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The Best Pre-Workout Supplements

Here's a look at some pre-workout supplements that may help you boost energy, burn fat, and build muscle.

Health & Wellness

Best CBD Creams and Topicals

CBD topicals aren’t just your average lotions, and they might just be the soothing solution you’re looking for. So what do these hemp-derived products have to offer?

Health & Wellness

The 8 Best CBD Capsules

Ever thought about trying CBD capsules instead of CBD oil or CBD gummies? Find out more about how these products work and which capsules made our list of favorites.


A Ranking of CBD Products by Bioavailability

What products work the quickest? And for how long? In this article we help you understand bioavailability.

Health & Wellness

Does CBD Make You Hungry?

Marijuana is known to give people the munchies. But does CBD give you the same urge to eat?


Does CBD Oil Expire?

CBD oil is a popular health and wellness product for pain, sleep, and anxiety. But how long does it last? If want to keep CBD in your cabinet you may be asking, here's an article about how to keep it longer.


The Risks of Buying CBD On Groupon

CBD is for sale on Groupon, but are these products really safe? Find out everything you need to know before buying CBD from a discount app.


How Often Should a Brand Test?

Lab testing is an important part of the manufacturing process for CBD products. Learn how often a brand should test their extract, and other important things to look for before buying CBD.


What to Avoid When Buying CBD

The CBD market can be a confusing space with a ton of brands, some better than others. Find out what to avoid when shopping for CBD to make sure you're getting the best products.


Is CBD Safe? Here’s what you need to know.

With the ever growing interest in CBD for its potential therapeutic benefits, many people are wondering if this compound is safe. Read more to learn about the safety of CBD products and what to look out for.


Questions to Ask Your Doctor About CBD

Want to learn more about CBD for your condition? Start by asking your doctor these 7 questions, especially if you already take prescription medications.


5 Things to Check Before You Buy CBD

Not all CBD products are created equally. Discover the top 5 things you should look for before deciding to buy anything labeled as "CBD."


What Do CBD Labels Mean? Understanding Concentrations

Understanding labels on CBD products can be confusing. Learn everything you need to know about concentration, dosing, and delivery methods before you decide on a product.


Isolate, Broad-Spectrum, or Full-Spectrum CBD: How Does a Beginner Know What to Buy?

Know the difference between various types of CBD extract so you can make the right choice when shopping for products.

Health & Wellness

Best CBD Gummies – 2019 Buyer’s Guide and Top Picks

Are CBD gummies right for you? We’ll explain how these tasty treats work so you can be confident in choosing a product that’s right for you.

Health & Wellness

7 Best CBD Oils for Pain

Many people are using CBD to treat pain, but what are the best products for this purpose? We found some of the best CBD oils for pain based on customer satisfaction and personal experience.


Pain Management: Understanding Leading Causes

Trying to identify the cause of a pain may be the first step to treating it. Before you use a natural remedy, talk with your doctor to identify the source of your pain.


Is CBD oil legal where you live?

With the legal status of hemp, many people are curious to learn if CBD oil is legal in their state. Discover everything you need to know about CBD and its legal status before you buy it.

Health & Wellness

Does CBD get you high?

Many people want to know if CBD will get them high. We’ll explain why it doesn’t, how it works on your body, and how it actually feels.

Health & Wellness

How is Hemp Oil Made?

Hemp oil can be extracted in a variety of ways, but how are these methods different from one another? Learn more about the pros and cons of each extraction process and how they affect cannabinoid content.


CBD Vape Shops Near Me

Vape shops are located all across the United States, but where can you find stores that sell CBD vape? Check out our store locator to find the best CBD vape stores near you.


What are the differences between hemp and weed?

Hemp and weed, or marijuana, are both cannabis. But they are very different plants and have different health benefits. Read this guide to learn more.


The Benefits and Historical Uses of Hemp Paper

Hemp fiber was used to make paper for centuries before wood became the norm for paper manufacturing. Learn more about the advantages of hemp paper products and their many different uses.


Best CBD Vape Cartridges

CBD vape pens and cartridges are growing in popularity, but where can you find the best products? Check out some of our top picks for the highest quality CBD vape cartridges.


Where to Find the Best Tasting CBD Oil

Many people dislike the earthy taste of CBD oil, but we’ve found the best tasting products and brands offering additional flavor options that customers love.

