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CBD May Have the Potential to Restore Hormone Balance

By Harris Wheless

Hormones play an essential role in the body, affecting metabolism, growth, reproduction, and other necessary bodily functions. But sometimes certain medications or health issues give rise to irregular hormone levels. This can trigger some hard to manage symptoms, like sleep problems and weight gain.

If you are someone who struggles with hormone imbalances, you may be interested to learn what benefits CBD might have to offer. Hemp-derived products have proven to be successful in helping to manipulate hormone levels and ease symptoms. Here’s a quick guide to help you discover the potential wellness advantages when taking CBD for hormone balance.

Some Background on Hormone Imbalance

Hormones are signaling molecules produced in the endocrine system, and they play an important regulatory role in the human body. Hormones should be produced at a regular rate, but this sometimes happens too slowly or too quickly. Some of the hormones that have the largest functions in our bodies are insulin, the male sex hormone testosterone, and the female sex hormone estrogen.

Hormone imbalances are commonly associated with symptoms that include:

A hormone imbalance can be caused by impairment of the pineal gland, which helps regulate hormone levels, in addition to other possible causes.

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Among other things, hormone imbalances can give rise to various conditions like osteoporosis and erectile dysfunction, and it can also affect blood vessels. Osteoporosis is the most common acquired bone disorder, which is characterized by a decrease in bone density that often leads to fractures. This kind of conditions has no cure, which is why many people have turned to CBD oil as a way to effectively manage their symptoms and promote internal balance.

How CBD Works to Promote Balance

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an organic compound found in the cannabis plant that can affect the body’s endocannabinoid system. This is a system within the body that helps regulate other systems and bodily processes. CBD interacts indirectly with cannabinoid receptors in the system and assists in promoting homeostasis throughout the body.

Because of its interactions with the endocannabinoid system, CBD has been found to have a number of health benefits. It has anti-inflammatory properties, as well as the ability to reduce anxiety and pain. If you struggle with insulin resistance or insulin production, CBD can also have an impact on the management of diabetes or similar conditions.

The FDA has not approved CBD to treat, cure, or prevent disease, and it should not be used in place of a doctor-prescribed medication for a serious condition. However, it can help to ease certain symptoms, and can be taken alongside other prescriptions. Seek medical advice about taking CBD for hormone imbalance and how it might interact with any existing medications.

How CBD Influences Hormone Levels

Research suggests that cannabinoid therapies can help manage symptoms associated with endocrine disorders. Hemp contains high levels of omega fatty acids, which are known to help regulate hormones. Possible effects of CBD for those suffering from hormone imbalance include:

  • Better sleep
  • Improved sexual function
  • Added energy
  • Boost in metabolism
  • More positive mood

Several studies have found CBD to be effective in providing relief for those with hormone imbalances. One study that investigated the effects of CBD on plasma prolactin, growth hormones, and cortisol found that CBD aided in the regulation of cortisol, a stress-activating hormone.

Researchers in another study determined that exposure to cannabinoids like CBD  “could have profound effects on the function of the reproductive system, lactation, metabolism, and on the endocrine stress axis.” CBD was also found to be successful when acting as a preventative measure against hormone imbalance.

Anecdotal evidence suggests CBD can help those with bone and joint disease, reproductive conditions, sleep trouble, and other issues. It is also now widely available, easy to use, and quick to offer relief, which makes it a great option for those searching for relief from certain symptoms.

Finding the Right CBD Product

With such a wide array of CBD products now available online, it can be hard to know where to even start. The best place shop is with a trustworthy brand whose products you feel safe using. Look for reputable brands that invest in third party testing and strive to produce quality products.

Pay attention to the levels of CBD, THC, and other compounds listed in the product description. Some brands distinguish products by labelling them as full-spectrum (which contains many cannabis compounds) or CBD isolate (which only contains CBD).

Many brands offer different ways of consuming CBD, including CBD oil, capsules, vapes, and topicals. Oil and capsules will produce full-body, long-term effects. Although before you dive into the world of CBD, talk to your doctor about which kind of product might be best for your condition, and how to handle dosage and other considerations.

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