Best Meal Replacement Shakes

By Marc Lewis
Pixzolo Photography, Unsplash

Meal replacement shakes have become a popular weight management solution in an increasingly hectic world. It’s hard to manage work, home and a social life while cooking three keto friendly meals every day. In comes the meal replacement shake! Today we’re exploring ten keto meal replacement shakes that will provide a quick and easy “meal”l to take to work or enjoy on the go.

Meal replacement shakes provide all the macronutrients you need for a fraction of the calories of a regular meal. Keto meal replacement shakes will do the same while keeping the net carbs low enough to support ketosis. Additionally, the added fat content makes it more likely that you’ll feel full and satiated for longer than with carb and sugar heavy alternatives.

However, keep in mind that these drinks are far from a silver bullet. It’s true that used appropriately they can help you lose or manage weight. But if you compensate for the replaced meal by loading up your plate at dinner, you won’t be getting very far. 

Also, while a lot of these products contain an impressive list of nutrients and vitamins, that doesn’t mean that they work as long term solutions. Use them for limited amounts of time and remember that, at the end of the day, whole foods and natural ingredients are the most reliable way of ensuring you’re giving your body everything it needs to function at 100%.

That being said, meal replacement shakes can be a great solution for kick starting your weight loss journey or getting rid of stubborn pounds. So let’s explore the tastiest, most nutritious keto friendly options that the internet has to offer!

Sunwarrior Lean Meal Illumin8

Sunwarrior’s Lean Meal Illumin8 is a revelation! At only 150 calories this shake packs 15 g of protein, 8 grams of net carbs, plenty of fiber and a sleuth of vitamins, minerals and weight loss compounds. It’s the one to beat!

The protein and the fiber are essential ingredients and they’re well covered in this drink. But putting the basics aside, this shake delivers in more ways than one. 

It contains Lychee Fruit Extract which is thought to help in getting rid of belly fat as well as metabolize fat and protein. It also includes a five mushroom blend meant to boost your energy and help get rid of stubborn pounds.

The MCT Oil, cinnamon and organic green coffee bean will keep your appetite in check while the veggie and fruit blend will provide you with the natural vitamins and nutrients your body needs for optimal functioning. Last but not least, Illumin8 throws in a probiotic mix to protect and promote gut health. 

This shake covers all the bases and it goes above and beyond to make sure that you’re not missing out on any nutrient by replacing a meal. It gets the top spot in our book!

Premier Protein Shake

Premier Protein Shake will replace your meal with any one of their ten delicious flavors. This shake has some pretty impressive stats. At 160 calories, it provides 30 g of protein and 24 vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, D and E as well as Zinc, Magnesium and Calcium. 

While Premier is not vegan, it’s definitely healthy and with only 1g of sugar it’s Keto Friendly without compromising on the taste or the quality. 

Whether you want to use it as a post workout protein source or a meal replacement it’s versatile, convenient and delicious. Try the chocolate and peanut butter or cinnamon roll first!

Keto Science Ketogenic Meal Shake

Keto Science’s flagship meal shake is a delicious chocolate or vanilla cream fat bomb for just 224 calories. This Shake will keep you in ketosis with its 20 grams of fat and the added MCTs will keep you feeling full until your next meal.

The product is paleo friendly, keto friendly and great for anyone doing intermittent fasting. The fat sources include coconut MCTs, avocado oil, grass fed butter and collagen peptides – only high quality healthy ingredients to promote healthy ketones fueled weight loss.

With only 3 net grams of carbs, this shake is tasty, versatile and great value for money. Check it out!

Fit & Lean Meal Shake

Fit&Lean’s meal replacement shake comes in three delicious flavors that will make you forget it’s keto friendly! The 20 grams of protein in every serving will fuel your muscles, whether you’re working out or simply looking to meet nutritional needs. 

This shake really delivers in the nutrient department. Not only will the 10 grams of dietary fiber keep you fuller for longer, but 500 million CFUs in the probiotic will maintain proper gut health and help minimize hunger. 

Last but not least, this shake contains fruit and vegetable extract as well as 26 vitamins and minerals, which will ensure that you’re not missing out on any essential nutrients while subbing your regular meal. In fact, the nutritional profile is so robust, it might even take care of existing deficiencies. A win-win if you ask us!


You’ll be hard pressed to find a meal replacement countdown that doesn’t include the granddaddy of them all – SlimFast. They’ve been in the meal replacement game since 1977 and they’re still at the top of consumer’s choices. And for good reason!

SlimFast has definitely adapted to the times. Their recipe has been perfected over the years to ensure that they remain competitive and adapt to new discoveries about nutrition and meal replacement as a weight loss mechanism.

This fudge brownie batter keto SlimFast shake is a treat! To be entirely fair, its 8 grams of protein per serving is a bit on the low side, but the taste is great and it includes 24 essential vitamins and minerals. It curbs hunger for up to four hours and it will leave you looking forward to your next helping. Give this old classic a try!

Garden Of Life Meal Replacement

Garden of Life is one of the most trusted consumer brands out there and their meal replacement shake definitely lives up to the hype. 

This shake is plant based, vegan friendly, keto friendly, organic and non GMO. The quality is undeniable. It packs enough protein to make a great post workout treat and enough vitamins and nutrients to cover nutritional needs. 

This product will give you no digestion issues and it will keep you full until your next meal. Thousands of satisfied customers report weight loss and muscle gain with no hassle and amazing taste. 

Ensure Max Protein Nutrition Shake

Ensure Max Protein is not vegan but it is without a doubt Max Protein

This surprising beverage manages to squeeze 30 grams of protein in 150 calories of chocolatey goodness and it does it all without compromising on the taste. What’s even more astounding is that you can enjoy any of their five yummy flavors without worrying about your sugar intake. One serving only contains 1 gram of sugar!

With 4 grams of net carbs and plenty of vitamins of minerals this drink is keto friendly but low in fat. However, it does contain milk protein isolate, so if you’re lactose intolerant you might want to steer clear!

KetoLogic Keto Meal Replacement

Keto Logic’s Keto Shake contains a mere 2 grams of net carbs for 19 grams of fat and 10 grams of protein. It’s made from grass-fed whey protein and it’s packed with MCTs and vitamins and minerals that cast a wide net to address your nutritional needs.

The Salted Caramel Shake is smooth and creamy and it will keep you fueled whether you’re planning to smash out a gym session or you’re just looking to swap out your work lunch for an easy keto alternative. 

It contains no artificial sweeteners but when combined with almond milk, it will make you feel like you’re having dessert! 

RSP True Fit Protein Powder Meal Replacement

The last entry on our list is this RSP True Fit Meal Replacement that tastes like a dream and works for gym goers who want to shed those extra pounds. 

A serving contains 25 grams of grass fed protein and a sizable probiotics culture that contributes to gut health – an important aspect to keep in mind, especially when you’re trying to lose weight. TrueFit also contains 8g of prebiotic fiber and MCT oil which will work together to keep you feeling full and satiated without messing up your calorie goals.

Use it in a shake or in your recipes, this product will provide you with everything you need for faster recovery after a workout while at the same time assisting in the laborious weight management process.

There you have it! Our top picks for the best meal replacement shakes that will ensure that your weight loss journey is tasty and nutritious. Choose what fits your needs and budget and kick start a healthier lifestyle today!

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