Health & Wellness

CBD Flower—What It Is and How It’s Used

CBD hemp flower is less common than CBD oil, but it still provides the same potential wellness benefits. Learn more about how you can use CBD flowers and where to find them.

Health & Wellness

CBD Books: Finding Informative Literature on Cannabidiol

We value informative books on CBD, and believe that our readers do too. Check out our favorite CBD books and what type of resources they have to offer.

Health & Wellness

Best Value CBD Oils

Don't get duped by a cheap CBD product. Find out where you can purchase CBD oil without paying a high price tag, or compromising on quality.


Where can I buy CBD oil near me?

It’s not always easy to find local stores selling CBD, but we’ve highlighted some of the best places to find CBD oil across the country.

Health & Wellness

Terpenes and Cannabidiol—How They Work Together

Terpenes can be found in many CBD products, but how do they work? Learn more about the potential effects of each terpene profile and how they differ.


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Trying to find a unique and useful gift for your significant other? Check out the most exclusive deals on the best CBD products for you and your loved one to share.


Hemp as a Nutritional Supplement: Seeds, Protein, and Oil

These hemp-based foods and supplements contain high levels of fiber, fatty acids, protein, vitamins, and minerals.


Natural Remedies for Coping with Grief

Finding the right way to grieve can be difficult, especially when faced with a traumatic loss. Discover how grief may affect your healthy, and what remedies you can employ when dealing with bereavement.

Health & Wellness

Best Essential Oils to Pair with CBD

CBD oil and essential oils don’t offer the same set of potential health advantages, but combining them together may prove to be beneficial for calming and stimulating purposes.

Health & Wellness

How Long Does It Take for CBD to Work?

There are plenty of CBD products on the market that propose wellness advantages, but how long will it take for these possible benefits to take effect?

Health & Wellness

How Long Does a CBD Edible Last?

CBD oil has a slew of different uses, including infused edibles that have prompted many questions among consumers. Find out how long a CBD edible lasts and what affects its duration in the endocannabinoid system.


A Guide to Hemp Measurements: Converting Grams to Ounces

CBD products are becoming increasingly popular, including the CBD-rich flowers of hemp plants. Learn what these natural buds are, how they’re weighed, and what risks you may face when smoking hemp.

Health & Wellness

Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil: More Different Than You Think

CBD may be extracted from hemp plants, but this doesn’t mean that hemp oil and CBD oil are the same. Find out what separates these two and why their similarities create confusion.

Health & Wellness

How to Use CBD Oil

Once you’ve decided to give CBD a try, the next step is learning how to use CBD oil. There’s more than one method, and you can choose an application style that appeals to you the most.

Health & Wellness

Talking to Older Parents About CBD

Cannabidiol oil is an alternative treatment that may hold benefits for older adults. Here’s some information to know so you can lead a conversation with your parent.

Health & Wellness

Can you fly with CBD oil?

CBD oil is widely available across the U.S., yet many people wonder if it’s safe to pack for their next flight. Find out what the TSA has to say in regards to this cannabis extract.


CBD Dosing Suggestions

Finding the right dose of CBD is difficult. There are limited professional guidelines available. It's best to start slow and work your way up.

Health & Wellness

Guide to CBD Tinctures—What They Are and How to Use Them

Our guide to CBD tinctures includes everything you need to know to get the most out of your CBD experience, including best practices for product application.


CBD and PTSD | A New Treatment Emerges

CBD could prove to be a highly effective treatment option for PTSD because of its ability to boost serotonin receptors in the brain and increase feelings of relaxation.


A Pet Owner’s Guide to CBD

Many pet owners want to find new ways to enhance the wellbeing of their pets. But there are things to know before turning to CBD or other cannabis derivatives.

Parents seeking options investigate to cannabis.
For Parents

A Parent’s Guide to Using CBD Oil in Hard to Treat Pediatric Conditions

Parents are looking for better options for treating seizure, anxiety, and cancer side effects in young children. Could CBD oil be the answer?

People are turning to cannabis to combat addiction.

Treating Addiction with CBD

Cannabidiol is receiving considerable attention for its therapeutic potential. One of the most promising aspects of CBD is its analgesic and anxiolytic properties, meaning its ability to reduce pain, anxiety, and other symptoms associated with drug addiction.

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