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How I Survive the Holidays with CBD

By Melena Gurganus

There’s no shortage of hustle and bustle during the holiday season, and I’m not always the most well-equipped individual when it comes to handling stress and anxiety—especially at this time of year. With Black Friday shopping, tons of mail deliveries, presents to wrap, and new family members to struggle and find presents for, it seems like there’s always one thing on top of another. This year, I plan to spend more leisurely time with friends and family, without getting caught up in the hectic holiday shopping or family feuds that seem to ensue at the dinner table.

Here are my favorite CBD products the help me do just that:

For all my travel needs

When it comes to traveling, it’s not my favorite holiday past time. But my favorite CBD gummies by Seabedee tend to make things a bit easier. Seabedee makes sour neon gummy bears and peach rings, both of which are some of my all time favorites. A couple of those and I’m good to go for the rest of the night.

For family gatherings and events

I love seeing my family (well, most of them) over the holiday break, but it can be overwhelming at times. Whether I’m prepping for dinner with my extended family on Christmas Eve, or a secret santa gift exchange with my friends, I always turn to my Naternal CBD oil when I need to feel less stressed. As far as a CBD oil goes, this brand exceeds my expectations. I typically use Naternal’s 1400mg tincture, and take half dropper (or a full one for the days I feel extra anxious).

For sleep and relaxation

At the end of a long, hectic day, it isn’t always easy for my overactive mind to calm down. This can sometimes interfere with my sleep schedule and leave me feeling exhausting when all I should be doing is relaxing. To help me unwind, I love using a bath bomb, particularly one that’s infused with CBD. I really like CBD for Life’s bath bombs that come in a few different scents, all of which are great for relaxation, smooth skin, and a release of muscle tension.

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