Best MCT Oil

By Marc Lewis

MCT Oil is an easily processed source of fat that has been proven to have important benefits especially as part of a ketogenic diet. It also is proving to be an effective weight loss strategy.

But how does it work?

MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides. These stand apart from long chain triglycerides which are normal everyday fats. The reason MCTs are better than LCTs is because they are far more easily broken down and absorbed by the body. As a result, MCTs are easily processed and turned into ketones by the liver thus making them a handy source of energy. What’s more, ketones are able to pass the blood brain barrier and become brain fuel as well.

MCTs can be found in whole foods or they can be consumed in the form of oils. Milk, butter, palm oil and coconut oil are among the most popular sources of these compounds. However, the general favorite source of MCTs is Coconut oil.

So what are some of the benefits of MCT Oil?

Well, for one, MCT oil can make you feel satiated for a longer period of time.  In a study from 2014, MCT oil was found to increase leptin – the satiety hormone.

Also, if consumed appropriately, MCT oils are going to be preferentially used by our bodies as energy rather than stored as fat. What’s more, there’s also some evidence to suggest that MCT might increase our ability to burn fat.

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, let’s get into our recommendations for the best MCT oil out there!

Onnit MCT Oil

Onnit’s coconut oil is 100% coconut sourced from quality coconuts. It’s great for anyone on a keto diet, it’s flavorless, it has no odor and it will definitely provide the ketogenic fuel your body needs.

What’s more, it contains no palm oil which, as the brand says, is great for orangutans. These amazing animals make palm trees their homes and overharvesting has been greatly impacting their habitats.

Orgain MCT Oil

This 100% vegan, gluten free and non-GMO oil is the absolute best that Orgain has to offer. It can be easily added to your favorite smoothies or salads and as long as you don’t go over the 1 tablespoon per day recommended dose, you’ll reap all its benefits.

It’s perfect if you’re struggling to get some fats into your diet and it will do it while giving you a great bang for your buck. Orgain is a great brand with a profound supplement philosophy and great respect for nature.

Sports Research MCT Oil

We love Sports Research as a brand. Their quality is always on point and their research is spot on. This formulation includes coconut oil’s lauric acid which some believe increase the benefits of the supplement.

If you’re looking for a healthy addition to your keto lifestyle definitely consider this one! However, be careful with the dose. Going over the specified tablespoon might lead to some digestive discomfort!

Bulletproof Brain Octane Premium MCT Oil

Bulletproof is a ketogenic pioneer. Their Brain Octane is another home run product that adds to their impressive list of keto friendly supplements that will make life easier for anyone with this dietary preference. Sustained energy, better brain power, boosted immunity – they’re all amazing benefits derived from a truly impressive compound.

Bulletproof’s product range definitely recommends them as true connoisseur producers in the “fat-adapted” business. An awesome flavorless MCT from an amazing company!

Keppi MCT Oil

Classified gluten free and non-GMo, Keppi is committed to putting out organic products that will improve your performance and focus without compromises of any sort. The brand provides one of the most popular MCT Oils on Amazon and for good reason. This stuff works!

And to top it all of, the container size is an impressive 2 pounds that is bound to keep your smoothies and coffees keto friendly for a good long while.

Nature’s Way MCT Oil

Nature’s Way takes no prisoners with this high grade MCT oil that’s Paleo certified, vegan friendly, non-GMo and BPA free. The brand makes it a point to highlight their commitment and respect for nature and all of their ingredients and products reflect this philosophy.

A good concentration and a world wide popular product, Nature’s Way is definitely worth a shot!

Rhada Beauty MCT Oil

Rhada Beauty is an unlikely addition to the list. They’re not big in the supplement market. In fact their primary business is skin care. But this oil is so good that it transcends that barrier. The product is vegan and their bottles are BPA free.

This is a great quality affordable product. For the value, price and ingredients, it’s a worthy choice. Check it out!

Now Sports MCT Oil

Now Sports is a respected supplement brand that puts out a multitude of fitness and keto related supplements. This 2 pack MCT Oil contains 100 total servings of MCT oil that will keep you fueled without hassle.

This is a great bulk option that will keep you fueled from a great trustworthy brand.

Garden of Life Dr Formulated Brain Health

32 fluid ounces of high grade organic, non-GMO verified MCT Oil for fast body and brain fuel. The Garden of Life MCT Oil does not use chemical extraction techniques and they’ve got the USDA certification to prove it.

The product is hexane free, paleo and keto friendly and the brand’s commitment to an all natural process gets the thumbs up in our book!

Clean Act MCT Oil Capsules

Last but not least, we’re providing a different administration form for all the same benefits. If you’re in a rush or you simply don’t like to add MCT oil to your food and coffee, try out the capsule version of this supplement and get the same feelings of fullness and health benefits with none of the hassle.

Clean Act offers premium grade MCT oil in softgel capsules. They’re easy to swallow, leave no aftertaste and they have none of the embarrassing digestive side effects that the pure oil sometimes does.

And there you have it. The best of the best in a convenient list. We’ve tried to cover as many types of packaging, formulations, budgets and quantities as possible so we hope you were able to find what works for you. Stay healthy!

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