape oil (or juice) is entirely different since it is inhaled and immediately absorbed by the lungs. The difference between these two is paramount when it comes to vaporization. CBD oil is not a replacement for CBD vape juice. Only products that are designed for inhalation should be used in vaporizers. The ingredients in regular CBD oil are suitable for ingestion, but this does not mean they are safe for your lungs.

When compared to some other CBD application methods, vaping presents a few advantages that include:

  • Fast relief—once the atomizer in a vape pen or vaporizer heats the CBD e-liquid, it will turn into a vapor which can then be inhaled. The CBD within the vapor will then be immediately absorbed by the lungs and enter the bloodstream directly, where it can begin to interact with your endocannabinoid system. CBD vape juice delivers a much faster response than regular oils, capsules, and other methods that have to go through the digestive tract to take effect.
  • Ease of use—this is especially true for people that already vape or smoke. All you have to do is purchase CBD vape oil and use it just as you would a nicotine infused e-liquid. If you’re new to vaping, just put a few drops of CBD vape juice into the refillable cartridge (usually located at the top of the vaporizer or vape pen) and inhale slowly.
  • Good taste—other CBD products that are administered orally and make contact with your taste buds do not always have the most appealing taste. Many tinctures and CBD oils have an earthy flavor that is difficult to disguise. Not only do CBD vape oils have many flavors, but the act of vaporizing the CBD itself reduces its naturally potent taste.

While vaping seems like a simple and quick way to use CBD, there are some drawbacks. For instance, people that have never smoked or vaped feel that the warm vapor is harsh when inhaled.

Vaping is not for everyone, and CBD itself may not work for everyone either. Many people commend this cannabis-extracted compound for its symptom relief and health benefits, but it’s up to you to determine what kind of effect it has on your body.

5. How Much CBD Vape Oil Do I Take?

You’ll need to figure out how many milligrams your vape cartridge holds, and how much CBD is in one milliliter of your vape juice. For example, if you have a 1.5ml vape cartridge and fill it with a vape juice that contains 25mg of CBD per ml, the entire cartridge will have roughly 37.5 mg of CBD. You can adjust this depending on your preference by selecting a more (or less) potent CBD e-liquid, or only partially filling the cartridge with vape oil.

6. How Do I Buy CBD Cartridges and E-Liquids?

First, make sure that you are purchasing a CBD product designed specifically for vaping. Next, it’s best to look at the brand and try to find third-party lab test results for the vape juice you are interested in, so you can know exactly what you’ll be inhaling when vaping. If there are no certificates of analysis on a brand’s website, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact the company to find out more information.

[Learn what to look for when buying CBD products]

7. Can vaping CBD help me stop smoking?

Vaporizers and e-cigarettes have helped many people stop smoking tobacco cigarettes by providing them with a less carcinogenic nicotine fix. CBD vape oils do not usually contain nicotine, so what benefit can they give to those looking to quit smoking?

Research performed by the Society for the Study of Addiction (SSA) found that CBD was effective in reducing attention bias in dependent smokers. Essentially, this means that the study participants who were given CBD supplements were less likely to respond to cigarette cues. This led researchers to believe that CBD could help alleviate their smoking addiction. Another study actually employed an inhalation method for individuals that wished to stop smoking. The research found that people treated with CBD reduced the amount of cigarettes they smoked by roughly 40% during treatment, which suggests that CBD may help curb the need for nicotine.

In addition to these scientific findings, CBD vaping also mimics the physical act of smoking without the addictive consequences that nicotine e-liquids produce. People that are used to the habitual feeling of inhaling smoke or vapor can still get that effect from CBD vape oil, while potentially decreasing their dependence on nicotine. This is not to say that you can quit smoking cold turkey by transitioning to CBD vape, but many people have considered giving it a shot.

8. Is vaping CBD safe?

While there are little to no negative side effects associated with CBD vape pens and e-liquids, these products and their statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Yet “CBD is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile” according to the World Health Organization.

The real issue here is the quality of the product you’re buying. It’s not necessarily the CBD you have to worry about.

  • We’ve seen lead in vape cartridges in the news
  • Labs falsifying pesticide tests to keep up with demand
  • And fake CBD products that contain harmful chemicals

A lack of FDA approval means that the manufacturing process of CBD products is not regulated, and brands or packaging may not be true to their claims. If you’re willing to take this risk, do your research first. Finding appropriate CBD vape juices that provide lab test results or an accurate ingredient list can help you have a better experience with CBD.

While CBD can help alleviate symptoms in some users, it is not meant to replace prescription medications. CBD is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease or existing medical condition. Doctors do not prescribe CBD for medicinal use, but it’s still a good idea to consult with a physician before trying CBD vape oils for the first time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CBD safe?

According to the World Health Organization, CBD “is generally well tolerated, with a good safety profile.” You should speak to your doctor about how CBD may interact with any medications you’re currently taking.

Does vaping CBD get you high?

No. CBD lacks the psychoactive properties of THC. Where THC interacts with your receptors in your brain, CBD affects your body in a more indirect way.

How long does CBD vape juice last?

When you vape CBD, it will take effect almost immediately, although it may not last as long as an infused edible or CBD tincture. How long the results have an effect will primarily depend on your body and how your body processes CBD, and it may be different for everyone. How often you inhale the vapor and how many milliliters of liquid are in your cartridge will determine how long your CBD vape oil lasts before needing a refill.

Can I take too much CBD?

You want to be careful taking anything that can impact your health. These products also may interact with medicines you are taking, which is why you should talk to your doctor. A high dose can make you drowsy. One certainty if you take too much: you will waste money.

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