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Whoopi Goldberg’s Line of CBD Therapies Aim to Make Your Period Manageable

Whoopi Goldberg and Cannabis Cup winner Maya Elizabeth are teaming up to create better period pain management through CBD and THC infused bath and body products.


Sustainable Fashion: Best Places To Buy Hemp Clothing

Hemp isn’t just a healthy diet option. Hemp fabrics are at the top of the market for sustainable clothing, and have proven benefits over cotton. Read on to find out the top three brands to by naturally grown hemp clothing.


How CBD Changed the Life of TV’s Montel Williams

Montel Williams has long advocated for access to cannabis derivatives. Now a brand bearing his name is promising consistent quality for everyday wellness.


FDA Sends Warning Letter to Top CBD Company Over “Unsubstantiated” Health Claims

This is the first time the FDA has cracked down on a market leader in CBD for selling unapproved cannabidiol products with unfounded health claims.


What is white labeling?

In a growing market, there are new ways get in the game. But white labeling is something consumers should look out for, especially when it comes to quality control.

Stella Chalik, owner of Mishka Oil, carries a tray of double chocolate chip cookies infused with twenty milligrams of CBD oil, at her industrial  kitchen on Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2018 in Chicago. She started her wholesale baking company two years ago.  According to Chalik, half of her products contain CBD oils and these products are distributed to different stores and vendors throughout 15 States. (Chris Sweda/Chicago Tribune)

The CBD Lifestyle: How the Cannabinoid Became More than a Product

CBD is everywhere. From health to beauty to pets, how did CBD become a modern phenomenon.


It’s Time We Give CBD Businesses the Credit They Deserve

Merchants who want to sell CBD are having issues finding banking and credit card options for their business. Here's why, and what's coming next.


What is Hemp Fabric?

Hemp fabric is getting more attention as a sustainable way to create long-lasting clothes. Here's what you need to know.


A Brand for Sports: cbdMD Makes Moves

cbdMD is one hemp branding building relationships in the sports world. Is this a sign of things to come?


A Beginner’s Take on Hemp Stocks

CBD on everything. Even our portfolios? We asked our writer who knows little about investing to take a look from a beginner's perspective. Here's what she learned.


How Curaleaf is Changing the CBD Market

CVS Pharmacy is set to unveil Curaleaf Hemp CBD topicals on select stores shelves. Find out where you can find these products, and what this means for the future of CBD.


An All Natural Sweetener, Created with Cannabis Products in Mind

CannaSweet creator Thom King explains what sets his all-natural sweetener apart and why it is so important in the world of cannabis-based products.


CBD Now Sold at Sephora

CBD is gaining recognition within the beauty community, and now a multinational beauty retailer is selling a cannabis-infused lotion to their customers (and it’s selling out fast).


Be Careful Buying Hemp Products on Amazon

Have you ever tried to buy CBD oil from Amazon? Turns out, the site doesn’t sell CBD oil. Learn what products are on Amazon, and why the e-commerce giant does not allow CBD.


Bluebird Botanicals Urges Congress to Remove Felony Provision in Hemp Farming Act

In a news release, Bluebird Botanicals announced they would sign on to a letter urging congress to removed provisions banning former felons from participating in legal cannabis.


In an Unregulated Market, Protect Yourself

We spoke with Paul Armentano, Deputy Director of NORML, about what buyers need to look out for when shopping for CBD products.

Various extraction methods are used to make CBD products.

How Are CBD Products Made?

There is no single “best method” for extracting CBD oil. Hydrocarbon solvents, CO2 extraction, and more natural solvents such as ethanol and olive oil each have pros and cons.

Men working in a greenhouse.

Understanding the Economic Impact of Industrial Hemp

Learn about the economic impacts of industrial hemp, and how a burgeoning industry could help grow jobs across America.

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