National CBD Day

Get the best savings on CBD products to celebrate this natural remedy.

By Melena Gurganus

To commemorate the popularity of CBD as a natural wellness supplement, August 8th has officially been named National CBD Day. The founder of this newly-named national day, cbdMD,  is a leading brand within the hemp industry that’s based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. cbdMD partnered with the National Day Calendar to officially recognize CBD as an alternative, natural remedy on a larger scale.

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In reference to the upcoming event, Justin Crumine, cbdMD’s Chief Scientific Officer said, “We’re beyond excited to represent the CBD industry as a whole with this unique opportunity. We’re grateful for the partnership and humbled by all the recent support for alternative medicine.”

There are many CBD oil benefits, and the compound is often used for its positive effect among many common ailments like inflammation, chronic pain, sleep issues, stress and anxiety. Although despite the rapid increase in CBD use, this cannabis-derivative continues to face many challenges due to misinformation and misconceptions that surround these products.

National CBD Day is a great step forward in increasing awareness and decreasing the stigmas associated with natural hemp-derived alternatives, but in reality, these wellness supplements should be a part of your everyday routine rather than just one day. And in the spirit of introducing a well-rounded CBD regimen, we’ve listed a few ways that you can incorporate CBD into your lifestyle with ease, and reap the benefits of this therapeutic compound all day long!

For your morning hustle

CBD has many wellness advantages, including its ability to promote focus and boost energy when taken in small doses. This makes CBD a perfect option for many people who struggle to find motivation in the mornings, or those who want to stay calm during their morning commute. CBD coffee can be a great way to get an extra boost without the caffeine jitters, or CBD capsules can offer a consistent dose of CBD that slowly absorbs into your bloodstream over several hours.

To keep you going throughout the day

As the day goes on, you may feel increasingly anxious at the sight of your task load, or maybe you are sore from working out the day before. In either case, CBD oil for anxiety can help lessen feelings of stress, or CBD creams for pain can alleviate everyday aches and pains to make you feel more comfortable—and productive—throughout the day. Many people like to use CBD gummies since they are discrete and tasty, or perhaps a CBD vape pen if you are looking for fast relief (the CBD will take effect almost immediately when inhaled via vapor).

For relaxation in the evening

Many studies continue to support the notion that CBD naturally aids in relaxation and sleep, which is why consumers have started to use CBD products as a way to de-stress and promote healthy sleep after a long day. For ultimate relaxation, CBD bath bombs can melt away your stress after a long day, or CBD oils can put your mind at ease within a few minutes when administered sublingually.

Why CBD?

No matter what time of day you choose to use CBD, there are an array of product types and potency options that allow customers to personalize their experience to fit their needs. CBD has exhibited a wide range of benefits as an all-natural alternative that alleviates pain, anxiety, restlessness, and many other issues, which is why so many people have sought out CBD products to help them get the most out of life.

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